Thursday, December 27, 2007


Am I over this blog??

Like seriously, why do I not feel the urge to constantly type out whatever I'm thinking ,like I used to?!?

Why???! Why God, WHY???!!!! You cannot do this to me!!!

Shit I really need to spend more time on the internet! This unforeseen internet 'away' time is literally killing me!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Long Overdue

If you are comfortably nestled in the cushy confines of your feed reader, I suggest you get out of there and pop in here to look at my newly refurbished site!!! Aah..I'm so excited! Although I've noticed that all the color really gets to you after awhile!

Life has been great since the terror that is my college existence ended, even if it is only for a mere 25 days! The Christmas spirit is upon me and the only thing that's raining down on my parade is the rain itself. Its been pouring non stop for the past 46 hours and its seriously getting me depressed. Seriously, how on earth are you supposed to go Christmas shopping when its coming down in buckets??

Its 1:38 am and I'm running between two rooms trying to decorate my tree, and finish this long overdue post. This is the first time in years that I've actually put off putting up my tree. Usually I'm the one who's always bugging my mum to drag down the tree from our overflowing loft a month in advance. This year the tree's been out for quite a few weeks, but I just couldn't bring myself to perform the actual task of decorating it! Am I growing or or am I just being extremely lazy. If I am growing up, this is not the kind of person that I want to be.

Its 9:38 in the morning, and I feel asleep somewhere in the middle of writing this. The tree is finally decorated and is looking its usual sparkly red and gold self. I'm happy that I finally got around to doing it! God there's still so much to do, and Christmas is only four days away!!!

I hope you've noticed the new look of the site, if you've been here before. The old template though one of my favorites just sorta started suffocating me and I couldn't bring myself to post anymore, so I knew it was time for a change. This template is a a lot of more cleaner, what with the absence of a sidebar and all and I just plain love it, even though the color hurts the eye a tad. But then again what's my site without all the color is your face?!! I've always been about the color!

Anyway I've gotta run, so much work to do, so little time!! But if you have time, go read my new 'about me' page..its a whole new post in itself!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I'm back ( but not quite!)

Photographic proof that the nightmare is well and truly over!!

The whiner needs some time to catch her breath after the week that she has had..but will be back in action after copious amounts of sleep and food and all the other things that she has missed, and that includes 325123.789 hours of TV!!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Just one!

Did I just find two spare minutes from my 'mind-bogglingly work filled'* day to come and post one sentence on my blog?

Looks like I did!

*Yes I realize that, that isn't a word! I'm not that stupid.

Friday, November 30, 2007

NaBloPo Huh??!! (Post 9)

Have I royally failed at this or what?!!

But for once I'm gonna have to forgive myself because you truly do not know what the phrase 'Unbelievably busy' is until you have led 5 minutes of my life! I kid you not people, these past two weeks have been hell..hardest I've ever worked in my life I think! And what a coincedence that I happen to have a few hours free on the last day of the month to post 'Post 9' instead of what was supposed to be 'Post 30'. Ordinarily I would be hanging my head in shame, but the circumstances have been such that giving myself this little break has helped me realize a lot of stuff. Number one being..Don't try to force writing (It just doesn't happen), Don't stress yourself out over not being able to write (Its a waste of time and you probably will end up being more frustrated) and number three..If you genuinely don't have time, don't push yourself (you invariably will fall asleep on the keyboard and end up drooling all over it!).

In other news Ish from Dead End started a review blog, and I was totally honoured to be the first person on his list. The review came out a couple of days back and had me jumping up and down for a few minutes. Head over there right now and tell him what a good job he's doing!! And while you're there, sign up if you dare! ;)
Ooh..and he also gave me this nifty little 'Approved badge' come on, everyone needs one of these cool get over there quick and sign up!

Since we are talking about reviews, another one of mine came out a couple of month's ago at JackFactor. Too bad Jack stopped doing reviews, but now we have Ish so no need to fret, all you people who are looking for the truth about your blogs.

Anyway just dropped by to see if I could still write, cause I was seriously doubting it! Will be back in a couple of days..3 exams, one jury and a 8 submissions to go. See you guys on the other end of the whirlwind that will be next week!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Post 8 - 2:17 am

Night after night, its getting harder to write,
Staring at a blank screen is never fun,
Even when I try with scratchy graphite,
I cant seem to forget my other worries,
That conveniently weigh more than a ton!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Post 7 - Squishy

There's something about squishing your toes in mud, that's very therapeutic. And in case you were wondering, yes that is white nail polish and yes that is my extremely manly left foot!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Post 6 - jame loke

Sitting in the middle of a class in the computer lab.

HER: Wanna hear a joke?

ME: Sure, its been ages since I've heard a proper joke. But of course knowing me I'll laugh even if it happens to be the lamest joke on the planet.

HER: Ok, you wanna hear it or not?

ME: tell me, tell me!!

HER: So once there was this tiger and this hippo, who lived in the jungle. One day, the tiger killed a goat and the hippo happened to witness it. So the tiger went to find the hippo to persuade him not to tell anyone.

ME: But why? The tigers a tiger. I'm sure it can do whatever it wants, since when does it have to answer to or be scared of a hippo?!

HER: Well, they apparently had some deal in the jungle or something. Pah let me finish no, idiot!

ME: Ok, sorry, tell!

HER: So the tiger finds the hippo and begs him not to tell the others in the jugle, but the hippo refuses to. So the tiger asks him why? And what do you think the hippo said?

ME: What?

HER: Because HIPS DON"T LIE!!!

Please tell me, I'm not the only one who laughed so hard that I almost peed in my pants!

Yes, and I'm also aware that this post is a testament to the fact that my level of humor is so terribly poor that I will end up laughing for the lamest jokes on the planet and also that I'm an extremely annoying person. Don't you think?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Post 5 - That twisted imperfect way..

You know there are times in your life when you just look around and realize how lucky you are. Like seriously, things may not be conventionally perfect , but they are perfect in that 'twisted imperfect' way they are....

....And then you remember that this isn't going to last forever, hell its not even going to last long enough for you to completely appreciate it. I've noticed that the whole point of life are those little bouts of happiness that we so ardently strive towards. When things are hard, you do whatever you can to make them all right, so ultimately you can be happy. I mean whatever you're in pursuit of…money, material gain, if you're looking for something emotionally, if you're looking to yourself for answers, looking for another person..whatever it is..happiness is the ultimate thing we're all looking for. And when what you're looking for happens...that tiny sense of satisfaction, that smile on someone's face, that tear of joy on someone's cheek, is obviously the root of that happiness that you experience. So as I was saying, we look for happiness and when we find it, we cannot hold onto it, however much we want to and however hard we try. Eventually something in our lives has to go wrong again and things are back to the sad, annoying, depressing way they were earlier and then before you know it, you're back to square one..trying to make everything all better again. But don't worry cause happiness is just round the corner, the only difference is..its either a long or a short street before that turn each time.

I'm the kind of person who for happiness in the future. Whenever I want to be happy..I try looking into the future and imagining things being the way I've always imagined them to be. But the truth is, I think of the future so much that sometimes I forget about the present. This reminds of some poem we learnt in school with the lamb or a bird or someone dying or something. Isn't it amazing how quickly we forget things?! I could have swore I knew that poem by heart and now I don't even remember its name!

I like nights like these, when I'm sitting and don't have to force the words to come out of the ends of my fingertips, listing to mellow music and trying to figure out what this mystery called life is about. I've been pretty unsuccessful in the past and I don't ever think I'll figure it out but it doesn't hurt to imagine that you know the whole purpose of existence. And not just mine, anyone's for that matter. Right now things in my life are perfect..the twisted imperfect I was talking about earlier. I'm at this point where I'm so happy with the way things are going, that I cant help but wonder what will be the thing will be that'll ruin it this time. I'll admit that I'm a pessimist but come on you've got to admit that happiness is never comes as and when it pleases to remind u of the point if life, to remind you not to give up, to fight for that next little nano second of happiness because, lets face it, it's the only thing that keep us going.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Post 4 - Lemon Sparkle

OKAY. MY BLOG. My RULES. Right? Right?!

Notice how the title says post 4 even though its day 8? well I'm changing the rules a little. Instead of trying to post once everyday which I clearly failed in doing, owing to my busy busy schedule (or so I like to think) I'm gonna make it 30 posts in thirty days, anytime I want. I think this makes the whole thing better as I'll be able to post whenever I want, keeping in mind the goal plus I also wont be forced to crank out readable material everyday which by the way is a lot harder than I initially thought it would be.

Days have been hectic, hectic, hectic. Even saying the word three times does not emphasize it enough.! However the past few days have been some of the best ever! Whoever thought that sitting outside in the hot sun was not fun, must be mad! You probably think I'm psycho at this point but thats ok.

Its Diwali today and I can hear the various bombs with all their fancy names and exorbitant prices explode. Gosh..some people seriously do have the knack of burning cash. No, I'm not against crackers..I mean I'd give almost anything to watch the fireworks display at Disneyland but spend your cash on bombs, now come on..that's just an unforgivable waste of money. When i was younger I was pretty afraid of crackers, the only thing I'd buy for Diwali was a box of Sparklers that I'd light in my balcony. The only thing that I liked about them was the way you could swish your hand around and write your name with it. That bit I thing was the best thing about Diwali. Well I'm not Hindu so there wasn't any religious affinity to the festival either so I guess that's as exciting and magical as Diwali could get for me!

Anyway..Happy Diwali all! Hope you guys have a wonderful day. And don't buy bombs, they really aren't something we should be teaching the kids, no wonder the world is in the state it is, what with people thinking bombs are fun and all!

PS: Don't you think the title was just genius. Got you to read this frightfully boring post anyway, didn't it?! ;)

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Day 3 - pouts are in, aren't they?

I woke up this morning with a swollen lip - Angelina Jolie style!

I'm either allergic to some tablet or the ants really really like me!

I feel like pouty Miss Pouterson and it does not feel right.

Enough said!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Day 2 - I am the strongest!! (not my daddy)

Today I did something important, I was something I haven't been in a while.

I was strong.
No, not 'strong' strong, the other strong. Mentally strong.

As a kid there were points in my life where I had to be strong and I was, but in the recent past I've noticed that I just refuse to hold up and whine instead which is weird because aren't you supposed to get stronger as you grow old and not turn the exact opposite?!

But guess what happened today, I turned the tables all by myself! Me and another friend of mine were paired up in college for this assignment. A pretty huge one, which included a gazillion hours of work. Anyway we started it off the other day and pulled it open again today to continue it. But when we did, we realized that it was completely ruined. (I'm not giving away what the work was in order to maintain at least some of my dwindling anonymity on this blog) When we did open it up today , we found that it was totally and completely destroyed. My partner for this assignment is incredibly whiny, sometimes worse than me, which is definitely a bad place to be in, because if there ever was an award for "The Most Exasperating and not to mention Annoying Whiner", there pretty much would be nothing between me and that honor! Anyway, we saw the damage that had been done, so we set about trying to make it right. A few wasted hours later we realized what we were doing was in complete vain..I was ready to cry by then. I was on the brink of tearing up with my partner for the assignment started losing it. What I normally would have done is started crying and then both of us would have just sat there crying our hearts out, at the loss of a few days work. But what I did instead was stop those tears from falling and shout out at my partner to stop whining. (Yes I advocate tough love, it always works!) and amazingly she stopped whining, which I was really thankful for, because if she had continued, I'm pretty sure I'd have completely lost it and ended up flunking and having to repeat the entire year again!!

I know that this isn't exactly a big deal, but it made me feel so good, that I just had to put it up here. That and the fact that its only the second day and I'm already running out of stuff to talk about!!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Day 1, The eleventh hour!

Ok NaBloPoMo thus begins. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing is unknown as of this moment, you'll probably have to check this space fifteen days from now to know if I am just a big talker or if I'm actually going to stick this challenge out. This is a big deal in my book. My posts average at about 6 a month so this is like 5 times that number (Yes I do know math in case anyone was wondering!) so if I do succeed it'll be my biggest achievement in my year and two months of blogging! Ok now that I'm propping this whole thing up, I'm getting a tad nervous!

I'm gonna cheat though and use one of my favorite bloggers' Zoot's daily prompts to get myself through this period because I'm pretty sure that my mind isn't going to be in actual writing mode for the next month, so to start thing off with a bang, going with the first prompt of the season..What is something that I just realized that I cannot live without?

A couple of years back (read:exactly two years) my answer would have been completely different and if that particular object had not come into my life in the force that it did, my answer would have again been completely different. This object has changed so much about me. Changed the way I look at things, changed the way I see the world, even changed the way I see myself. Yes its the computer...yes I know its a bit weird but it is the truth. I can totally see you guys going like "Dude! Is she for real?!"

This little box of technology with its million circuits and all those other bits and pieces whose names I still don't know has taught me so much!! We didn't have a computer at home until two years ago but when it did come into my life everything changed and how I say its changed is because of I've already mentioned before..blogging changed my life almost instantly and in a good way, I might add. I'm sure I couldn't live a day without here's to blogging and blogs and the amazing little boxes they come in!!

PS: If there's anything you want to know about me or want me to write about, please let me know in the comment box. I could really use a few suggestions for blogging material! I'm open to any questions at all, so fire away! (Well expect for ones that question the amount of pink on this blog! I'm a girl so its pretty obvious that I have a thing for pink, isn't it?!)

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


There seem to be a lot of things that have taken my fancy in the past few months and putting it down I thought would really be good material for the time capsule that is this blog. (Why else would I try to document so much of my life?!)

Knitting - If you're envisioning me sitting on a super comfy couch with balls of yarn at my feet, knitting away to glory, then you're pretty much spot on. We had a knitting module at college which when it first started was complete torture and believe me when I say torture. But slowly, as time went by I seemed to warm up to it and then realized that I was actually a lot more into it than I wanted to be. Guess who's the Martha Stewart of knitting??

TV - There's a lot of good crap going on, on TV these days. There was a point when there was absolutely nothing to watch but nowadays i'm able to fill up my evenings, which is a good thing as well as a bad thing cause there no time to do anything else being I'm too busy being a big fat couch potato!
For people who are bored and are looking for something to watch, here's the list of a few of the best shows going on.

Monday - 8 to10 - That 70's Show, Everybody Loves Raymond, According to Jim, Yes Dear. (Star World)
Tuesday - 10-11 - Brothers and Sisters (Star world), Top Design (AXN)
Wednesday - 9-10 - Ugly Betty (Star world), Top Chef (AXN)
Thursday - 8:30-9 - The Sketch show (Star World) (So good you'll pee in your pants laughing!!)
Friday - 9-10 - Gossip Girl (Zee Cafe) (About this blogger who calls herself gossip girl who posts all the juicy details of the teenage socialite royalty in New York)

That was to help you all get in couch potato mode so that I'm not the only one lazing around, becoming fat!

There's a lot more I want to say but let's save it shall we because I just went and did something incredibly stupid! The rather sporadic and infrequent posting on this blog lead me to sign up for NaBloPoMo...yeah,yeah I know that its called the National Blog Posting Month for a reason, and that one reason being that its just for the people of that particular nation..but who cares..if its on the world wide web then it means it can be used by anyone, anywhere!

So here I am promising to post every single day for the next thirty days! God help me! Or rather god help you because you'll will be the one's who'll have to tolerate my constant, insane randomness for the next thirty days!! So..better grab some booze and park yourselves cause this believe me you don't want to be sober for this long ride!

Monday, October 29, 2007

reminder for may 2010

Ahhh...another Sunday afternoon. There's something about Sundays that always seems to irritate me.Its probably the fact that on a Sunday there isn't much to look forward to, other than the impending doom of the following week which sadly has to start off with a Monday. The incessant downpour that's flooding the city of Chennai and that's forcing me to feel all cold and shivery does not help either.

While roaming around the Internet you actually figure out what a disadvantage you're at when you live in India. I mean it is impossible to buy anything decent online. Sure, you can order through Amazon but you apparently have to pay for shipping and it usually takes 35-40 days to get here. Isn't that sad?! There are so many more awesome things out there in the big bad world of online shopping that we just can't have because we live in a country that the rest of the world has decided that its too far away to deliver to! And people wonder what's with the brain drain!

Its always been a dream to live in the US for some reason...I think its because I grew up with Sweet Valley and Full House and all those various other things that made the American Dream seem like the perfect life. The later adolescent years that brought Friends, Two guys a girl and a pizza place, Dharma and Greg into my life had me convinced that I had to spend at least a year of my life living in the 'big apple'. I actually still am convinced of that. Living in a tiny apartment, riding the subway to work, escaping muggers and eating hot dogs from those tiny carts on side of the road would definitely be the life. But seriously...what is this fascination with the States?! After a little thought I realize that this isn't just some passing dream but is something real that I want and have always wanted for God knows how long. You know that there are some things you just have to do in life. This is one of mine and putting is down here is symbolic of actually telling myself that I will do this or rather that I have to do this.

Please remind me of this post two and a half years down the line because I probably will forget all my dreams and aspirations being too busy pulling out all my hair trying to graduate college.

Isn't it amazing how I manage to publish posts days after I've actually written them! I truly am a piece of work sometimes.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

3:20 am, last tuesday morning...

First things first..Thank you Angad!! Itunes currently says that I've listened to 'Into Yesterday', 38 times in the past 5 hours.

I've got a week off at the moment and as usual I'm evading work! so what else is new. I feel like being random eyes are all bleary and I'm yawning nineteen to the dozen, but I feel like blogging, so here I am attempting to type out a post trying to sound the least bit intelligible!

Since we are being random, let me tell you this really funny story. Well, it was funny to me..but I've never been good at telling funny stories, I've noticed that I always screw up the ending which as every sane person knows, is the essence of a funny story.

Anyway, I went over to my best friend's place on Saturday to spend some time with her, watch a movie and you know, to catch up on all the weekly gossip. So we decided to walk over to the video store and get a couple of movies. On the way to the video store she was telling me this story about this guy who had called her a couple of days back and asked her out on a date. Lets call him P. For for a little background..P and me used to go for the same vocal classes when we were like twelve and believe it or not, I had a teeny tiny crush on the guy back then. So anyway, years passed and in that time he'd gone out with this other friend from school who he mercilessly dumped. So basically the guy was so delusional that he thought that he was the biggest stud around when clearly he was not, or still isn't for that matter.

Back to the story..P had called her about three days back and asked her out but she refused, feigning the excuse that she was out of town and would be out of town for the next month when I reality she was very much in town. The next day she went out for dinner with a big group of friends and surprise,surprise..who does she see there? You guessed it! embarrassing conversation ensued and she had to make up a story to get herself out of the extremely sticky situation she had gotten herself into. So as she was recounting this tale to me (shit did I just say 'recounting this tale'..crap..who do I think I am, Jane Austen??) on our walk, as teenage girls often are..we were being really loud and squealy (if you've met me before you'd know that I am one LOUD person oh yea, I squeal for almost anything). So we were basically talking about the whole thing, and she was telling me how she first met him blah, blah, blah, when suddenly..we hear a voice call out 'Hey you!!'. It came from a person who just had just walked past us. We turn around and who do we see...local 'stud' Mister P himself!

My friend and I thought we were hallucinating! We did that thing that they usually do in movies you a perfect double take! It was so freaky. The whole incident not just the 'perfect double take'. Anyway..we spoke to the guy who as usual did not recognize me. For the record, I really am a very unmemorable person, and I have this insane fear that people forget me and never recognize me and usually my worst fears come true..but that story deserves a whole other post. Back to this one, we talk to him and then continue on our walk through out which we laughed uncontrollably.

That night my mother came to pick me up...I was driving (completely forgot to post on that) and telling her this story and right after I finished, we had to stop at a signal. So I bring the car back to neutral, look at the time on the dashboard and then look up again and who do I see crossing the road right in front of my car??? In case you're not able to guess that (which I highly doubt because I'm usually the only person who doesn't seem to 'get' the most obvious things) we saw P AGAIN!!!! Seriously..freaky was so not the word!!

Its the 25th,Thursday 6:40 pm Indian standard time and the above post was written roughly around 8 days, 15 hours and 20 minutes back, that's 3:20 am last Tuesday morning for people who don't know to tell time backwards. College is back on and the amount of work that they've decided to punish us with has brought my life to a standstill yet again. So I'm gonna try my best to find my way back to this page sometime in the near future to publish something that isn't this stale!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

What has the world come to?!

No seriously what is wrong with my generation??! Actually I'm being slightly unfair with that generalization..that sentence should have been..what on earth is wrong with all the girls my age?!! Either they're on crack or they're just plain dumb!

Let me take you back to the beginning of this story..well it isn't exactly a single story, its rather a culmination of the lives of a bunch of stupid girls who think they know what they're doing! Now let me warn you..I might tend to sound like a self righteous bitch through the entirety of this post but the fact is that I do know wrong from right, at least most of the time and I'm pretty darn sure that I have quite a bit of sensibility in this head of mine however small it may seem!

Well, it all started when a good friend of mine started dating this guy. From what we heard, the guy was supposedly really sweet and acting all 'first-few weeks-with-a-new-girlfriend' nice. The only shocker seemed to be that he was 30! (my friend is 19) Anyway..the surprise passed and since she was apparently so in love we let it go. A few months later, surprise, surprise..we find out that he's actually 40, and wait that's not all..and he's a divorcee to top it all off. But the romance still continues since my friend is evidently blinded by that crazy little thing called love.

The second part of this tale is about this girl I went to school with. She was one of those annoyingly irritating, star basketball player, prefect types..I'm pretty sure you know the kind. Anyway, after school she went on to study medicine like her father who happens to be a pretty well known doctor in town. A few weeks back, there it was splashed across that the papers for the entire city to see that this girl had gone and secretly gotten married to her driver, seven months ago and was still living in her parents house- Alaipayuthey style (people in Tamil Nadu, you know what I'm talking about!) When they did find out about it, a whole seven months later they went ballistic just like you would imagine any normal parent to go. They apparently went and caused some trouble at the girl's in laws place, so the girl went to the cops and filed an FIR against her parents and made a huge public statement, which is how the whole newspaper drama enfolded. She not only caused so much of trouble for herself but publicly humiliated her parents, who just for your information paid like 40 lakhs to get her into med school in the first place. That's about $100,000, a hundred thousand dollars!! Spelling it out always seems to emphasize the point more.

The third story is about this other girl who I study with in college or rather studied with in college. Yes, that's in the past tense because this girl is now a college dropout. This one was another spoilt brat just like the second one. She's a biker chick..rides a pulsar, has her lip pierced, blond hair..the whole nine yards basically. Now this one went and got herself a bad boy, not only did she get him, she's keeping him! This guy, owns a tiny eat out on an unnamed beach here in Chennai and he's like 28. Anyway, that's beside the would have been fine if he was just this girl's boyfriend but no..she moved out of her house to go live in his shop and her parents don't know yet. She quit college and she's engaged to the guy. Do you want to know the best part?? She has only known the guy for a month and a half of her life, out of which they were seeing each other for a month and engaged for the rest of the while! And oh did I mention that her parents are the like one of the sweetest set of parents around and gave her everything she ever asked for including love and this clearly isn't even a desperate cry for attention. this is just rebelliousness without a cause. Like're 19, you know this guy for a month and who's background isn't isn't even that great and he's already your fiance. I mean come on..are you slightly crazy. The latest is that she's looking after the shop, sitting there the whole day!

The fourth part of this never ending tale is about this girl who is a classmate of a really good friend of mine. Just for the record I do not know the girl personally so I cannot vouch that facts are true. Anyway..this girl is seeing this guy who is married. Wait..obviously that is not how the story ends. The guy also has a four year old son and now the girl is persuading the guy to divorce his wife and abandon his son, in order to be with her..and guess what..the guy agreed!

Do you see a common pattern through all of these stories? All the girls are nineteen, they all seem to have studied in good schools, had a normal upbringing but still cant seem to keep their heads on their shoulders!!

Am I the only one who is appalled by this behavior?! Is this normal? To have one person you know who does stuff like this is pretty normal..but four people..and all during the same time?! What is up with this world, have people just decided to take all their values and chuck them out the window in the name of love?! These girls are nineteen years years old for heaven's sake, they probably don't even know what love means in the first place! They're in the middle of their days in college and yes they're also on the brink of adulthood, but that certainly does not justify their actions. How do they plan to live the rest of their lives, how do they plan to make a living? The whole situation slightly bewilders me. I mean, do they not think of all these things when they make major decisions like these in their lives?! Decisions that could end up affecting their entire lives. Ok I better stop now, this whole topic just gets me hot and hyper and I end up asking myself a lot of questions that I just can't seem able to find answers for.

You know what..after seeing all that that's going on around me, frankly I'm surprised that there aren't already a few love-children in the making!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

snoopers rejoice!

Always fall back on the ever present tag when you feel a block coming on! The motto of every blogger I think!

Confessing girl tagged me a couple of days back with the desktop tag. I thought it'd be really fun because #1 I love knowing every little detail about a person, #2 I'm as curious as the next cat and #3 what better way than to snoop right into a person's very computer!

So there's my desktop for all the world to see! There are more icons on there than I actually use but the lazy person in me just refuses to right click and delete them. I think its also because of the fact that I have a hard time letting go of things, even the unproductive programs that take up space on my already full computer!

Oh and I tag Sil, Nags, Ish, Silver Neurotic, Sarcastica, Lizzie and Michelle. Come on now people be good sports, and open up your lives for the sole purpose of my snooping pleasure!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Lurkers LOOK OUT!

I'm quite fed up with my incessant whining and groaning and moaning so I cant even begin to fathom how fed up you must be, so as a result I vow to not whine here anymore, I do enough of it in real life already and to bring it into the cyber world is a bit much, even for me!

On another note, I miss the obsession I once had with this blog..its been awhile now since I've been regular..and as always the guilt has its own annoying way of creeping up on me! The guilt of lurking about, not commenting on other blogs also adds to it.

Coincidentally while hopping around the blogosphere today I came across this post on Zoot's blog which consequently lead me to this post on this blog and I have gained the knowledge that today is the day of THE GREAT MOFO DELURK!! For those of you who think I'm jabbering away in Greek don't worry..if I was you I'd have thought the exact same thing!

Basically today's the day where all you lurkers come out of your little corners and show your face on this blog..I doesn't matter if this is your first time here, or if you've come here before and have never commented or if you come here and comment every time. Just for the record if you are one of those in Category 3 (those who comment every time) I love you, I know I don't say it enough but I really do! There's just something about comments that lift you up even when you're having one of those days that nothing including chocolate ice cream can fix!

So if you are here today and reading these words, as the owner of this blog I'm making it mandatory for you to at least say 'Hi' ! That's all you have to do..just click on the link that says comments on the bottom of this post and say whatever the hell you want to say! Even if you hate me or hate pink or hate this blog or hate my droning, whining your mouth and say it! I swear I wont bite back. ( And that's a promise that's valid only for today! Tomorrow's a brand new day!)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

A year and 3 days old!

Only I would think that the 24th of September is actually the 23th of September and realize only on the 25th of September which happens to be two whole days ago!

I cant believe I missed my first blogiversary!! It serves me right though..I've been a bad bad lurker these past few weeks! A year in the blogosphere already! I'm gonna go the cliched way as say that it feels like just yesterday, because its does feel like just yesterday. This also probably has to have been the most eventful year as well. So much has happened in the span of this one year that trying to encompass it all in one post would definitely not do it justice, so its definitely the lazy me who's talking when I say that I'm not even going to try!

Work has been all consuming of late and is truly terrible. College is seriously draining the shit outta me. Is it weird that I feel like an over worked sloth on a daily basis?! Yes, I'm sure that it is obvious that I'm beyond fed up, which is actually pretty ironic, because I haven't even grazed the upper layer of the obscene amount of work that lies in front of me. There are just too many distractions around. Not that I'm complaining or anything.

The blogability of the crap that is going on in my life is at an all time low, so for once, I have nothing to talk about. How exactly is this possible? A couple of weeks away from this space and even that single drop of writing ability that I had in my body seems to have completely evaporated!

Yes, I am aware that I am a whiner in addition to being a big time slacker!

Ugh, I just went back to my first post and I feel like such an idiot! Isn't it funny how we all started out in the blog world with no expectations,nothing in mind and suddenly a year later, we see ourselves looking back and realizing what a long way we've come and how many awesome
friends we've made on our way.

Friends whom we've never met, friends whom we've never spoken to, but friends whom we care so much about that our day is incomplete until we go see what they're up to. Its funny, though I've never met any of you guys I somehow feel that unique intangible bond that we share. The bond that makes it ok to know your secrets, and obviously that bond that makes it ok for me to tell you mine. The blogging community is truly one of a kind, and you have no idea how grateful I am to be a part of it. I don't know how many people I've recommending blogging to in this past year and to think just a year ago I had little or clue about what it was!

There's this song called ' A Lifetime' that I discovered last year just around this time, and every time I listen to that song it takes me back to those first few months when I started blogging and I have to say that it really is an awesome feeling, although the song is not even remotely connected to blogging, or writing or whatever...every time I listen to it..its like it transports me back to that time, probably because I was listening to it 24/7 for those first few months.

Click on the play button and listen to it..I promise you'll love it! You'll love it so much that you'll probably want to come all the way to Chennai and hug me because I just introduced you to the awesomeness that is 'Better Than Ezra'!

Powered by AOL Video

Or watch it here!

Anyway..I think I have to go now and sit on my work like a chicken hoping that it'll magically hatch one day and out will come as A's on my report card.


Saturday, September 15, 2007

I love myself!

I cannot believe how proud I am of this snap! First photography class and I'm already flying, despite the fact that the thirty five other snaps on this roll were beyond pathetic!!

AAhh..I'm so in love with myself right now! :)
Proudness much? Yup..I know..but isn't it ok to be once in a while, especially when the object of it is something as gorgeous as this?

Ok..I better stop now! This is clearly getting to my head.

4:58 am

It never ceases to amaze me how awesome I am at putting off work! Seriously!
I've been at the computer for 12 hours straight and I've only manged to complete a minuscule of the overflowing mounds of work that just seem to never want to get off my back!
Anyone looking to be hired, to complete the work of the one and only princess of procrastination?

Life is so incredibly dull at the moment, that finding something to blog about is becoming increasingly difficult. Can life actually be this boring?!

On second though, this lull has in fact lead me to think of some stuff that I usually don't give a second thought to.
  • Rant Alert people!!! I've noticed that whatever the situation might be, I usually have about a hundred things to say about it. Unfortunately for me..I rarely find myself saying any of these things let alone saying them all. This sudden tongue tidedness (yup..I know that that isn't a word!) isn't exactly convenient especially at times when I have to defend myself which turns out to be most of the time because almost everyone I know, looks to attack me! And when I end up not saying anything, people being the insufferable way they are end up acting all presumptuous about the way I'm felling which coincidentally turns out to be the complete opposite of how I really feel, and because of my neurotic habit of bottling stuff up, I end up not telling people how I feel which later has its own set of atrocious consequences. And do I learn from these mistakes.? NO...because evidently my brain is programmed to register these things and make changes only when I reach the ripe old age of 80 and when I'm sitting around screaming at my dozen cats! I don't actually think that its my fault anyway..I mean why exactly do I have to publicizes every little detail that makes its way through my weirdly shaped head.
  • I've never been the one to actually 'get' jokes. I'm usually the person in the room who finds herself guffawing a full five minutes after a joke is cracked. So basically I've never been the one with the gifted humor or rather the one who never even understood the gifted humor. But of late..I've been cracking everyone up with some vague ass stories of school and the like..and I mean like seriously cracking them up. Up until the point where most of them are rolling on the floor holding their tummies begging me not to go on! The other day I was officially named the class entertainer..not the class clown ,mind you..the class entertainer. A friend and me actually shared that post when we were in school...whenever we were jobless in class and when the teachers were out of sight, we'd go up the podium of the class and perform 'My heart will go on' in Tamil albeit the fact that we both couldn't speak Tamil to save our lives!
  • Is it weird that I wish I were the dog every morning?! Right after I come out of the shower..I see the dog snuggling in the corner dozing! I mean seriously!!!
    Does it have to pick that particular moment of the day to snooze..that particular moment when all that's stopping me from throwing myself back onto the bed again is the knowledge that if I miss another minute of class, I'll be stuck as a sophomore for the next five years!
I've also realized that mulling over and analyzing things does not work for me! I've been told a hundred times before that its okay to let out feelings but the sad part is..whenever I think of emotions as 'feelings'..all I am is blank. This blank space sometimes makes me feel quite soulless. Is it just me or do you go through this too?

Maybe my parents are rightl..maybe the aliens did drop me off into a dumpster after all!

Friday, September 07, 2007

does everything have to have a title?!

Apparently the universe does not want me to post. I've been wanting to put up a post since like forever, but unfortunately some unknown force seemed to be stopping my daily attempts to do so. So here I am finally, 6 days later! The universe probably got fed up of trying to keep me away..I can be very pushy, you know?

On Monday night, I discovered that I was just another profanity uttering child of a truck driver. Yes, for the first time I called a fellow driver 'f*&^ker', out loud! Can you believe it?? Me! The little ball of innocence! Ok, I don't think that came out the way it was supposed to. Sorry, that was yet another one of my sad attempts at trying to be humorous. Maybe I just shouldn't try anymore. Don't you think? I was saying..I'm in the middle of a junction when the green light comes on, so as any sensible rider would do..I accelerate..when out of nowhere..this moron whose red light has been on for more than six seconds, decides that he just HAS to cross the blessed signal because his dying daughter will breathe her last breath if he doesn't! To cut a long story short I almost hit him, but being the awesome rider that I am I managed to not only NOT hit him, but also scream out the aforementioned swear word! But that's not all...I also found a stray 'as%$*ole' escape my big fat mouth!!

I know that I'm acting like it was a big deal, but it really was. Just for the record, I'm NOT one of those people who never get into fights..if there's a fight to be fought, I'm your woman. I can be the loudest, most obnoxious person you will ever meet and if I snap at you, chances are that you'll probably never want to talk to me ever again, but I'm not one to just throw 'language' around for no reason. Even if I have to..I usually make sure that I do it under my Monday's incident was a huge shocker even to me!

On another is becoming increasingly redundant. But thankfully the days seem to fly past, so that's a tiny consolation. No wonder I took 6..almost 7 days to post!

I finally have 12 whole months in my archives. I've never been committed to anything for this long before, so this really is a huge achievement for me. Let's pop open a bottle of bubbly and start the celebration while completely overlooking the fact that I'm still under the legal age to drink.

Friday, August 31, 2007


I don't think I've ever mentioned here that I'm quite an irritable person by nature. Since we are talking about this..I think its only fair that I tell everyone that I'm actually quite an irritating person myself. is genetic. ( and yes..that's the only excuse I can think of at the moment.)

Of late, there are a few things that seem to be irritating the hell out of me!

For one..there's the elevator. Don't get me wrong, anything that doesn't require me to move my butt anymore than it has to, is a certified blessing in my book, but have you ever ridden in an elevator that talks more than you and all the other people you know put together! In India (I'm not sure if there's this phenomenon of talking elevators in other countries as well) we have these elevators which find it absolutely necessary to tell you to shut its gates, every time you get in or out of it!! Forget that it tells you that..what is really pissing off is the fact that it repeats the same sentence in three different languages!! I mean, now, I even find myself contemplating walking up 6 flights of stairs just so I can avoid that irritating voice. that's how bad it is!

Another thing that's starting to irritate me are happy people. Not all happy people..just the weird souls who put on their smiles early in the morning. I, for the record am in no way a morning person. Truth to be told..people who are happy and chirpy in the mornings ruin my entire day. At home, its a known fact that I will not make conversation until after a hour after I've woken up. In college however, all my friends happen to have plastered smiles instead of faces. Aren't smiles supposed to spread joy?! 8 in the morning, this does zilch for me.

More when i can keep my eyes open. As much as I want to enlighten you on the daily annoyances of my life, my fingers are itching to click on the 'Publish' here goes.........!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

coo (seriously..don't ask!)

Title: Refer to the last two posts. My weird wave is apparently still in high tide!

Locked out of the house after an hour's drive (or ride rather) is something you never want happening to you, trust me...unless you've got a terrace where you can lie on your back and gaze at all the non existent stars, while waiting for the house key to miraculously fall from the heavens.

Let me backtrack a bit..

I've never exactly been a lover of nature..but I have to admit that there are times when I just cant help stop and marvel at some of nature's 'Flame of the Forest' trees or the shade of green of caterpillars! (Did I just say 'bounty'?! What in the name of God is wrong with me??!!)

So anyway...since I had nothing else to do..I resorted to lying on the floor of my terrace, oblivious to the scandalized stares of some of the conservative older crowd in my apartment who were trying to finish their evening walk. was they had no clue who I was.

Ever since I was child..I've had one special star that I referred to as 'my star' as I'm sure most insane little children do. Mine was the middle star in that constellation that has 3 stars in a line. I have no clue what the the constellation is called though (I was never really interested in astronomy). Ever since then every time I looked at the sky I would look for my star and when I found it I'd be content. Unfortunately, that evening..there wasn't a single star to be found. Instead, stupid huge rain clouds presided over the sky in all their daunting glory. Given my love for rain clouds..not..I had no choice but to look at the moon, which I guess feeling sorry for me, decided to show itself all bright and beautiful. So I lay there staring at it in awe for close to thirty minutes...when I realized that you just have to take a few minutes..or more like 30 in my actually admire and appreciate something that you just take for granted! Yea..I know, late realization...but better late than never right?!

At least this way..I'll be admiring something else rather than potato chips!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

boo (its a series..refer to previous post)

Resolutions!! Smesolutions!! Why on earth did I think that I could keep one of those??!
Seriously..You'd think that after 18 years, 5 months and 18 days of being my lazy little self, I would have figured that one out!

Actually, for once it isn't because of my eternal laziness that I haven't been posting..rather its because of the constant agony and pain caused by my not so mundane college existence. Whoever said that you get used to it after a year totally didn't know what they were talking about! Ok, so maybe isn't as hard as the first year but it still is pretty hard! Ahhh...April I wait for for your arrival! Ok..I'm gonna cut the drama queen speech short for you're benefit, I'm sure that after traversing a number of blogs to finally get to this one..this isn't something you want to be reading.

Winter is just starting out in Chennai..well, for people who've never lived here, you'd think that its still summer but people who've lived their entire lives in this city (like me) would know that this is our winter. I don't think we're actually authorized to call it winter..its supposed to be the monsoon season but since this is my blog I'll call it whatever I want! That seems fair, right? Anyway..I think I've mentioned the fact that I absolutely, completely and totally despise rain, so this weather is totally pissing me off. Being bundled up in a red sweater, without the fan with 8 million mosquitoes feasting on your ankles isn't exactly my idea of fun! To add to that..getting drenched every time you step out the door or being splashed with the dirty water that floods the roads by almost every single arrogant biker isn't a ball either! Give me 43°C temperature anyday!

I've begun to notice that my post aren't every topic specific of recent. This for some reason upsets me. Does this mean that I'm not able to channel my thoughts anymore?! Or does this just mean that I have too much going on and not enough time to put it down and hence I'm forced to write about certain things in little spurts of randomness. Whatever the reason might be..this is all you're getting for the next well, how many ever years..or until I make enough money for the Lemonade "removal of phsyco brain' surgery. Anyone care to contribute?

Thursday, August 16, 2007


And no, this post isn't about cows!

I have officially resolved to becoming a more regular more slacking off for this lemon!

Note to self: Now since you actually came out and said that, you better stick by it!

I grandly took off college today for absolutely no reason, and as is the usual case with me..I did nothing productive. Well, although I did sleep till 2 in the I guess that that's only thing that I did, if you don't count the little sing-a-long that I had with myself while watching The Sound of Music. I don't know what it is about old movies, mostly musicals..that makes me love them so. Screaming at the top of my lungs along with all the songs of course, goes with the territory.

I'm the kind of person who can watch a movie that I love a million times and not get fed up of it. I think I get that from my dad who happens to be a self confessed movie buff. It drives my mother up the wall when she sees us watching something we've already watched before. I think watching her get mad is half the fun of watching an all time favorite again!!

Speaking of favorite movies..Entrapment is one movie you do not wanna watch with me. I'd probably recite the next line even before it comes on, which would totally ruin it for you..and believe me entrapment is a movie that you wouldn't want ruined! Parent trap gets me weeping every single time and Dirty Dancing never fails to get me happy every single time!

I think that there's something about movies that gives you hope. Every time I'm done with a sappy chick flick I cant help but hope that my life would turn out with somewhat the same happy ending that I just witnessed (and cried incessantly for or with, whatever the case might be). Isn't is funny how chick flicks always end happy..and how the right guy always gets the right girl and how the girl just happens to be the cutest around and how the guy just happens to be the hottest around. Why is everything always so damn perfect?! Anyway..I have no clue why I'm even whining cause I sure as hell wouldn't want to watch a chick flick if I knew that it was going to have a sad ending!

I think the time is getting to me..I better get to sleep or else I might feel the need to conveniently bunk another day of college and use it again to completely establish my unproductiveness!

Monday, August 13, 2007

in a notebook with an orange marker

A week of college has flown past and I'm already living one of those ever dreaded Mondays again!

College last year was without exaggeration a living hell, but this year was supposed to be different...Well, I admit that I didn't exactly have visions of myself bounding around the place jobless, but I most definitely didn't expect to feel the way I do now either.

Right now I'm sitting in my class room from last year which has sadly been converted into a computer lab which is yet to be used. It feel weird scribbling down a post in my notebook with an orange marker which happens to be the only piece of writing equipment that I possess at the moment, sitting in a blue swivel chair still covered in its plastic. What feels weirder is that I'm doing this in my lunch hour. Shit, have I turned into one of those kids who spend their free hours sitting in a corner of the campus writing in their journals?! After a bit of thought..what surprises me is that I don't exactly mind being this person. In fact I kinda like the idea of being this pensive, brooding, intellectual type. I have no clue why though.

I've noticed that I like being asked questions and that I like knowing the answers to them. I feel like I'm aspiring to be a walking, talking encyclopedia. I know that that sounds a bit crazy..but the truth of the matter is that I like knowing what everyone else doesn't and most often than not, I do know answers to some of the vague-ass questions that I've been what the average price of floor tiles are..or where Falkland Islands (sometimes pronounced fu*kland by some people who have no clue about geography!) is...or what the difference between a martini and a margarita is..OK that question wasn't exactly vague but I was asked that in the 10th grade!
So you see..I kinda like being this know-it-all..and by 'all' I mean all the stuff that people don't usually know about. I'm sort of envisioning myself right now in this knower-of-all saadhu type costume and it is soo not a pretty sight!

My hour at the net café is almost up..which explains my absence at most of your blogs because what I really am is a poor student type who cannot really afford to sit for more than an hour typing away at one of these computers which are used by god knows who to do god knows what! (I think you'll all get what I'm talking about right?!)

Thursday, August 09, 2007

tag tag tag

Being in the blogger slump that I am, I decided to take D up on her 8 random facts for those for those of you who are thinking "God, not another one of these again"...don't worry D being the clever person that she is spiced this tag up for all us souls who've already been down the 8 random facts here goes!!

1) Childhood

I had a pretty great childhood as far as I can remember. I guess I'd have to say that the best part about it was school. Even with all the ranting and raving that I did about my over burdened shoulders with the weight of the enormous school bag filled with all the books that there were, because I was too lazy to actually perform the task of settling my bag with only the books that I needed for the next day!!

2) Your favorite teacher so far
I honestly don't think I've ever had a favorite teacher!

3) If you were destined to be an animal in
your next life, which one would you rather be?
A pampered pooch whose master is a millionaire who prefers not to strangle me with a diamond collar but who wouldn't mind springing for a puppy mansion! Gourmet dog food would also be on that want list!
Boy! Do I have dreams or what?!

4) Your first relationship
Two blah years..the details of which I barely remember. Period.

5) The best gift you've got till date
Hmmm..I've gotten tons of awesome gifts all throughout my life...but I have to say that this movie that my cousin M made for me for my 18th birthday which was couple of months back, is by far, the best!! (Read the post that I linked to for more details on one of the best days of my life)

6) What would you give her/him on your engagement night OR how would you propose/like to be proposed?

I'm gonna go the "non-girly/non-princess/diva" way and say that I want a simple proposal.

7) The last thing you bought for yourself
I was actually locked out the house today...and I had some time to kill before I went for a walk with my cousin (yes, I have finally decided to do something about my lazy ass!) so I went by to the nearest JavaGreen with a MarieClaire in hand and proceeded to scald my tongue with some steaming hot lemon tea.
I, for some reason find someone who's sitting in a coffee shop all alone, reading a book and sipping on some fancy coffee, to be very intellectual! That and wearing a pair of glasses they don't actually need!

8) Your fav. thing to eat ! Please describe it ...
Considering the fact that I'm supposed to be on a diet right now...describing my favorite food isn't exactly in the diet plan.
Its weird..when I first went through the questions I though that this question would be the easiest one to answer, but I think I love food way too much to actually make a choice..I mean it wouldn't be I've decided to be all diplomatic and not make a choice at all.

------------------------------TAG #1 OVER--------------------------------------

I had completely forgotten about this..but I was waiting to do another tag along with this so I guess nows the perfect time!

Confessing Girl awarded me the "Rocking Girl Blogger" award..and all I can say is thank you sweeti..I'm beyond honored!!

I have to award another 5 girls in turn but I'm not gonna name anyone in particular because I happen to love all your blogs. If I've ever commented on your blog, you can be absolutely positive that I think that you and your blog are "rocking"!! So here's to each and every one of you'll for all the awesome stuff you'll put out there for everyone to read. Love ya guys..shit..I mean girls!

-------------------------------TAG #2 OVER---------------------------------

I got this forward a couple of days back and I cant believe how right it is about me!!

PISCES - The Partner for Life
Caring and kind. Smart. Center of attention. High appeal. Has the last word. Good to find, hard to keep. Fun to be around. Extremely weird but in a good way. Good Sense of Humor!!! Thoughtful. Always lets what he or she wants. Loves to joke. Very popular. Silly, fun and sweet.

Yeah I didn't need to be told that again now, did I?!!!! Like it isn't enough hearing the weird bit all the time from almost everyone I know!

----------------------LONG OVERDUE POST OVER---------------------------

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

randomness...need I say more?

Ah, the joy of blogging uninterrupted! Serious bliss I tell you..

Somehow typing this out on notepad makes the whole act a tad less blissful but then again what the hell..wrapped up in a blanket in the middle of the the night typing away to my hearts content on a super cool laptop makes up for it. The only thing that could make it better is if the damn dog would stop acting like such a snob and come curl up at my feet just like any other faithful, master loving dog...though I'm not technically it's master but who's looking to nit pick at the details right now?!

So today's the first of august...Another little link under the archives section of the blog..this for some reason always makes me happy..I think its because this blog is one of the few things I'm actually following through with, unlike the billion other things that I left half done. Yes, thankfully I did finish school, if that was what you were wondering..and may I add that finished rather successfully...hope the same goes for college however I'm seriously doubting that right now! Hmmm..this is hasn't even started for the year and I'm in pessimist mode already!

I don't know why but august has never been a good month for me..its probably the single most insignificant month of the year in my birthdays..never any always seem to pass in a blur! Its one month in the entire year that I never look back on cause there never is anything to look back on...

49 hours later...

Its 2.50 at the moment and it seems to be the 3rd of august according to the calender. I started this post a little more than two days ago and I didn't publish it! call myself lazy seriously is an understatement! I couldn't even stay awake long enough to click one button! Now, that's a new low, even for me!!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

this is how you spell random

Laziness as always, seems to have gotten the best of me this past week! I'm forever online nowadays (except when my psycho modem decides that it despises me) and whenever I see a regularly updated blog..bubbles that are a faint shade of green pop over my head. I don't know why but I'm finding it hard to put words down these days, hence the frequent pangs of jealousy.

The past week has been c.r.a.z.y!! It was filled with doctors, scans, tests, tablets, prescriptions, needles..blah,blah,blah! Yes I'm sick..and its really ironic because I spent most of the year telling everyone I know, that my immune system was made of steel! Well guess its not, after all. Sigh.

Got an awesome surprise in the mail the other day..a fellow blogger Alok, being the sweetheart that he is..mailed me the entire first season of "How I Met Your Mother", which by the way is one of THE best sitcoms ever! Neil Patrick Harris is....wait for it...LEGENDARY!! guys have to watch it and I mean "haaavvveee to" equals Prison Break in the comedy genre. That, most definitely was the highlight of my week..thank you soo much made my various illnesses so much more bearable..!

If anyone is bothered (what with hundreds of reviews floating around the blogosphere) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was......LEGENDARY!! (is this getting old already?!) As soon as I shut the book, I squealed and giggled for what seemed like an was THAT awesome!

I have so much of stuff to do..and absolutely no time to do it all..! Is there someone organizing a petition to God for extra hours in a day...because that is one petition I would totally sign!

To conclude, I have to say that aimlessly wandering around cyberspace does have its advantages. Such as this one! *points towards the picture*
Now who wouldn't want a fairy double of themselves...??! I dare you to answer that!

AND that how you spell random!! Absolutely incoherent paragraphs that were forcefully put together for the sake of a post that this blogger was too lazy to write when she was supposed to..which was a week ago, for those who were wondering!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

deathy excited!!

Well..not exactly..but it seemed so apt!!

Anyway...guess what I got!! But then again I'm guessing that every other self respecting Harry Potter fan also has it!! So..I'm off revel in and savour, every little syllable of the last in a series that was so much more than magical!

PS: Hermione looks horrible on this cover! Don't you think?!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

blogger blues

God..its at the weirdest of times and and the weirdest of places where I wish I had a blogger compose page embedded in my brain and the ability for it to automatically type out what I'm thinking..because when I actually sit at the computer, whatever I want to say doesn't come out the way its supposed to..supposed to referring to what I had been originally thought of saying..and all this supposed 'thinking' had been going on at the aforementioned 'weirdest of times'..!

Ok..I swear I won't write sentences that are that long anymore..I ran out of breath just by reading my mind!!

So easy to jump to another topic isn't it..anyway..let me jump right I was saying..every time I think, I start to think in terms of the way I would write...which is incredibly strange because even when doing something as simple as forming an opinion for myself..I begin rephrasing it so that it fits into my writing (oh look at me with the 'my writing' and all! who am I kidding?! ) But seriously..instead of thinking "WOW, this cake is YUMM..!!"... I'm thinking "Whoa, I can totally see myself devouring this single piece of cake for the rest of my life, that's how scrumptious it is..!!!" ( with the excessive use of the exclamation marks, as always) I'm thinking in bigger sentences and more descriptive words..thats good,right..? But the thing is..I never get around to actually putting that stuff into my writing because as soon as I sit in front of the seems like every funny or witty or sensible bone in my body disappears and all that I am left with, is a jelly like mass of crappy the one's you're reading right now!!

Its funny how something you would never have given a second thought to before consumes you with such an intensity ( I'm thinking in compose page language,for heavens sake) in a matter of a few months. Yeah..I'm talking about blogging. It has become such a huge part of me which is bizarre because no one in my life even knows about it weird keeping something that you value so much a secret..? The thing I can't imagine letting my friends read it..because I'm sure that the first thing that they would do is let out a rather loud guffaw which would inevitably lead to uncontrollable laughter and would eventually end with a string of snorts! I guess I'm doing the right thing by not telling anybody, its just that its becoming a harder secret to keep nowadays...

I guess I have to leave you now cause my mother's going to have a damn fit if I don't get off the computer at this very instant!! But what I'm actually thinking is..." gotta go!" (Do you see how this works?)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Emotionally hollow..??! Emotionally hollow..?!?!!??!?!?!??!?!?!!? Seriously...???!!!!

Being called that by two people in a single month does not bode well with me! Ok, so I'm known to maybe hold back my feelings..and by hold back I mean not exactly feel them if I don't want to, which is usually the case..but personally I think being called "emotionally hollow" is a tad too harsh! Yeah ok..I admit I'm a personal person and that I like my space and blah, blah, blah...but that does not mean that I shut off my emotions and that I dont let people into my life!! So if i'm supposed to be so god damn emotionally hollow, why the hell do I feel tears welling up right now, huh..?!

Right when I think life's being good to ends up sneaking up behind me and biting me in the ass! If you're wondering how my 'emotionally hollow' self feels right about this minute...awesome would be the answer!!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Born on a sunny day, beneath a tangerine sky..

Yes I'm back and yes I've been what else in new?
From all that I have read, procrastination seems to be a guilty pleasure of all us bloggers!

Got back from the land of the elephants (is that what its called?) on Tuesday and I haven't been able to get off my ass which I'm sure has gained about twenty pounds in ten days of gorging on everything edible that was in a five meter radius from from I was! The food was seriously good and the shopping was was even better..!! Went primarily for a wedding, which was one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever seen..damn cards, poached pears, 5 different forks, sushi, the works! Also went partying..which I think was the most significant part of the trip because I went to more night clubs in four days than I probably will go to in the next ten years. Just so you know..I'm the kind of person who'll sit in a corner at a party with her arms this was a huge step for me..I mean I like wanted to go out there and dance ( and I cant dance for peanuts!!) which was so incredibly weird because I hate dancing..I think it was the Lankan air that did it to me because I'm pretty sure that I don't see myself being so uninhibited here! I think its just something about a foreign country that does it to you..okay, Sri Lanka doesn't exactly qualify as foreign for us Indians but you get my point, right?

My attempt at taking touristy photos was in vain but I did manage to get a few that weren't quite so terrible in Kandy, so will put them up when I get them..I'm off now..the long absence from using my brain has led to it freezing which in turn has led to its inability to think of anything to say here!

PS: While listening to the radio in Colombo, I heard this song called "Lemonade" by Chris Rice and I couldn't help but grin like a fool! (Thats where the title for this post came from!) I have to add that the radio in Sri Lanka is far superior to any city in India..they have 11 English stations playing awesome music 24/7..! Fantastic food, fabulous shopping and fantabulous music, what more could you ask for?!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

I'm all spruced up..Mm mm oh, oh, yeah, yeah!

Title- to be sung in tune to 'All shook up' by Duh!

Ah..the perfect time to write a post, while sitting and soaking your feet in warm soapy water at the salon..but I've got to admit that typing a post out on the cell is certainly what I cut it out to be..PAINFUL! know I've never gotten the whole spa massage thing..somehow having a person you barely know dig their fingers into your back for an hour doesn't exactly appeal to me..same goes for the pedicure I'm having right now, I've half to mind to tell her to stop massaging my feet but the fact that I've already paid for it stops me. ( Yeah I'm a miser, big surprise!)

A couple of minutes ago, there were these two kids here who decided to entertain themselves while waiting for their mothers to finish up with their various beauty treatments by standing a foot away from me and staring at me..made me feel like an alien..I didn't know that kids have that effect on people..I mean I've felt that way many times courtesy the variety of snobs and bitches of Chennai but never by a couple of kids..I tried smiling at them, but they had apparently picked the perfect time to listen to their parents' 'never-talk-to-or-smile-at-strangers' rule.

Things have finally settled down in my life..made up with a friend with whom I have this love/hate relationship, launched the designs site which is doing pretty well, I might add...leaving on a trip tonight..took a quiz in the current issue of Femina which confirmed any false notion that I had about myself being a free bird! So I guess I'm least for the next couple of weeks ..hopefully I'll be able to discover a bit of myself on this trip..yea, that's probably wishful thinking but you cant blame me for wanting to start on the road to self discovery this early in life right?

Oooh, gotta go...time to pick a shade of nail polish...always the best part of a pedi, ain't it..?!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Its finally done..!!!

Ok..I'm officially done..! Not done as in done with it period, but done as in done with it, as for now..!! Can you tell how excited I am or just how relieved I am that I finally figured it all out..?! Anyway..if you're wondering what the hell I'm talking about...shame on you ( no I'm kidding, I don't expect people to obsessively read my blog and memorize every sordid detail of my life) but if you have been reading, then you probably know that I was supposed to be opening up a design site..!! Well, I did and its finally over..and this is the post where I'm supposed to officially launch it. Hmmm..not sure I sound too official or formal..maybe putting on a pair of linen pants rather these ripped jeans I've been living in for the past two days would help..! If you guys are cringing, save it...'gross' me is just beginning for the season..!

Anyway..without further ado (see..told you I could do formal..!) , I present you.............

*pulls blue satin cloth off the computer screen, with a flourish*


Check the site out people..check out all the sidebar links too, click on every little thing that is clickable...ppppllleeaaassee......

And..spread the word around..I'm offering custom templates too, so go check out my first custom which I did for Michelle. Also look at the FAQ's and the About Me page on the site. that's it for the official launch, I better get to bed, Its exactly 6:21 in the morning and I need to get my 8 hours. So I'll see you at 2 in the afternoon...or probably 3..lets reserve an hour for the grogginess, shall we?

Saturday, June 16, 2007


WARNING: The inability to string various events of the past week together to form one coherent post has pushed me to resort to using bullets today.
  • Contrary to what I earlier thought about being absolutely jobless this summer, I'm so 'crazy' busy,its not funny..!!! Aargh..I'm just waiting for a moment of peace...and get this..I'm not busy doing stuff for myself but I'm busy doing stuff for other people. Yeah, I'm selfless like that. ;)
  • I miss my computer,I miss my blog..and I miss my TV and I miss alot of other things..But I'll be back my beloved appliances (and the online mirror of my thoughts) without you all is turning out to be harder than I thought :(
  • Ohh..guess what..??! I'm going to Sri Lanka for a holiday..!!! Yayness..!! Cant wait to leave..!! Katta Sambol and Odel, here I come..!!
  • When I was in the fifth grade I broke a portion of my two front teeth due to my mother's excessive love of horror movies..! (Believe me its a story you don't want to hear) Anyway, I had gotten my teeth fixed twice that year because I broke it the first time they were done up and me being me, I broke them yet again..! So my mum told me that the next time she would fix them would probably be before I got married....but, in spite of no marriage plans even remotely in the near future, I got them fixed AGAIN yesterday..!! Ok..but thats only half of the story..When the dentist finished I was scared to look into the mirror and look at them, I had actually forgotten how I used to look with decent teeth and the entire prospect of a new look for the whities was in reality a little scary even though I was really excited about them. Ok..ramble alert..better stop now. Shit, almost forgot..the best part was that no one even noticed them and when I pointed them out to everyone, they were like "huh,what was wrong with your teeth to begin with"....Well nothing, you people who call yourselves my friends, other than the fact that you could shove two straws through the very noticeable hole which made me look like a vampire at some angles..!!
  • I've never liked rain my entire life, the whole idea of getting wet and getting all dirty and muddy never ever appealed to me...expect this Friday. Chennai was surprised with a sudden downpour while I was on my bike, riding home and it was the first time where I couldn't be bothered if I got wet..and when I did finally get wet..I felt free..i don't know why but it was like something had unleashed itself inside of me and I felt actually free. I'm doing an incredibly sucky job at trying to describe what happened so I'm just gonna say that it was a feeling I rarely feel so it made it all the more wonderful..!
  • Some people need to learn to not be so needy..! I'm a very private person, even though I try to bare all here..I essentially like being by myself and I like having my own space..but i have this friend who has to have people around her at all times..She just has to..she has to have people around her at all times as much as I need my space, which is really frustrating..considering the fact that this friend happens to be one of my best friends which does not make this situation easy to deal with..! most of the week was spent trying to find a mere second of alone time to recharge my sanity cells.
  • EDITED TO ADD: Also went for Ocean's 13 this week..was pretty awesome I must say..but when I tried to remember what happened in the prequel I kept mixing it up with the Italian Job and Bourne Identity, so I was pretty damn confused by the end of it. And...I went for JRO (June Rock Out- supposedly India's mega rock fest!) on Saturday..but the sad part of that was that I went really I only got to watch two pathetic bands which was really pissing off cause we had the leave before we could watch the band that we went to watch in the first place..! For all you chick-flick lovers...Because I said so is a pretty good watch so try to catch it. Oh my god..cant believe I forgot to tell you people that I watched the movie that everybody is talking about..Sivaji..!! Went on the first day, the movie wasn't all that great but it was definitely was a visual extravaganza..I mean you should watch it just to marvel at the amount that the producers probably spent on the sets!
  • Happy belated Father's Day DADU....!! I love you...!!! (ya I know you probably wont read this, but this is for if you ever do, even though I really really hope you don't)
Yes so that's the round up...the very unattractive slacker blogger status is creeping up on me again and the Lanka trip isn't going to help that one bit, so I'm going to be a good blogger from now on and post whenever I can..expect for the 10 days that I wont be in the country. OOh.."10 days that I wont be in the country" sounds very alluring all of a sudden.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Joy from a bottle

No..not that kind of bottle..!

The weirdest thing happened to me today, isn't entirely weird considering the fact that I was the protagonist in this little scene, but anyway...was rummaging through the kitchen cabinets today when I found a kids water bottle. It was one of those water bottles that say kids who are like four or five would was pink with a yellow base and a blue cap..and when u opened the cap a little straw popped up..!! (Oh..and it had two bears on the front...! )

Anyway, I found the bottle and the first thing I felt was pure joy...I kid you not people..I looked at the bottle and I was happy..for what reason I have absolutely no clue but I couldn't help but look at that bottle with this five year old look of glee on my face...!! I'm 18 for heavens sake, I'm supposed to be that happy just by looking at a bottle of booze but NO instead I apparently am more than joyful over a mere water bottle for kids..!! Go figure..!! I filled it up with water and actually sipped up the entire contents through the cute little straw and after that I was happier (if that was even possible)....!!! I was completely satisfied , like a little child who had just finished his business for the day on the potty and who was extremely pleased with himself..!!!

I'm the kind of person who gets these cheap thrills out of the stupidest of things, say by blowing bubbles or bursting a blown up plastic bag or sitting on a balloon, so..I'm not especially surprised by this little episode that happened today..but still..I find that I never fail to amaze myself with what a kid I am sometimes..!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Plain and simple Joblessness.

Its been awhile since I've posted and to tell you the truth, I didn't post because i really didn't feel like it. Actually I guess it was because i couldn't find anything to say, not like the best selling writer in me has anything much to say at this moment in time...but just the thought of my blog looking abandoned pushed me to do what I'm doing right now.

I'm pretty jobless this summer, its weird having so much of time on your hands when all throughout the year you would've killed for a single moment of well...joblessness ( yes, i make up my own words and no I'm not crazy..Ok maybe a little,but I'm well within the acceptable range )
Ok..I'm bored and blogger for the first time isn't helping me curb the boredom so I'm gonna go and hope and pray that tomorrow I can come up with something less excruciatingly painful to read in here.

In other news..the design site is coming along nicely and will be making its debut hopefully next week...See you guys at the grand opening..!! :)

Friday, June 01, 2007

Exposed..!! for this post..I've decided to just write or rather type whatever comes to my I'm guessing that this will probably be the random-est post of all..I know that random-est isn't exactly a word..but that's the fun bit of blogging isn't one can actually punish u for making up your own words. Are there any words that you guys use that aren't actual words..I've said 'cleant' for 'cleaned' for as long as I can remember..and even though people keep pointing out my mistake..I keep saying it cause I think that 'cleant' actually sounds a billion times better than 'cleaned'..which reminds me that I haven't 'cleant' my room in ages..!! (And its pronounced 'clent' and not 'clean-t') . I have this habit of pulling all of my clothes off the shelves of my cupboard..picking out what I want to wear off the floor and stuffing the rest back most often than not a few clothes always get left behind on the floor..and I,being the epitome of laziness never bother to move my ass and pick them my room always tends to look messy even if its not..! Hmmm...I'm rambling........

A few days ago...a friend of mine..told me that I was a 'VERY CITRUS' that coincidence or what..considering the fact that none of my friends know about this blog or know that my pseudonym is lemonade...!! So I guess that I'm kinda on track with the 'trying-to-see-myself-as-others-see-me' plan...don't laugh, that's an actual technique to discovering your inner self..well actually not...but whatever...

I'm in a mad mood right now...but i'm also kinda sleepy....(note to self : see this is what happens when you decide to just type without using your brain..!!)

Sorry for being such a boring blogger to make up for's a picture of the spirit of 'exposing myself' that kind of exposing you perv....sheesh..some people,I tell you..!! (See...I really am in a mad mood..!!)

Yup..thats me..Shit..It feels kinda weird putting up a picture of myself..since I'm all pro anonymity and had to happen someday...well..If anyone I know is reading this...please keep quiet and don't tell anybody else about this blog..!! I mean it..or else I'll hunt you down and.....Blah blah blah.....

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Is it abnormal to want to be alone..??!! I mean come on..all I'm asking for is just a little peace and it wrong to NOT want to go out and have fun every single it utterly and completely preposterous that a teenage girl enjoys sitting at home,doing her own it it it too strange or too odd or too peculiar...doesn't anybody understand that sometimes a girl just needs some time for herself and not have it interpreted as her being indifferent and selfish..??!!

Am i pissed..?? You guessed right..!!

PS: And for those of you who think that I am all the above adjectives..hold the comments,please.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Gimme Your Stuff!!!

I discovered Gimme Your Stuff a couple of weeks ago and since then I've been extremely curious as well as anxious to get on board with them..! Its a site where u register by posting on your blog,exactly how I'm doing right now..and list out some stuff that you'd be willing to give and well as stuff that you'd like to receive. So people who are registered there..can take a look at the stuff that you're offering and contact you for an actual cultural exchange of it books,magazines,chocolates,souvenirs,various girly knick knacks and just about anything else you can think of. I think the whole concept is incredibly cool and I cant wait for my first here goes..!!

Stuff I can send out from India
  • Random Indian knick knacks ( jewelery boxes,little beaded bags..etc)
  • Indian snacks and a few packaged sweets cause Indian sweets really cant be sent across continents.
  • Beads,Indian Print Trim(zari...that can be attached to clothes),Indian Fabric (I study textile design so i have great taste..!)
  • Indian style earings...Bindis..Bangles..and any other junk jewelry.
  • Indian flip Flops.
  • Newspapers.
  • Postcards.
  • Anything else that you want in particular that I can find here..I wouldn't mind throwing in a mix cd of all my favorite songs.
What I'd like to recieve

  • Fashion magazines from your part of the world.
  • Souvenirs (Key rings, Snow globes,Magnets.....) ,Knick Knacks of cultural significance.
  • Stickers and any kind of cute girly stationary(diaries,organizers)
  • Souvenir T-shirts .
  • Anything random but it definitely has to be cute or interesting...surprise me..!!
So if anyone is interested...leave a comment or mail me at