Friday, September 07, 2007
does everything have to have a title?!

Apparently the universe does not want me to post. I've been wanting to put up a post since like forever, but unfortunately some unknown force seemed to be stopping my daily attempts to do so. So here I am finally, 6 days later! The universe probably got fed up of trying to keep me away..I can be very pushy, you know?

On Monday night, I discovered that I was just another profanity uttering child of a truck driver. Yes, for the first time I called a fellow driver 'f*&^ker', out loud! Can you believe it?? Me! The little ball of innocence! Ok, I don't think that came out the way it was supposed to. Sorry, that was yet another one of my sad attempts at trying to be humorous. Maybe I just shouldn't try anymore. Don't you think? I was saying..I'm in the middle of a junction when the green light comes on, so as any sensible rider would do..I accelerate..when out of nowhere..this moron whose red light has been on for more than six seconds, decides that he just HAS to cross the blessed signal because his dying daughter will breathe her last breath if he doesn't! To cut a long story short I almost hit him, but being the awesome rider that I am I managed to not only NOT hit him, but also scream out the aforementioned swear word! But that's not all...I also found a stray 'as%$*ole' escape my big fat mouth!!

I know that I'm acting like it was a big deal, but it really was. Just for the record, I'm NOT one of those people who never get into fights..if there's a fight to be fought, I'm your woman. I can be the loudest, most obnoxious person you will ever meet and if I snap at you, chances are that you'll probably never want to talk to me ever again, but I'm not one to just throw 'language' around for no reason. Even if I have to..I usually make sure that I do it under my Monday's incident was a huge shocker even to me!

On another is becoming increasingly redundant. But thankfully the days seem to fly past, so that's a tiny consolation. No wonder I took 6..almost 7 days to post!

I finally have 12 whole months in my archives. I've never been committed to anything for this long before, so this really is a huge achievement for me. Let's pop open a bottle of bubbly and start the celebration while completely overlooking the fact that I'm still under the legal age to drink.

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Blogger ~*SilverNeurotic*~ had this to say:

It's called road rage hun...even the most docile people suffer from it on occassion.

3:57 AM 

Blogger KAYLEE had this to say:


5:11 AM 

Blogger Nags had this to say:

hey lemon! thank you so much for offering to help babes! you are such a darling.. have sent some stuff over to you.. in your blog email, cuz your real one got erased from my gmail contacts :(

no pressure at all, work on it when you have time ok :)

thanks u so much! you are the bestest!!

8:43 AM 

Blogger catmiester had this to say:

Lemonnnnnnnnnnnnnn... congrats on completing a year!!!

Great going...

Keep the posts coming...

u're fucking hilarious woman, even if u try not to be.( pardon the profanity ;)

Am back!!!

11:40 AM 

Blogger Kirthi had this to say:

hey i had borrowed one of ur templates for my other blog!! u really do a great job! :)

and the bit about traffic... chennai is bad..every one apart from you is always in a hurry! :)

1:36 PM 

Blogger Lavanya had this to say:

what fun is driving without the unabashed swearing? You go girl!

9:26 PM 

Blogger MeMyself_n_I had this to say:

ooooh congratulations on having completed 12 months. :-)

and boy, that must've been fun. the whole swearing-at-truck-driver experience. :-D

11:16 PM 

Blogger curryegg had this to say:

Lemonade.. You should be careful..
And happy anniversary for your blog.. *applause* ^^

11:19 PM 

Anonymous Ish had this to say:

Happy 12 months Lemonade!

And don't worry about the traffic. That problem is inevitable in India. We just don't believe in stopping at the red lights and we behave like we're color blind and that all colors are the same for us! I don't usually hurl abuses at others though, but I get a lot many of them shouting the choice-iest swear words at me. But that too is inevitable when you live in Punjab. Curses have become an integral part of our mother tongue it seems.

11:56 PM 

Blogger Mridhulaa had this to say:

You are simply displaying normal tendencies of anger, melodrama and confusion in a dangerous, life-or-death situation. Yes, yes, healthy human behaviour...swear i say...let it all out....

btw, i added your link to my blog...

8:25 PM 

Blogger thethinker had this to say:

I curse while I'm driving all the time. And I call the other drivers names, and honk, and do all kinds of things.

Maybe I'm just mean or maybe they're just very bad drivers.

8:43 PM 

Blogger mathew had this to say:

reminds me of the movie "anger management" ;-P

10:40 PM 

Blogger sCrEwU_007 had this to say:

This comment has been removed by the author.

7:55 AM 

Blogger sCrEwU_007 had this to say:


your 18.

in india.

and NOW is the FIRST time u've swore at a person publicly in a traffic jam??

i mean...okaaaaaaay?????

and the whole part of about the universe..newton explained it the best

inertia of fuckin rest. btw, awesome posts.

7:56 AM 

Blogger praveen had this to say:

Hi....nice post....
Keep rocking...

8:28 PM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

bring out the instruments and play them loud... lemonade swore... wants to drink illegaly AND has completed a year in blogsphere!!! I am proud of you my child!!!
3 cheers to you, and lemme tell you this, swearing is so amazingly therapeutic... I think i've posted about it... go read!!!
btw in some countries drinking at 18 is legal and I have given your id to a coupld of frends who wnat new templates... if your free and don't mind design no?
much love

8:31 PM 

Blogger Nags had this to say:

hey girl, did u get my email? sent it to lemonadedesigns and withnowheretogo. check and let me know, ok?

10:06 AM 

Blogger wacko had this to say:

haha..u swore at him..u knw i have this cousin of mine..he drives friggin weirdly..whenever he drives and am like sitting on the adjacent seat, we both go absolutely beserk swearing at everyone..tis so fun...and ive even shown the middle finger a few times...

on the other hand, i keep telling him to be I'd like to tell that to u too... :P

cheers and tc!

12:55 PM 

Blogger Michelle had this to say:

oh honey i'm sucha pro at swearing on the road...and 90% of the time, im the pillion :) hppy 12 months!

10:19 PM 

Blogger Irreversibly Screwed had this to say:

isn't it kind of liberating though to swear at someone like that... some people just shouldn't be allowed to drive!!!.. congrats on completing a year!!.. tc..

6:38 PM 

Blogger Hershey Desai had this to say:

ah road rage..its better to let it out on the road rather than at home right?

8:13 AM 

Blogger Sarcastica had this to say:

I shall have some of that bubbly, even though I'm underage too.

College days do go by quickly, thats good though. I have 2 hour long seminars - so its good they go by quickly.

2:32 AM 

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