Wednesday, February 28, 2007

its time for a new me....*sad face*

I'm pretty pissed right now...a tad too many people know about this blog and that kinda scares me..too many people in my family that I think its time for a change.(and we all know how much I love change now,don't we..???!!!) I cant leave this the way it is..I started this blog as a place to vent..and if not to vent...a secret place where i could put everything that i didn't want to tell anyone hopes,my dreams,my fears,my deepest darkest feelings...(ok ok..lets not get ahead of of my secrets are either deep or dark so I actually dont have anything to worry about..but still i cant help but feel very very irritated and not to mention that feeling you feel when your privacy is invaded..sorry cant think up of any better words to describe my emotions right now...I'm too pissed off,remember..??) Anyway...I'm turning 18 on Monday and i guess its a good time for a change...but the thing is..i just started getting into the feel of this template..and i worked sooo hard on it...*whining* and i don't have the heart to let go of it..but well..what has to be done,has to be done i guess..anyway...starting next week (hopefully..if i stop being lazy that is) my blog will have a whole new everything..Im wondering if i should change my name too..I guess my effort to be completely and totally anonymous was in vain...hopefully my next attempt at anonymity runs its course of at least 10 years (ya right,like that going to happen..??!!) Anyway..cant hurt to try,can it....

Any suggestions for the new 'me'...???

Saturday, February 24, 2007


If I don't finish this post in the next half doesn't exactly matter..cause i started this on the 24th so it still makes it the 5oth post on the 24th..(my blog..! my rules..! right..??) . Its been six whole months in the blogosphere and what a ride its been..!! I started out quite clueless....going from a person who had absolutely no idea about anything blog an aspiring (read-in words and in nowhere near in action) blog designer..! I made shams a header for her if you want you can run on over to her blog and see it..its nothing great..but its still my first,hence the 'documentation'..!

50 posts and I'm still at that point in a post where i find it hard to think of something to it me or just the weather..?! Anyhoo...I've decided that this is one post that I WILL indeed finish..and not leave to rot as a draft.

Was bloghopping the other day and came me across this post by The Compulsive Confessor which swept me with a sudden whoosh of nostalgia...The Sweet valley we all thrived on the lives and loves of the Wakefield twins. The sweet ,innocent,smart,goody two shoes Elizabeth and the beautiful,fun,feisty Jessica..the hours we spent scouring the library to find the all-important next book of the series or even to find a book that we had NOT read,the hours we spent discussing if what had happened at prom night would make a difference,the hours we spent arguing if Liz or Jess was times,those were...what a big part of our pre-teen lives they occupied ...sometimes..I still have the urge to pick up an old book and start reading it all over again. When I check out the kid's section at bookstores nowadays..I hardly find any of them lying about..its MK & A's and the Princess Diaries all the way now...Its sad sometimes to think back and remember all those years..years that went by so easily without a care..where sweet valley and its counterparts (not nancy drew and hardy boys,mind you..i hated those..!) were all we had to worry about..the biggest dilemma being.. "oh shit,'she' read that one before me" or "i told you to let me borrow that first"..!!! Ah well..C'est la vie...!!! Life changes..we grow older,we grow wiser(some of us atleast ;) ) and we move on..move on to bigger things and hopefully to better things.....

the week that was..!!!

Today's my half year blogiversary...and I proved my lazy self right by waiting until the last day to bring my post total up to 50 posts which was the 'supposed' goal..!! I'm one post short of 50 but hopefully that post will find its way here sometime tonight...and I'm stressing on the 'hopefully' bit...

The past week has been pretty exciting. It started off all 'blah' with submissions and juries (thank god that's over!)..we had a geometry module this semester..and mind you it wasn't just some run of the mill geometry stuff you usually was actual hands on practical geometry.Anyway..for our final submission we were divided into groups of three and had to come come up with a product or just a model that showcased all that we had learnt in the module.So we (my group that is) came up with this idea for a lamp inspired by this chandelier that we saw on this awesome site. Its made up of an icosahedron, 20 triangular prisms topped up with 20 tetrahedrons (am i making this post incredibly boring..??) has an opening through which we put some lights in..and believe,me when we turned those lights on..the effect was magical,if i do say so here it is...the coolest hanging lamp I've ever seen...ta da....

I know that it doesn't look that great here..but believe me..with the lights off it emits this warm glow that gives me goose bumps..!! (not kidding!!) So..that was Monday and Tuesday..Wednesday and Thursday were uneventful..hanging out at the ascendas food court and watching American Idol were the main things on the agenda...ooh...almost forgot..went for 'Music & Lyrics' on Thursday night..and it was awesome..!!! But then again I'm a die hard rom-com fan so,I'd obviously think that it was the best thing since the invention of coke..speaking of good movies..'The Holiday' and 'Just My Luck' are also a must watch for people with romantic comedies as the main course on their movie plate.(Did that last line sound dumb..?!) Moving on..Friday was an absolute blast..I was helping my cousin out at her stall at a carnival at my Alma Mater (school and not college in my case). We had this body tattoo and nail art stall..and the kids went crazy..I must have painted around 70 little blue butterfly's on their tiny hands..the little kids were sooo adorable...there was this one kid called Cheryl who was such a sweetheart..she was chattering away the entire time she was standing there..and saying all these incredibly cute line that I remember is..."I love piiiiiiiiiinnk,aaaannnd I loooooooooovee purple and looooooove lelllllllow" *in the cutest voice a three year old can have*....!!!!!! So thats the basic roundup for the week...almost forgot....22nd was Silvara's Happy belated Birthday Silvara..!!! Hope this year turns out great for you...which it obviously will..what with D-day coming up so fast and all ;)

I'm off to my friend's ranch tomorrow for a day of fun and frolic (corny..?! I think NOT..!!) in the sun...!!! Hope you guys have a great Sunday..!! The big five-o will be up in a few hours...hopefully......

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


When I read other blogs.I get this strange feeling that I'm not writing what I'm supposed to be writing..I mean,am I doing my blog justice by just writing crap on it..??!! Am i writing crap..??! What is the exact definition of crap,crappy and utter crappiness..??? Is crappiness even a word....??! The questions (well actually just the first one..those others are just the insane aftermath of that question..! ) just keep swimming around my head and I'm yet to find a sensible answer..!! How is it that every other person who i know in the blog world..knows how to make even the simplest of words and feelings meaningful and makes them seem like those words were the result of hours of pondering,when in reality its just something they thought of and decided to write on a whim and most importantly how do they seem to make everything they say ,the polar opposite of crap (whatever that definition may be..!!)..why doesn't that ever happen to me..? Why,why,why..??!! Why am i the only one who gets stuck in this rut of crappiness..???!!!! Why am I stuck with words that just make sense but don't seem to have even the slightest fragment of poetic grace that all you others out seem to have in abundance, why am I the one stuck with paragraphs of random words that don't have even a smidgen of beauty that comes naturally to everyone else and why am I the only one who whose words don't kindle a sense of poignancy which is always the case,at least for me when i read other people's blogs.....and once again a series of questions rouse curiosity that most usually cant be satisfied...Am i supposed to be worrying about this blog thing..?? Am i supposed to care...?? Isn't this blog supposed to be for me...??!! Didn't I start it to just fulfill the my compulsive inquisitiveness to know what blogging was all about..??! Didn't I start it with randomness in mind..??! I know that all the answers to these questions are supposed to come from me..but the funny bit is,that i cant seem to find matter how hard i look.........................

Saturday, February 17, 2007



My cousin just got back from the UK and my dad had asked him to get me an iPod for my 18th birthday which is a few weeks away..!!! So here it is..right in front of me (a bit early,but who cares :) ) brand new iPod nano PRODUCT (RED) which is the coolest,coolest piece of technology i've ever seen..!!!!!! Aaahhh...I'm sooo excited...i sat and put all my songs into it along with like 50 odd photos.
And to make it all the more exciting..its RED...i absolutely adore the colour red (my bike's red) addition to pink that is. Apple donates a part of the price you pay to a global fund that fights AIDS in Africa..which .means my iPod nano (PRODUCT) RED sounds good and does good at the same time(according to Apple thats Anyway..the coolest part of this story is that my iPod is engraved at the back..!!! It says "Happy 18th Birthday A****h... love, Daddy" if thats not the most awesomest (my word..!!!) thing..I dont know what is..!

And even though you probably (hopefully!!) never will read this...Thank you Daddy :) your the best [and not just because you got me an iPod ;) ;) ]

Friday, February 16, 2007

tv time..!!!!

Two posts in one day..!! I'm on a roll..!!

I'm actually trying to speed things up a bit here because i want to reach my goal of 50 posts by my half year blogiversary (I swear that that's an actual word..!!) which is on the 24th of this month..hence the enthuness of posting twice in a single day..! Lets hope that this is one goal that I actually reach..!!!

American Idol yesterday was awesome..!!! The top 24 are picked and by the looks of it..they're all raring to go..! I have to say that this is the first season of American idol that I'm watcing (damn you CAS)..i mean obviously I've watched random episodes but I've never actually followed an entire I'm determined not to miss a single episode this season.!!!
I was really sad when the Indian brother and sister got separated..and i confess that I did cry..I mean it was so could you not cry..but i think the fact that they were half Indian was partly why i was sobbing..I was really rooting for the both of them to get into the top 24 but I guess I can settle for the fact that one of them is in..! So anyway..this post is just to record my favorites and see is the list changes in the coming weeks..!!

Guys..!! Sanjaya Malakar,Phil Stacy,Nick Pedro and Chris Sligh.
and the Girls..!! Lakisha Jones,Jordin Sparks,Antonella Barba and Alaina Alexander.

p.s: There's a rumour on the internet that the show is rigged and that Brandon Rogers is the next American Idol..!! We'll just have to wait and see now,wont we...

Thursday Thirteen #2

"13 things about the past week"

  • Spectrum has got to be one of the most boring college culturals ever..!!! The past three days were so incredibly boring that i cant even begin to explain the excruciating pain i had to endure through the whole entire ordeal of sitting through two of the worst plays ever (little monkey theatre..u guys suck!! sorry for being so blunt but its the truth..please,please get someone too proofread your pathetic excuses for scripts next time...!!!..!!!) and not to mention the crappy compering..!
  • Junkyard Groove is the coolest..!!! They actually played a song for yours truly..well,not exactly..they said it was for me only because i was screaming for it the entire (follow the link and listen to 'Its Ok'!!!)
  • I discovered that i have an extremely low level of willpower!
  • I got red streaks in my hair..!!!! yay..!!! :) :)
  • I realized that I cant stay more than 3 days without the willpower again..! *a very disappointed me*
  • The college canteen is a confirmed no-go zone..!
  • Hindi dance music is the absolute worst..!!!!!!! (I seriously can-not stress on that enough)
  • We did quadruples (that's supposedly like triples except with four people in my language!!) on my bike yesterday,something that i would have totally been against a couple of months back..things are changing..I'm beginning to actually feel like a college student these days with the whole 'I'm all for breaking the rules' attitude..! [well not completely..but to some extent..I'm more open to trying crazy things these days..!]
  • I can drink a whole can of red bull in a single gulp! (ok fine..two gulps,pah..!)
  • This year was my first valentine's day out..! :)
  • I'm actually pretty funny..! We made these home videos in class of me imitating some people ,which were absolutely hilarious..if I do say so myself..but the thing is..I don't know if the actual act was funny or If i was..anyway..I don't particularly care,because I can laugh at myself and if you don't do that..then you better learn how to..cause it makes life so much simpler..!
  • I discovered that the Sambhar-Idli at Palimar's is well worth the 19 bucks that you pay for it and that the KFC snacker is so not worth its 28 bucks..!
  • I have crappy know like when some one throws something at you for you to catch..and most usually you wind up catching whatever it is..I usually dont..!
Technically thursday's over...but its still thursday night to me ;)

Thursday, February 08, 2007

blogger block and my first thursday thirteen!!

Blogger block..!!! Not like I ever had much to write about..but nowadays its becoming harder to actually put something down (other than my butt that is..lazy,lazy me who cant get off her arse is back..!!)

College is getting tougher by the minute (not an exaggeration!!) and I'm beginning to feel like a an imposter who knows what I'm doing when in reality I actually have no clue aboout what's going on..especially where art is concerned..(which I'm guessing isn't a good thing being an design student and all..!!!) When I started college eight months back..I had absolutely no idea what the next four years had in store for me..I mean no one ever knows..but this was different since the path that I had decided to take was one based on a last minute decision and something I'd never ever considered as a career option before...anyway,I hope things turn out for the best at the end of these three and a half gruelling years that lie ahead of me..I think i better stop talking about this becuase I start gettin anxious whenever I think about the future and start wondering about what it holds for me...we'll just have to wait and see now,wont we...

Onto a lighter topic...blogging these days has seriously become harder..I find myself writing a few lines and then totally abandoning my compose page because of the tons of distractions that you fellow bloggers [damn you awesome writers and your amazing posts ;) ] and the rest of the internet provide...the first line of this post was written 3 days you get my drift right..??!!

Thought i'd start writing the 'Thursday Thirteen' meme every thursday..for those of you who dont know what that is..its where u write 13 points under a specific topic, for example.."13 thirteen things i dont understand about reality tv"..or "13 non edible things that i want to pop into my mouth at this very moment" or u could be less random and just do like a "13 things that scare the shit outta me" or a "13 things that i obsess about" post..! So here's my first thursday thirteen post...and jus to completely establish what a lazy bum I first thursday thirteen post is a picture idea i stole from the lovely Silvara's blog.
[today is saturday and the above paragraph was written on thursday the 8th of feb...but im gonna finish it anyway,even though it isn't thursday anymore]

So here it is.... Lemonade's Thursday Thirteen #1
(hover over the pictures to see whats written for each picture..or if ur jobless {which I'm pretty sure that you are since your here sitting at my blog in the first place}..u can actually click on the link and read the whole thing)

"13 totally random things and how i feel about them"

p.s:I made the "Thursday Thirteen" banner myself,so if anyone wants me to make one to match your blog..i'd be happy to do it for you..only u gotta tell me in like the next 5 days cause my trial banner maker expires pretty