Thursday, September 27, 2007

A year and 3 days old!

Only I would think that the 24th of September is actually the 23th of September and realize only on the 25th of September which happens to be two whole days ago!

I cant believe I missed my first blogiversary!! It serves me right though..I've been a bad bad lurker these past few weeks! A year in the blogosphere already! I'm gonna go the cliched way as say that it feels like just yesterday, because its does feel like just yesterday. This also probably has to have been the most eventful year as well. So much has happened in the span of this one year that trying to encompass it all in one post would definitely not do it justice, so its definitely the lazy me who's talking when I say that I'm not even going to try!

Work has been all consuming of late and is truly terrible. College is seriously draining the shit outta me. Is it weird that I feel like an over worked sloth on a daily basis?! Yes, I'm sure that it is obvious that I'm beyond fed up, which is actually pretty ironic, because I haven't even grazed the upper layer of the obscene amount of work that lies in front of me. There are just too many distractions around. Not that I'm complaining or anything.

The blogability of the crap that is going on in my life is at an all time low, so for once, I have nothing to talk about. How exactly is this possible? A couple of weeks away from this space and even that single drop of writing ability that I had in my body seems to have completely evaporated!

Yes, I am aware that I am a whiner in addition to being a big time slacker!

Ugh, I just went back to my first post and I feel like such an idiot! Isn't it funny how we all started out in the blog world with no expectations,nothing in mind and suddenly a year later, we see ourselves looking back and realizing what a long way we've come and how many awesome
friends we've made on our way.

Friends whom we've never met, friends whom we've never spoken to, but friends whom we care so much about that our day is incomplete until we go see what they're up to. Its funny, though I've never met any of you guys I somehow feel that unique intangible bond that we share. The bond that makes it ok to know your secrets, and obviously that bond that makes it ok for me to tell you mine. The blogging community is truly one of a kind, and you have no idea how grateful I am to be a part of it. I don't know how many people I've recommending blogging to in this past year and to think just a year ago I had little or clue about what it was!

There's this song called ' A Lifetime' that I discovered last year just around this time, and every time I listen to that song it takes me back to those first few months when I started blogging and I have to say that it really is an awesome feeling, although the song is not even remotely connected to blogging, or writing or whatever...every time I listen to it..its like it transports me back to that time, probably because I was listening to it 24/7 for those first few months.

Click on the play button and listen to it..I promise you'll love it! You'll love it so much that you'll probably want to come all the way to Chennai and hug me because I just introduced you to the awesomeness that is 'Better Than Ezra'!

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Or watch it here!

Anyway..I think I have to go now and sit on my work like a chicken hoping that it'll magically hatch one day and out will come as A's on my report card.


Saturday, September 15, 2007

I love myself!

I cannot believe how proud I am of this snap! First photography class and I'm already flying, despite the fact that the thirty five other snaps on this roll were beyond pathetic!!

AAhh..I'm so in love with myself right now! :)
Proudness much? Yup..I know..but isn't it ok to be once in a while, especially when the object of it is something as gorgeous as this?

Ok..I better stop now! This is clearly getting to my head.

4:58 am

It never ceases to amaze me how awesome I am at putting off work! Seriously!
I've been at the computer for 12 hours straight and I've only manged to complete a minuscule of the overflowing mounds of work that just seem to never want to get off my back!
Anyone looking to be hired, to complete the work of the one and only princess of procrastination?

Life is so incredibly dull at the moment, that finding something to blog about is becoming increasingly difficult. Can life actually be this boring?!

On second though, this lull has in fact lead me to think of some stuff that I usually don't give a second thought to.
  • Rant Alert people!!! I've noticed that whatever the situation might be, I usually have about a hundred things to say about it. Unfortunately for me..I rarely find myself saying any of these things let alone saying them all. This sudden tongue tidedness (yup..I know that that isn't a word!) isn't exactly convenient especially at times when I have to defend myself which turns out to be most of the time because almost everyone I know, looks to attack me! And when I end up not saying anything, people being the insufferable way they are end up acting all presumptuous about the way I'm felling which coincidentally turns out to be the complete opposite of how I really feel, and because of my neurotic habit of bottling stuff up, I end up not telling people how I feel which later has its own set of atrocious consequences. And do I learn from these mistakes.? NO...because evidently my brain is programmed to register these things and make changes only when I reach the ripe old age of 80 and when I'm sitting around screaming at my dozen cats! I don't actually think that its my fault anyway..I mean why exactly do I have to publicizes every little detail that makes its way through my weirdly shaped head.
  • I've never been the one to actually 'get' jokes. I'm usually the person in the room who finds herself guffawing a full five minutes after a joke is cracked. So basically I've never been the one with the gifted humor or rather the one who never even understood the gifted humor. But of late..I've been cracking everyone up with some vague ass stories of school and the like..and I mean like seriously cracking them up. Up until the point where most of them are rolling on the floor holding their tummies begging me not to go on! The other day I was officially named the class entertainer..not the class clown ,mind you..the class entertainer. A friend and me actually shared that post when we were in school...whenever we were jobless in class and when the teachers were out of sight, we'd go up the podium of the class and perform 'My heart will go on' in Tamil albeit the fact that we both couldn't speak Tamil to save our lives!
  • Is it weird that I wish I were the dog every morning?! Right after I come out of the shower..I see the dog snuggling in the corner dozing! I mean seriously!!!
    Does it have to pick that particular moment of the day to snooze..that particular moment when all that's stopping me from throwing myself back onto the bed again is the knowledge that if I miss another minute of class, I'll be stuck as a sophomore for the next five years!
I've also realized that mulling over and analyzing things does not work for me! I've been told a hundred times before that its okay to let out feelings but the sad part is..whenever I think of emotions as 'feelings'..all I am is blank. This blank space sometimes makes me feel quite soulless. Is it just me or do you go through this too?

Maybe my parents are rightl..maybe the aliens did drop me off into a dumpster after all!

Friday, September 07, 2007

does everything have to have a title?!

Apparently the universe does not want me to post. I've been wanting to put up a post since like forever, but unfortunately some unknown force seemed to be stopping my daily attempts to do so. So here I am finally, 6 days later! The universe probably got fed up of trying to keep me away..I can be very pushy, you know?

On Monday night, I discovered that I was just another profanity uttering child of a truck driver. Yes, for the first time I called a fellow driver 'f*&^ker', out loud! Can you believe it?? Me! The little ball of innocence! Ok, I don't think that came out the way it was supposed to. Sorry, that was yet another one of my sad attempts at trying to be humorous. Maybe I just shouldn't try anymore. Don't you think? I was saying..I'm in the middle of a junction when the green light comes on, so as any sensible rider would do..I accelerate..when out of nowhere..this moron whose red light has been on for more than six seconds, decides that he just HAS to cross the blessed signal because his dying daughter will breathe her last breath if he doesn't! To cut a long story short I almost hit him, but being the awesome rider that I am I managed to not only NOT hit him, but also scream out the aforementioned swear word! But that's not all...I also found a stray 'as%$*ole' escape my big fat mouth!!

I know that I'm acting like it was a big deal, but it really was. Just for the record, I'm NOT one of those people who never get into fights..if there's a fight to be fought, I'm your woman. I can be the loudest, most obnoxious person you will ever meet and if I snap at you, chances are that you'll probably never want to talk to me ever again, but I'm not one to just throw 'language' around for no reason. Even if I have to..I usually make sure that I do it under my Monday's incident was a huge shocker even to me!

On another is becoming increasingly redundant. But thankfully the days seem to fly past, so that's a tiny consolation. No wonder I took 6..almost 7 days to post!

I finally have 12 whole months in my archives. I've never been committed to anything for this long before, so this really is a huge achievement for me. Let's pop open a bottle of bubbly and start the celebration while completely overlooking the fact that I'm still under the legal age to drink.