Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Is it abnormal to want to be alone..??!! I mean come on..all I'm asking for is just a little peace and quiet..is it wrong to NOT want to go out and have fun every single day..is it utterly and completely preposterous that a teenage girl enjoys sitting at home,doing her own thing...is it antisocial..is it weird..is it too strange or too odd or too peculiar...doesn't anybody understand that sometimes a girl just needs some time for herself and not have it interpreted as her being indifferent and selfish..??!!

Am i pissed..?? You guessed right..!!

PS: And for those of you who think that I am all the above adjectives..hold the comments,please.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Gimme Your Stuff!!!

I discovered Gimme Your Stuff a couple of weeks ago and since then I've been extremely curious as well as anxious to get on board with them..! Its a site where u register by posting on your blog,exactly how I'm doing right now..and list out some stuff that you'd be willing to give and well as stuff that you'd like to receive. So people who are registered there..can take a look at the stuff that you're offering and contact you for an actual cultural exchange of stuff..be it books,magazines,chocolates,souvenirs,various girly knick knacks and just about anything else you can think of. I think the whole concept is incredibly cool and I cant wait for my first swap..so here goes..!!

Stuff I can send out from India
  • Random Indian knick knacks ( jewelery boxes,little beaded bags..etc)
  • Indian snacks and a few packaged sweets cause Indian sweets really cant be sent across continents.
  • Beads,Indian Print Trim(zari...that can be attached to clothes),Indian Fabric (I study textile design so i have great taste..!)
  • Indian style earings...Bindis..Bangles..and any other junk jewelry.
  • Indian flip Flops.
  • Newspapers.
  • Postcards.
  • Anything else that you want in particular that I can find here..I wouldn't mind throwing in a mix cd of all my favorite songs.
What I'd like to recieve

  • Fashion magazines from your part of the world.
  • Souvenirs (Key rings, Snow globes,Magnets.....) ,Knick Knacks of cultural significance.
  • Stickers and any kind of cute girly stationary(diaries,organizers)
  • Souvenir T-shirts .
  • Anything random but it definitely has to be cute or interesting...surprise me..!!
So if anyone is interested...leave a comment or mail me at withnowheretogo@gmail.com.


Thursday, May 24, 2007

This is their now...

I'm heartbroken that the show is over...but I'm really happy that Jordin won and I'm also really happy about the fact that Blake didn't win..don't get me wrong..I love Blake a tad more than i love Jordin so I'm happy that he wasn't caught in the whole American Idol winner thing cause that would have totally cramped his style..and boy,does that boy have STLYE..!!Right from his plaid pants to his argyle sweaters to his awesome beat boxing..!! (And i thought Justin T in POP was good..!! )

Aah..cant believe I have to wait a whole year to for more Idol mania..!! Coming back to today's show..Jordin completely blew me away with "This is my now"..she was beyond awesome..and I know that its been said like a billion times..but she's only17!!! Is it like a total 14 year old thing to be so in love with Idol..hmmm,anyway..I don't particularly care..!

It hasn't even been over 6 hours and I already cant wait for next year...! Idol addict..beware..!!!

PS: I'm so glad that they gave Sanjaya a whole song to sing..! :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


* Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
* People who are tagged need to write posts in their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
* At the end of your post, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.

1. My internet connections happens to be one of the suckiest ones around..!
2. A palmist recently told me that I'm gonna get married a little after 2010..!! SCARY..!! I'm only 18...!!
3. I love flying alone..I dont know why,but when I sit alone on a plane I always feel weirdly peaceful.
4. I'm crazy paranoid about a) my keys b) my wallet and c) my phone..I'm forever checking in my bag to see if they're there even if I know that I just checked 5 minutes ago..!
5. I have precisely 12 first cousins.
6. I love anything that smells fruity.
7. I was once chased by a dog...not.a.good.experience..!!
8. I love THIS site..!!

.....And I tag...N, writer's bloc, Irreversibly screwed, Silver Neurotic, catmiester, D, Rajeev and anyone else who wants to do this..!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

1 word

Long drives...mangoes...the beach...antiques...dogs...french signboards...rickshaws...baguettes... perfume...black and white photographs...the sun...ghosts...palmists (who predicted good things,by the way)...cheese...beautiful ancient houses...music...bacardi breezers...local aunty gossip...cycle rides..the sunday market..half-naked firangs...choco cherry ice cream..family tree stories..braids...old people...street names dans le fran├žais...and probably a billion other things that i just cant seem to think of right now..!!

Fed up of 62 random words..?? Well..let me say it all in one...PONDY..!!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Its over...but not quite...

I'm free at last...free..free..free..free from the shackles that had kept me bound from the world and everything in it for the past ten months..!! (Ok..i guess i should cut the drama..!) But I think I deserve to give one last shout...I"M DONE WITH COLLEGE FOR THIS YEAR..!!!!!This year..that's the sad bit..still have another three more to go..but the way this past year flew by is quite a consolation and hopefully the next three years follow suit..

I'm off to Pondy for a couple of days...and the thought of not sitting at a computer for the next few days is breaking my heart..man,i never thought that I'd ever get this addicted..!! So..anyway...I'm beyond happy that college is over and now that its over I find myself thinking about how it wasn't that bad in spite of everything they put us through...I mean the whole of this year I grumbled and cried and whined and complained but now I'm actually starting to think that it wasn't that bad after all..sure its a lot of work and the teachers manage to squeeze every little bit of your soul out of you (I think they're sorta trained to do that..!)..but at the end of the day (or in this case the end of the year) it all seems a little worth it..not completely worth it but definitely a little worth it.

Ok..I'm gonna go now..I still haven't packed..and I'm leaving in half an hour!!!!

Monday, May 14, 2007

All i want for christmas is WENTWORTH MILLER...!!!

I think the last time that I was so in love with an actor was when I was 12,when Titanic came out..! Leonardo DiCaprio was my man at that time..the entire family...and I mean the ENTIRE family knew about my obsession and I clearly recall how my Uncles used to tease me about it...I remember myself getting all red in the face every time that topic came up..but since then..I haven't found myself having random 'things' for random actors (because i thought that whole concept of having a crush on a star was complete and utter bullcrap-dont mind the juvenile grade 6 profanity)...UNTIL NOW..!!!

Got hooked onto Prison Break a couple of weeks back when a friend gave me the dvds..and as a result..I find myself being sucked into the whirlpool of hotness that is WENTWORTH MILLER..!!

No,seriously...can the guy get any hotter..??! Just for the record..I am so not the type to fall in love with a celebrity...but y'all..this one has got it coming for me...!! Whether he's masterminding his next move,or smiling,or running,or staring into the eyes of his girlfriend on the show (who I am very jealous of by the way) or whether he's just being his usual smouldering sexy self....I just cant seem to get my eyes off him..!!

Is it a disease...?? Well...if it is..Its one disease that I'm happy to have been affected by..!

PS: He's gotten me so stoked that I'm sitting and downloading pictures and videos of him..!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The TEN TAG + Thursday Thirteen #8

"The TEN TAG + 3"

Ahh.. this my first tag ever..thanks to N..but since its Thursday..I'm actually gonna add 3 more things to the original "TEN TAG"..and make it a Thursday Thirteen..cause I'm way too lazy to sit and think of ideas for a new Thursday Thirteen....!

The "TEN TAG" is where I'm supposed to list 10 interesting facts about myself....they're probably gonna lean towards the more boring and weird side of me rather than the interesting side..so..try not to fall asleep,ok? Here goes..!!

1) I ride a red Honda Dio...which gave me a ton load of trouble during the the first few weeks of my ownership of it..!! But lately..he's (YES..! Its a HE...any suggestions for names..??) become one of my best friends...takes me wherever i want,with minimal trouble..and doesn't even make a fuss when i fail to fill up his tank even when he's got barely nothing to run on..!! I used to ride a Hero Honda Street (which was fondly named Laila by my Dad..no seriously,dont ask..!!), a geared bike..which i was extremely proud of because i was the only one who could ride one at that time..i think i was about 16..or it was probably a little earlier..anyway..as i was saying the street was my baby until my darling parents decided that i was way to young to ride a geared bike around town..so hence the Dio happened a few months after i started college.

2) I have this habit of hoarding perfume...I just love seeing the whole bottle still in its package..!! I Currently have about 6 bottles out of which I only use two...The Davidoff Cool Water is almost over and so is the Lancome Miracle..I'm slightly sad...But my mother seems to be extremely happy about the situation..she thought I'd take them to the grave or something..! But at least i still have 4 more to use. Shit the weirdest thing just happened...when i typing the previous line my mom walked into the room to show me this new perfume that she had just gotten...a coincidence..I think not..!! The perfume gods are looking down on us...ok,i guess you've figured that I'm quite loony at this time of the day..forgiveness asked in advance for for the rest of the post.

3) I'm working on my free blogger template design site right now...it should be up in a couple of weeks time...I'm really excited about this project..so i hope u guys will like it..!!

4) I find myself completely at peace with myself when I'm travelling alone..whether its on the bike or on a bus...its during that time when i get all nostalgic and start reminiscing as well as thinking about things in the past..some of which make me smile and some which make me cry..which is actually pretty weird cause there I am sitting on a bus by myself with a silly grin on my face..when i realize that there are at least like 8 people sitting around me who probably think I'm nutso..!

5) I cannot bear to throw away old things...I cant help but cling to them. Its a standing joke in my family that I'm keeping all that stuff for my future grandchildren..!

6) I buy shoes that I know that I probably would never wear in a million years.

7) Its frigging hot this summer in Chennai so my daily quota of Tang is no less than five full glasses a day.(Lemon Tang beats all the other flavors by the way..!)

8) I only blog when I feel like it..therefore the erratic posting. Its funny that I have a whole new internet life here that no one in my real life knows about..This blog has become an important part of me..and its weird that the people closest to me have no clue about it..and you wanna know something strange..I have absolutely no desire to share it with them..!

9) I do not drink coffee..or cold coffee..or tea..or milk..or badam milk..or bournvita..or milo...or horlicks..or chocolate milk. I do drink lemon tea (like DUH..!!)...granitas...coke..and almost any kind of fruit juice.

10) I wear only about 30% of the clothes in my closet.

11) I laugh for the stupidest of jokes...especially for the ones N makes..which happen to be extremely lame..!

12) I think Full House was an awesome show to grow up on..! (The show actually taught me alot of things) The Tanner sisters were soo cool..especially little Michelle..God knows what happened to the twins now..its quite sad to see how they're wasting away..!

13) I feel guilty when I dont post for long...It makes me feel like I'm abandoning my blog...and that's a bad thing cause I hate people who do that.

I'm surprised that I actually found so many things to say..I thought that I had talked myself out on this blog..!!!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #7

"13 part connectivity game..!!!"

Well,thought I'd do this one this week because of the lack of time,which at the moment is sadly the only thing that I can think about..! (What with exams sitting on this little head of mine..! Almost forgot that it was thursday even..!!) Hmmm..lets see..this is how this works..I pick a word and then I type out the next word that comes to my mind as soon as I hear it..so thats how its gonna be....

Lets start with...hmmm..whats the most obvious word at this moment..hmmm..Oh,ok..here we go...

My blog = My writing = crappy = life = crazy = professors = college = college project = exams = results = Miss FLUNKER 2007 (which is me,just so you know!) = The Internet = My blog...!!!!

Well..what do you know...It is a freaking vicious circle after all...!!!