Sunday, April 29, 2007

oh happy day.... :)

Chanced upon this site a few days back called Critique My I sent them my url in hopes that some professionals might actually do a review on it and tell me how to improve it..and guess what..they actually did do a review on it..!!! Go here to read it...but guess what..I'm actually gonna save you the trouble and post it here myself..!!

Here is a refreshingly written blog by a young lady who is 18 from India and there is no two ways about it....young blood brings a fresh and unique approach to blogging. Her blog is titled..."All Grown Up With No Place To Go", and it is a diary of thoughts and opinions written in such a way that it draws you into her life. I love a well written blog with interesting posts that are short and to the point. The blog is captivating and keeps your interest from post to post which is important to outside readers. This is exactly what this young blogger brings to the table and the blog itself is formatted brilliantly. Truly a well done creation and keep up the good work!

I'm so happy...!!!!! :) No like seriously...can you like see the excitement ooze out from the screen because I'm telling you if you look hard enough,you'll probably find it..!! :) :)

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Terrified of failure...

It seems like the rhymes seem to come..
Only when I'm sitting blank and numb..
The pages in front of me have nothing on them..

Is this just the beginning or is this the very end.

Had an exam yesterday...and I have to say that it was by far the worst exam that I have ever written in my life..not kidding..!! I'm sure that we've all done badly at some point...but I don't think I've ever done this badly...I was staring at the questions..and I knew that I had learned them..but I couldn't remember a SINGLE word..! This has never ever happened to me before so it was quite a shock..but I guess that I have only myself to blame because I starting studying only at around 3 in the morning...which I've never done before,so no wonder I did so badly..!!Damn you, INTERNET...!! Its all your fault..!
The poem..or rather the four lines that you see on the top of the page were written during the horrifying exam..during which all I could think about was that this would probably be a good topic for my blog..!!

p.s: Please pray that I don't flunk :(

And now to cheer me up (and you,obviously!!)...I was walking near Spencers the other day and I saw this Amul hoarding which totally made my day..!! :) I couldn't stop smiling for like 20 minutes after saw it..!! So I leave you with...the all new....AMULICKIN IDOL...!!!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #6

"13 of my favorite words"
  • butterfly
  • serendipity
  • bubblegum
  • stilettos
  • sliver
  • penchant
  • snowflake
  • superficial
  • cartwheels
  • perplexed
  • eclectic
  • champagne
  • swirls
Each of these words means something to me...not only do I love what the are and what they mean..I'm in love with the word itself..the way it sounds and the way I feel when i say it or use it in a sentence...ok fine...dont give me that look..I have favorite words..BIG DEAL..!!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

he's still in love with her....

Found this on Post Secret this week..and i dont know why but i felt compelled to save the pic. I guess its because I sort of related to the whole FAT GIRL thing...but isn't that the sweestest thing,not the fact that he dumped her but the fact that he's still in love with her given everything that his friends said...and I bet that he isn't a day older than 7....

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Haapy Biiiirthdaaayyy to you...(in my supposed accent..!)

NNNNNNN.......(you know how i say it..!)...its your birthday..!!!!! :) :) But I'm sorta guessing you knew that already...that was just a reminder or rather a reality check that you're finally an adult..!!!

I really don't know what to say because i say everything i have to say to you every when i usually have nothing to say..i sing..! But unfortunately or fortunately u never let me do that for u..!!! So if i cant do it in reality..I'm gonna go it here...!! (see N..i actually am clever,ok..?? :P )

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy birthday,Happy Birthday..
Happy Birthday to you....................
(ending the last note with a flourish..!)

So Happy Birthday N.....I'm gonna miss you.... :( and I'm pretty sure that you know how much..!
Love you...Have an awesome year...which I'm sure you matter what you say... :)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Good bye-a Sanjaya....m gonna miss ya....

Sanjaya got voted off made me cry.....although a lot of people (and i mean alot..!) hated his guts.........I loved the guy. I'll accept the fact that his singing kinda sucked but come on he was the most lovable guy around...!!! Anyway..he deserves top marks for dealing with a situation like his..i mean everyone..right from bloggers to every other american idol viewer had something to say about him..and more often than was something mean..! I'm really gonna miss you Sanjaya..hope tonight's not the last we saw of you.........

Thursday Thirteen #5

"13 Things things that I've learnt about or from the internet"
  • You can never ever get bored with it...(something i should definitly know considering the fact that i spend almost 7 hours on it on a daily basis..
  • It most usually is always there for u..unlike some people (not that its a person..but its almost there..!)..but i say most usually because of the crappy connection..but that technically isn't really the fault of the internet ..!!
  • Its become my replacement for books..! (sad i know..but true all the same..)
  • Its making me realize how small i am in this big big world..!
  • I learnt that i have PICA stop thinking that I'm mad and get on with the next point..!!
  • It taught me to thank God for small mercies such as this,and this and this. (oh and how could i forget..THIS..!!)
  • Its teaching me photoshop...!!! woo hoo...!!! (Which is by far the coolest software ever..!!)
  • Showed me that i actually do like new music...i had convinced myself that i was an 'oldies '(cliff richard,the beach boys,abba,beatles) girl..but you know I'm actually an oldies,alternative and country girl all rolled in one..!
  • Its helping me keep in touch with people who i probably wouldn't have bothered keeping in touch with...!
  • That there actually is such a thing as eraser collections and that there actually are other eraser collectors in the world..!!! (I'm the way :) )
  • IT still astounds me with everything it can do and everything it knows..!!! I mean..its like the best invention..apart from electricity and coke i think..!
  • It my source of all entertainment..even the tv doesn't matter anymore because i can download the torrents of almost any tv show..!
  • And finally....Its gotten me addicted!!! I seriously think i need to get some internet detox..!! (not that I'm complaining about my present state or anything)

Monday, April 16, 2007

slacker blogger..!

I don't know why..but I just keep putting off finishing a post that I started almost 10 days ago..!! I have no clue what's up with me...

Bah..!!! I hate being a SLACKER BLOGGER...!!!

Monday, April 02, 2007

a story called love...

Chemistry's a subject we learn at school,
But life is the lab in which we put it to use..
The chemistry between a boy and a girl is never wrong,
If the girl loves the boy and the boy's love forever lives on..

But the truth is never revealed until the very end,
When the love dies and there's nothing left but lonely weekends..
Things just seem to have slipped out of reach..
When all along you thought that they were just peachy keen...

At last the realization finally dawns..
That the perfect story was written with a bunch of crayons..
The story was scrawled by a little girl..
Who knew not the truth about this big world..

Do any of us actually know the truth...
Or is it something that we cannot even begin to sleuth..
I think that love is something that cannot be found..
Its something that's way too compound..

Being lucky in love isn't necessarily the only thing..
Keeping things real and bickering..
Its all a part of a story called love..
A story which starts when you find the person who fits u like a glove..

This poem has nothing to do with my life at the moment..but is just a reflection of what I've been thinking about for the past few days...!!! They're pretty much 'random rhymes' just as the label proclaims that the are :)