Saturday, September 30, 2006

Life is good again.....

Cant believe what happened today...!!! My past is now my present again...and i cant tell you how happy i am..!!! Never gonna do stupid things again(and thats a promise to myself)...Life is good again and i cant be happier....!!!

Friday, September 29, 2006

lemonade for life....

I've really gotten used to this blogging thing..except for the fact that you have to republish your blog everytime you make a change...that is sooo incredibily irritating...!!! I've been broswing through alot of random blogs..but unfortunately i didnt seem to find anything that interested me very much.Let me tell you how i got started in this wide,wide world called the blogosphere(thats wat its called,isn't it..??!)i found out that my cousin had a very famous(or should i say infamous)blog..which i wasn't allowed to visit..and obviously ,me being the way i am, had to do a fair amount of snooping till i finally found it...that blog totally,and i mean totally changed my opinion about my cousin..i saw her in a whole new different the past we weren't very close n still aren't(maybe cause she doesn't know that i am now a faithful reader of her blog,which is quite amazing i must say) but atleast i can safely say that i know her as person and know another side of her that i have never ever seen before...and that jus changes everything...shit,back to what i was originally talking,basically her blog inspired me to start blogging..this blog i guess is just a diary of sorts..i've always wanted to write a diary(and actually did a couple of times,even though i'd only write it for the first three days of the year before i gave up)and now finally i have one..!! yay for me...!!! Oh and also wanted to explain 'lemonade' to u guys...lemons are sour and you add sugar to it to make it sweet and therefore make that jus translates into life being sour and you puttin ur own sugar into it to make it lemonade(ever heard of the sayin "if life gives you lemons,then make lemonade"..its exactly the same) thats the basic lemonade story..and also that i happen to be a complete lemon and lime m gonna end by saying..."lime ice cream rules..!!!!!"(and i am sooo not kidding about that..!!!)

Thursday, September 28, 2006


Another turning point,a fork stuck in the road..
Time grabs you by the wrist ,directs you where to go..
So make the best of this test and dont ask why..
Its not a question but a lesson learned in time..

Happily ever after.........

Went for a wedding two weeks back...i've known the couple for about five years or so and the bride incidentally also happens to be my ex-boyfriend's sister,which made the entire evening all the more interesting(not in a good way,i might add)...!!! Anyway...the ex and i were both being civil to each other so i have to give myself and him the credit for that...going on to the wedding...i cannot begin to explain to you in words the happiness and excitement i saw on the ecstatic couples' faces...the entire wedding was beyond beautiful...right from the minute the glowing bride walked down the aisle with her then to-be fiance serenading her till the very last dance of the reception..!! It was one of those 'one of a kind' weddings...a modern day fairy tale as the happy couple described it.The newly weds had been together for about ten and a half years (m not kidding) before they got married and i can imagine them being together for the next seventy years..anyway...jus wrote this post in hope that i may also(at some point in my life) be as lucky as they were in finding the'ONE'...congragulations you guys...may ur love last forever.........................

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

another day.....

Feels like jus yesterday,you were a part of me
I used to stand so tall,i used to be so strong
Your arms around me tight,everything felt so right
Unbreakable,like nothing could go wrong............

God...these words describe exactly how i feel...i couldn't find anything as apt as this.Why did i do wat i did...i know that ur not supposed to regret the decisions that u make,but somehow..i cant help it...i mean i dont totally regret it..its jus that sometimes i wonder how things woulb be if i hadn't opened my big fat mouth..!! Whats done is done i guess...have to live with it my whole life...jus hope i didnt make a mistake....

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I hate sad endings....!!!

Went for a movie today...the much publicised 'the break-up'..wit jen anniston and vince perception of the movie,as i guess most people's would be..was that since it was called 'the break-up'..that the couple would obviously get back together at the end...but alas(i jus had to say they dont get back together...!!!I mean wat the hell is the point of payin good money to go see a movie that makes u feel sad at the end...!!! It totally,completely,utterly defeats the point...!!!!!!!!! As u have probably guessed by now..i hate movies wit sad endings...they jus get me sooo depressed..i mean..come on..ur free one evening..and u decide to watch a movie...why on earth would u wanna watch something thats bound to make u feel all sad and depressed...!Annyway..atleast one good thing came out of tat movie..jen and vince gettin together in real life...tat girl really didnt deserve wat that bastard brad pitt did to her...anyway..all's well that ends well i guess...jen and vaughn are still goin strong according to the rumour mills...n my life is still feels like a never-ending roller i guess tats it for now....

Monday, September 25, 2006

life.............and death.

Was jus talking to a friend who was slightly down thinking of life....i mean that guy is so damn deep but he doesn't know his own way,i think he does...but he's scared to show that side to most people..anyway,who am i to judge!Wat he said got me to thinking...were do we actually go when we die...we all think tat we either go to heaven or to hell...but maybe..jus maybe..there's some other place..some other parallel universe that exists,where u go after u die..n live the same life that u've been living all over again..or maybe ur taken to a different planet where ur invisible and where u can do absolutely anything u want to do...or maybe u go somewhere awful to pay for all the sins you committed...but then again,thats probably hell...! I've always felt that if u did something wrong and were not found out or punished for it,then u would probably be when u i guess its better to face the music now than wait until pergatory where the punishment for whatever we have done,however petty it maybe,will obviously get worse..heaven or hell..or wherever else we go...i guess god will probably make sure that we go someplace we deserve..........

god..! its so frustrating..!!!.................

INTERNET companies really get on my nerves...!! i mean come on...they actually expect you to sit pretty until they come and do their job which conviniently takes more than a few hours than its supposed to..!! anyway..m glad they finally got it done. Been thinking about my life today...and i mean really thinking...i've got so many decisions to make...n its so hard...worse than hard,its confusing..!! Waiting for a moment of clarity in ur life is one of the toughest things to do..i mean..m trying to see the situation that m in ,in all the possible angles that exist..but i jus cant seem to find an answer....guess i'll jus have to do a lil more...wait..scrap that..a lot more soul searching to figure out exactly what m going to do...i know i've already hurt someone because of what i did..but i couldn't help it at that time..i really did not see the purpose of continuing something that had nothing left in it(at that time)....but now m wondering if i made a mistake....

Sunday, September 24, 2006

12 at night............

Was jus talkin to a friend and he was making me search for logical questions tat he could solve them... u think they're easy,let me tell you that they actually aren't..or ya they..anyway..they actually are pretty tough..actually they're not(god!! why cant i jus make up my mind) if u think in a simple 'think out of the box' way...but if u try to act all clever..they're pretty wondering if anyone one will ever read this blog...maybe i should tell people about it...but then again...maybe i shouldn't..m sure tat there are tons of bloggers out there who are doin this without thier friends and family knowing about it...its not that i dont want them to know....its jus that...its pretty embarassing knowing that people that u know will actually be reading wat u write,ur words n your thoughts...i dont jus seems highly wierd...anyway...if anyone that i know stumbles upon this blog and figures out who i am...ssshhhh....dont tell anyone else about it..........!!!

This is so exciting..!!

ah..i jus wrote my first post a few hours back..n i came online now to find that i actually had one profile view...!!!! yay...!! whoever u are..hope u liked it. m on a ten day break rite ill probably be sitting online the whole time now. this blogger thing is so new to me....its gonna take some getting used to...but m tellin myself,tat i will master the art of blogging or whatever its called in a few has been a really really sleepy day ..each time i pick up my book...i find myself dozing..and its so damn irritating.!! i think college work is really gettin to my head...its hols and all i can think about is if i have some work to finish...(by the way,tats cause i usually have like a ton load of work every evening...!! its not funny how much of work they load us with..!!!) This is so damn ironic..10 whole days without any work...and that is all i can think about..anyway..m sure that this blog will help keep my mind off college...for a while atleast....until next time....whic i guess will probably be in a few hours) lol.....

the first one

yipee...!!! my first blog ever..!!! wonder if anyone will even read it...!! anyway...jus wanted to do this cause ive never actually written anything before...well..except for essays in school..which doesnt really count..! so basically this blog is gonna be about my life...not everything...jus some random things that aren't too long to actually sit and type out.. n how i think things in this world should work ....i jus wanna say what i wanna say..i dont need anyone to agree with me..i jus wanna put my thoughts out...even thought m probably the only one who will ever read this blog...!!! if anyone else is reading this..n even slighlty enjoying my random writing....thanks alot..u've made my day...!! well...till the next one then.............bub bye...............
ps..comments are always welcome...even ones tat i can take as constructive criticism...

Friday, September 01, 2006

about me

I’m 18 at the moment, I’m usually the shortest in any room and I like to think that I’m really funny even though people tell me I’m not. I find college mind numbingly stressful just like any other teen but the similarity ends there! I can assure you that there's only one of me that you will ever know!

I live in one of the four metros in India (I’ll give you a hint, it beings with the letter C and you get the most amazing dosas here). I’m mean, loud and obnoxious most of the time, but the rest of the time I’m pretty sweet (I swear). I’m a huge whiner and a cribber and a grumbler. I’ve been known to hold grudges, so don’t mess with me. If you do, chances are, I won’t ever forgive you or I’ll probably just bug you about it for the rest of your life or until you kill me. Whichever happens first.

....And now if you’ll divert your eyes to the extremes of your monitor, you’ll also be able to witness my love for freakish amounts of bright colors.

People call me weird, hyper, strange, peculiar and you can look to the thesaurus for other synonyms, because believe me, if they exist, I’m sure I’ve been called them! Now you are allowed to call me any of those names but I’d much rather prefer being called eccentric. I think it has a rather nice ring to it.

About This Blog

This blog happened to have won a Bloggie for Best Asian Blog of 2008. I have no clue how it happened. Its a web mystery, I tell you!

Anyway, I discovered a new found interest in writing sometime back and since then, I've found that there's no turning back. For people who have just entered the blog me, you're bound to get addicted..!

I started this blog about a year and a half back on a whim. I’m happy that it has grown and developed into something that is now a huge part of my life and of me. This blog has an awful lot of ‘me’ in it. A ‘me’ that not many know and probably never will know. It is also supposedly anonymous, but a good number of people currently know about it, which doesn’t make all this any easier to write! The current look of this blog is its 4th redesign in the year and a half of its life. With each redesign, the name keeps changing in order to preserve a tiny fragment of its dwindling anonymity.

The blog is run on blogger which is one of the simplest blog publishing systems (if you’re looking to start a blog you probably should start with it). Take it from me, who was a blog novice a year and a half ago (I now design and code blog templates for heaven’s sake!). Speaking of which, I also have a template design blog which you should check out. Its pretty darn cool, if I may say so myself. Being a design student its only natural that I was drawn to template design. It’s a world in which I can get lost and see myself dancing around trying to catch chocolate snowflakes in my mouth.

Ok, I think that’s more than enough information for this ‘About’ page which initially was supposed to have only 5 sentences! To know more about me, visit my blogger profile, my 100 things post, design blog or simply click on the home button and read the latest post. If I’m cribbing in it, (which I most probably will be) you can be sure that you’ve caught me on one of my best days!


You can contact me by mailing me at (withnowheretogo(AT)gmail(DOT)com). Any mail or feedback is appreciated. Come on, throw your words at me, I dare you! :)


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