Friday, September 29, 2006
lemonade for life....

I've really gotten used to this blogging thing..except for the fact that you have to republish your blog everytime you make a change...that is sooo incredibily irritating...!!! I've been broswing through alot of random blogs..but unfortunately i didnt seem to find anything that interested me very much.Let me tell you how i got started in this wide,wide world called the blogosphere(thats wat its called,isn't it..??!)i found out that my cousin had a very famous(or should i say infamous)blog..which i wasn't allowed to visit..and obviously ,me being the way i am, had to do a fair amount of snooping till i finally found it...that blog totally,and i mean totally changed my opinion about my cousin..i saw her in a whole new different the past we weren't very close n still aren't(maybe cause she doesn't know that i am now a faithful reader of her blog,which is quite amazing i must say) but atleast i can safely say that i know her as person and know another side of her that i have never ever seen before...and that jus changes everything...shit,back to what i was originally talking,basically her blog inspired me to start blogging..this blog i guess is just a diary of sorts..i've always wanted to write a diary(and actually did a couple of times,even though i'd only write it for the first three days of the year before i gave up)and now finally i have one..!! yay for me...!!! Oh and also wanted to explain 'lemonade' to u guys...lemons are sour and you add sugar to it to make it sweet and therefore make that jus translates into life being sour and you puttin ur own sugar into it to make it lemonade(ever heard of the sayin "if life gives you lemons,then make lemonade"..its exactly the same) thats the basic lemonade story..and also that i happen to be a complete lemon and lime m gonna end by saying..."lime ice cream rules..!!!!!"(and i am sooo not kidding about that..!!!)



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