Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I blog.....because i want to!!

I am thinking about..
How much of work I'm lagging behind in..there's soo much to do..and i don't feel like doing any of it..!!!!!! (pretty normal for me..that's usually what I'm thinking about..!)

I said…
and still continue to say a lot of things that should not have been said....

I want to…
be the centre of someone's world... (stolen from 'the cousin's' blog..hope u never read this,but if you do,sorry D...but its the truth..!!)

I wish…
I could be there for people when they most need me.....

I hear…
only what I want to hear,unfortunately...

I wonder..
if whether the path that I'm taking will lead me to my destiny...(yes i believe in destiny,doesn't everybody..??!!!)

I Regret..
more than i should... :(

I am...
who i am...(cliched..i know..but its the truth..!!)

I dance..
very rarely!! Not a 'dancing' person at all..!!

I sing..
best when I'm in the, I'm not talking about the whole 'bathroom singer' thing..I just think that my voice sounds better when it echoes... :)

I cry..
for absolutely anything and everything...anytime and anywhere...

I am not always..
who people perceive me to be...I'm someone completely and totally different..
( If people who knew me knew that I write a blog , they would be very very surprised..! )

I write...
not because i think i can..but because i feel the need to document my feelings for the future.. (mainly for my grand kids to know how awesomely cool their grandma was ;) lol..why am I so freaking obsessed with this grand kid thing..??!!!)

I confuse...
very easily..!!!

I need..
to feel a sense of security in order to be happy...

And finally...
i think i need to get to bed..!!!For heaven's sake..I'm falling asleep in front of the computer..!!

P.S: This is a tag that i think i need to do periodically..say every six months or truly evaluate and analyse what exactly I want and what exactly I'm gettin out of my life...

Today's verdict...not so good..better get a move on if I plan to becoming 'SOMEONE' in life..(which I do plan on becoming,by the way..!!! )

Sunday, January 28, 2007

green and pink flowers...m gonna miss you.. :(

In case anyone was wondering if I had gotten fed up of my old template..I'd like you to know that I SO DID was one of my favorite templates in the template world..and believe me I've seen ALOT of the template world..!!

Anyway...i came across this template and thought that it was beyond adorable..!! And felt that it was time for a change..I mean I'm sure I've made the most of that template than i possibly could will be back on when I'm bored of this one though..(that line was just to console me..cause I'm sorta sad that its gone) That template was one which i had found after looking and looking and looking until I found one that i absolutely loved..! Anyway..this post is a little tribute to it(no,m not weird..i just really really liked my old template) Zoot,is this awesome woman whose blog is one thing that i have to stop by everyday and read cause no day of mine is complete without a dose of if your not reading her blog...u should..!! shit where was I....oh ya Zoot designed the old template ,so if you want a super cool template,run along to her site and go get yourself a cool new template...just don't get my old one...(why...?? because its me..I'm not being selfish.its just that when i get fed up of this..I'll probably go back to that basically..DON'T GET THAT ONE..cause i will hunt you down and...blah,blah,blah...I'm in a slightly mad mood as usual in case you hadn't

Alot of tweaking had to be done to this template here...i know the changes aren't great..but I am proud that I'm getting pretty nifty at this whole template thing..been wanting to learn how to design some (at least i think i can...I'm sure I have some aesthetics..being a design student and all ) but html is too damn if anyone who comes across this post has any clue about designed me out..please..atleast send me a link or something if your too lazy to tell me got a few more hours of tweaking to get this thing to how i actually want it to look will put up a snap when its done (even though u'll will probably see it on the site anyway)...aahhh...better get to it..or else its gonna take me a whole night...another night which I dont want to loose to sleeplessness...seriously..lately I've become a big time insomniac...its highly wierd because i could never stay up when i was younger to study and all the other crap that your supposed to do when your in the 10th and the 12th grade..!! Why the hell do i keep losing track of what I'm talkin about..pissing off,i say...(i know whats going on in that head of yours right now...weird,weird,weird..belive me..i know..u don't have to tell me) until i get this template just right...bubh-bye..!!!!

Monday, January 22, 2007


I've got music on my blog..!!!!!!!!!! cool is that..???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm slightly hyper..hell,who am i kidding..I'm pretty much at the peak of my hyperness...!!! The songs that are on it now are my current favs...I hope to keep changing them from time to time but since i know myself and the amount of laziness that I'll have to forgo to actually sit and make the changes will probably put me off doing it for quite a while I'm listen to them and get used to them cause they're gonna be there for a long long time..and I'm sure that you will fall in love with them just as i have......

Life's being pretty good to me right is crappy as usual..but everything else is perfect :) :) :) :) I find that i cant stop smiling..especially when I'm on my bike..which is the worst..cause these random people keep giving me these weird looks..forget about the smiling..when I'm singing..its 10 times worse..!! Why would I sing when I'm riding,you may ask...I guess its because it makes me feel I have this sense of freedom and like i have the power to do anything in the world (I'm a little dramatic today,forgive me ) and moreover i guess i do it because I LIKE TO and because I WANT TO..!!

And while I'm all happy,if there's anyone out there who's's a lil something to cheer you up...( Just imagine me on my bike singing it at the top of my

"The sun'll come out tomorrow
So ya gotta hang on 'til tomorrow
Come what may
I love ya
You're always
A day
A way!"

Oh..and did i mention..when you imagine me singing it while on the bike..also image all the random people on the road laughing at me...I swear that it'll make the entire thing funnier and totally brighten up your day : ) :) :)

Saturday, January 20, 2007

.....i'm lost for words....

I'm feeling this wierd void at this very moment..for which I'm not sure what the reason is...I think its this song that I'm listening to...but on the other hand it probably isn't....

Oh god..i have no clue what I'm typing or why I'm typing...but this strange urge to put this down overcame that's why this is here...

Note to self: Mcfly-Too close for comfort

Monday, January 15, 2007

for N...all over again...

This post is a long time coming i guess...and u know that its especially for you N..........

Well..what do i say..m slightly at a loss for words...this post was supposed to be on why i like you N...but you know what..i can think of a million things about you that could actually totally piss me off but the weird bit is that those are the exact same things that i cant help but love you 'obsessing about yourself'..if anyone else did it..m sure I'd just give them a dirty look..but with you..even though i pretend to give you my head I'm actually thinking about how adorable u are..!!!(even though your head has probably inflated to double its size..!! lol)
ahhh..NNNNNNNNNNNN....what am i gonna do when you leave...????????!!!!!!! You've been one of the most important people in my life for the past few months now..and i bet that there's absolutely no one in this world who can ever ever take your place or even come close to what you mean to me...u know that now,don't you...just like everything else that you....'just happen to know' or everything else that you....'just are right about'..!! ;)

Having you in my life has made it better in ways i can feel but cant exactly put in words...I hope that when the time comes we can get back to the way we used to be...i cant imagine not having you in my life...its one of those things i don't wanna think about right now...but wherever you maybe months from now or even eons from now or whenever.....I want you to know that I'm always gonna be there for matter what..and one evening..years from now..when you're sitting at home dateless on a Saturday night...and when you vaguely remember some girl who acutely resembled can come here and read this..cause this post is always gonna be here for you....just like how i am....

Love you N.....

p.s: me-why am i writing this for you...????
you-cause you love me...
me-ya i guess its cause i do... (thats the new

Monday, January 08, 2007

100 things...finally..!!

Thought that it was about time i did a 100 things post,been putting it off for quite some time now...but here it is..100 extremely random things about me that you you wanted to know,didn't want to know or didn't really care about knowing..!!!

1. I was born on march 5th,1989,which was a Sunday.
2. In case ur not familiar with the star signs,that makes me a piscean which I absolutely love being.
3. My earliest memory dates back (???) to my first birthday party.
4. I had 2 wooden rocking horses when i was a kid.
5. I look like an angel (and yes..i do say so myself..!) in my baby pics..too bad the same isn't true now..!
6. I used to ride the bus to school with my mom for 3 years.
7. My first best friends were twin boys in playschool whose names i sadly don't remember.
8. My middle name is Olivia.
9. I cant speak my mother-tongue very well.
10. I have an enormous eraser collection which i can very proudly say is still growing..!
11. I don't like ice-cream very much.
12. In fact..i don't like cold water either.
13. I love board games..!! Too bad I never had anyone to play them with :(
14. I loved 'Westlife' and 'BSB' at one point..!! Aagh...i know..!!!
15. At this point..I'm wondering how I'm going to think of a 100 things to say about myself..!
16. I love black..!
17. Whenever I really like a particular song,I make sure I find the lyrics and learn them..wierd..I know..!
18. The only place I wear make up is at home,when I try it on.
19. I love making collages.
20. I'm extremely lazy...(ask my mum if you don't believe me)
21. I once had a pet squirrel which hated my guts..!
22. I had a humongous crush on Leo DiCaprio when I was 10.
23. I've recently fallen in love with the is sooooo cool..!
24. I never ever thought that i would ever start a blog..!
25. I'm proud of the introvert (read antisocial) in me.
26. I can be a bitch when i want to be.
27. I cant write very well.
28. I've read every single book by Sidney Sheldon.
29. I can do cartwheels..!!!!
30. When I was still in school,my handwriting used to change every day..come to think of still does..!
31. I studied in a convent school..which i absolutely loved..!
32. I love singing at the top of my lungs when I'm alone.
33. I only clean my room when I'm in the 'mood' or when I have a bunch of friends coming over.
34. I can make a mean scrambled egg..!
35. I hate big parties.
36. I am siblingless but have a ton load of cool cousins..!
37. I dislike coffee.
38. My room is blue...!!
39. I have a mole on the corner of my upper lip.
40. I hate change...!! I really really do.....
41. Some of my friends call me the 'Gossip Queen' ;)
42. I have 3 holes pierced on my left ear and two on my right.
43. I am fascinated by the way the world works...i really am...
44. I'm still afraid of 'ghosts'.
45. I started shaving (my legs) when i was 12 years old.
46. Alot of people call me weird...for what reasons I'm yet to figure out.
47. I've always wanted a waterbed....*sigh* it'll feel like pure heaven..
48. I almost never get sick.(touch wood)
49. I never wear my watch while i sleep.
50. I cannot..and i repeat cannot handle the smell of milk and yogurt...Uuuggghh
51. My first kiss was when i was 15 years old.
52. I'm awesome at haggling..!!! A whole day of roadside shopping... BRING IT ON...!!!
53. I want to go to the island of Santorini,Greece for my honeymoon.
54. I'm in love with my blog :)
55. I'm a chronic worrier.
56. I'm perpetually early..!!! especially to college..usually bout an hour early most days..!
57. I've painted a mural on the wall of a kids room..and get this..i got paid for it..!!!
58. I've been in my church choir for about 5 years now...and its been a blast.
59. I love theme parks and basically love getting adrenaline rushes..!!
60. I ride a ride bike to college which i love with all my matter how much of trouble it gives me..!
61. I learnt how to play the keyboard for 3 years and the guitar for half a year..unfortunately never finished either one successfully.
62. I once won bout 26 grand in a slogan competition..!! yay for me..!
63. I am a complete lime and lemon aficionado..that include..lemon tea,lemonade,lemon fizz,lemon ice cream,lime jello and just about anything else with lime in it...hence the name lemonade!!
64. The gym does not work for me..that's one lesson i learnt the hard way.
65. I sneakily read all my mum's cosmos when i was young...come on now..don't judge me..!
66. When i was 7 years old...i dreamt of becoming a 'bikini designer'..!!!
67. I cannot wait to finish college..which i know wont be happening anytime soon.
68. I have this habit of hoarding perfume.
69. There was a phase when i used to say 'duh' ALOT..!
70. I can live on coke...!!! (the liquid kind..!)
71. I love,love,love watching these reality shows where people decorate other people's houses.
72. I've recently decided to collect shoes...!! My new found passion.
73. I'm a big pushover...but i cant help it.
74. I used to say 'baname' for 'banana' when i was a kid..and according to my parents..I was pretty convinced that they were wrong whenever they tried to correct me..!
75. I'm terrified of failure.
76. I love being right..and i usually am most of the time.
77. Clueless is one of my all time favorite movies..i practically fell in love with Paul Rudd after i watched it..!
78. I've never worn braces
79. I'm 5'2"...I'm short and I know it..!
80. People in general tend to take my trip...and when I find out why..I'll let you know..
81. I was cupid two years in a row for The 'valentine's day' dance.
82. I think I'm cupid in real life too..i set two of my friends up together and they seem to be happy as ever :)
83. I'm extremely thankful that I'm getting to the end of this.
84. I love reading food and restaurant reviews..!
85. I believe in destiny.
86. I'm allergic to any jewellery that's not gold or silver or platinum.
87. I like spending time with could say that I'm on the borderline of being a loner.
88. I love collecting souvenirs..from anywhere..places,special events...wrapping paper,little notes...blah,blah,blah...
89. It's very hard for me to open up to people..I like keeping my secrets to myself.
90. I recently discovered that having a guy as your best friend is awesome..!
91. I love watching and being in fights...! ( wonder people call me weird)
92. I don't play sport..never have and probably never will.
93. I've been to an NCC (National Cadet Corps) camp which lasted a pretty painful 12 days.
94. I always thought that I could be a gymnast.
95. I collect things to show my future grandchildren :)
96. I like anything that's pink..and yes i mean anything..!
97. I'm still fascinated by the Barbie Doll display at toy stores...!
98. I cant dance for nuts..!
99. I absolutely love fluorescent colours...!
100. I cant believe i actually found 100 things to say about myself..!!!!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

tell me you feel just like I do....

Someone out there's
Listening to the same song
Feeling the same way that I do
Make me a believer pick up the receiver
And tell me you feel just like I do cool are those lyrics..??!!

And the best part of it is that im sure that the whole thing about there being someone out there feeling exactly the same way that u are is completely true...i mean hasn't there even been a time,when you were sittin and listening to a song and you ended up pondering and reflecting on some emotions which that particular song stirred up....and then suddenly it occured to you that maybe there was someone who was feeling the exact same way that u were feelin while listening to that exact same song....the world is so large that there could actually could more than one person feeling the same way...!! Wierd isn't it..??!!

Monday, January 01, 2007

a year of changes....

A year is over..a year of changes...changes,some of which have actually changed me and some of which have had absolutely no effect on me...its funny how a year flies addition to being the year with the most changes,i also think that its been the most important year of my teenage life ( does 'teenage life' sound lame..?? m saying it in my head..n i sorta think it does) anyway...all in all its been an important year...lets go over a few things that made it 'that important' shall we..??!! (that's a rhetorical question by that way..its not like you have a choice..mwhahaha [that's my evil laugh people-in case you didn't get it])...i tend to loose track of what m saying,don't i..?? AAAnnnyway.....

January - I was 16..tensions were rising due to much dreaded 'public exams'..

February - I have absolutely no clue about what happened in wonder i had to start a blog..its so easy for me to forget chunks of my life..and we cant have that happening now,can we..?? (no seriously,what the shit is wrong with me..why am i talking like an old aunty..??!!!)..oh ya..Feb was the month in which i was supposed to be studying..but unfortunately..that plan didn't work out..!

March - I turned 17 on the 5th...started my exams i think...they got over on the 23rd and then i spent the rest of the month true lemonade fashion..!

April - April seems foggy..although i do remember that i went for my second entrance exam on the 22nd...oh my god..i cant believe that i cant remember anything else..!!!

May - Went on a holiday to Bangalore and shopped my heart out..!! And best of all became best friends with my best friend..!!(did you notice that i said the word 'best' thrice in that single sentence..! i think the time is getting to me..its exactly 4:35 in the morning..!)And most importantly got my marks...i came 4th in the class with 95.3%..yay..!!!...come on..dont give me that look..if i cant brag here where else can i brag..huh..?!

June - Went to Delhi..and shopped my heart out AGAIN..!!! (if you cant tell that i absolutely love to shop by now..then i guess your just dumb)Other than that..June was pretty much the usual..and by usual i mean that i was probably lazing around doing nothing..!

July - Moved in with my cousin..started college...broke up with 'the ex' for the first was quite an eventful month i must say..!

August - Moved in with my my bike..!!! :) and started living like 5 minutes away from college..I'd never ever experienced that kind of proximity in my that was quite exciting..i mean the whole part where you can leave the house like 10 minutes before your supposed to be at a place..and you'll be there in half the time..of course..i as usual DID not take advantage of the situation and would be in college like an hour before i was actually supposed to..! God..i am such a loser..!

September - Started my blog..!!!! which was the highlight of my life that month...made the stupidest move by getting back with 'the ex'..was pretty stressed out at was taking up my entire life..!!

October - Gave this blog its current look.Thought i was happy with my life..well i thought wrong..!!

November - Broke up with 'the ex' yet again...!! Going to college was like trying to swallow dung..!! (I'm sooo not kidding)

December - Holidays..!! yay..! Lazing..!! yay..! Sleeping till 2 in the afternoon..!! addition to all these highly exciting things that were going on in my life (m trying to be sarcastic if you hadn't noticed) i sang a solo in Church..which was pretty crappy...went carol singing...pigged out on Christmas..!! yay..! And my best friend turned into something more than just a best friend.....

Guess that's the entire round up for the year..its 5:09 in the morning and I'm positively dying to fall I'm gonna go crash...hope this year goes better than last year did..which i actually think is quite impossible..since i made friends with some of the most awesomest ( is that a word..?!) people,started college,learnt alot of new things and basically had a blast..! Even though i bitched so much about the entire year...i really think that its been one of the best years of my life...and NO I'm no being melodramatic..!