Wednesday, October 31, 2007


There seem to be a lot of things that have taken my fancy in the past few months and putting it down I thought would really be good material for the time capsule that is this blog. (Why else would I try to document so much of my life?!)

Knitting - If you're envisioning me sitting on a super comfy couch with balls of yarn at my feet, knitting away to glory, then you're pretty much spot on. We had a knitting module at college which when it first started was complete torture and believe me when I say torture. But slowly, as time went by I seemed to warm up to it and then realized that I was actually a lot more into it than I wanted to be. Guess who's the Martha Stewart of knitting??

TV - There's a lot of good crap going on, on TV these days. There was a point when there was absolutely nothing to watch but nowadays i'm able to fill up my evenings, which is a good thing as well as a bad thing cause there no time to do anything else being I'm too busy being a big fat couch potato!
For people who are bored and are looking for something to watch, here's the list of a few of the best shows going on.

Monday - 8 to10 - That 70's Show, Everybody Loves Raymond, According to Jim, Yes Dear. (Star World)
Tuesday - 10-11 - Brothers and Sisters (Star world), Top Design (AXN)
Wednesday - 9-10 - Ugly Betty (Star world), Top Chef (AXN)
Thursday - 8:30-9 - The Sketch show (Star World) (So good you'll pee in your pants laughing!!)
Friday - 9-10 - Gossip Girl (Zee Cafe) (About this blogger who calls herself gossip girl who posts all the juicy details of the teenage socialite royalty in New York)

That was to help you all get in couch potato mode so that I'm not the only one lazing around, becoming fat!

There's a lot more I want to say but let's save it shall we because I just went and did something incredibly stupid! The rather sporadic and infrequent posting on this blog lead me to sign up for NaBloPoMo...yeah,yeah I know that its called the National Blog Posting Month for a reason, and that one reason being that its just for the people of that particular nation..but who cares..if its on the world wide web then it means it can be used by anyone, anywhere!

So here I am promising to post every single day for the next thirty days! God help me! Or rather god help you because you'll will be the one's who'll have to tolerate my constant, insane randomness for the next thirty days!! So..better grab some booze and park yourselves cause this believe me you don't want to be sober for this long ride!

Monday, October 29, 2007

reminder for may 2010

Ahhh...another Sunday afternoon. There's something about Sundays that always seems to irritate me.Its probably the fact that on a Sunday there isn't much to look forward to, other than the impending doom of the following week which sadly has to start off with a Monday. The incessant downpour that's flooding the city of Chennai and that's forcing me to feel all cold and shivery does not help either.

While roaming around the Internet you actually figure out what a disadvantage you're at when you live in India. I mean it is impossible to buy anything decent online. Sure, you can order through Amazon but you apparently have to pay for shipping and it usually takes 35-40 days to get here. Isn't that sad?! There are so many more awesome things out there in the big bad world of online shopping that we just can't have because we live in a country that the rest of the world has decided that its too far away to deliver to! And people wonder what's with the brain drain!

Its always been a dream to live in the US for some reason...I think its because I grew up with Sweet Valley and Full House and all those various other things that made the American Dream seem like the perfect life. The later adolescent years that brought Friends, Two guys a girl and a pizza place, Dharma and Greg into my life had me convinced that I had to spend at least a year of my life living in the 'big apple'. I actually still am convinced of that. Living in a tiny apartment, riding the subway to work, escaping muggers and eating hot dogs from those tiny carts on side of the road would definitely be the life. But seriously...what is this fascination with the States?! After a little thought I realize that this isn't just some passing dream but is something real that I want and have always wanted for God knows how long. You know that there are some things you just have to do in life. This is one of mine and putting is down here is symbolic of actually telling myself that I will do this or rather that I have to do this.

Please remind me of this post two and a half years down the line because I probably will forget all my dreams and aspirations being too busy pulling out all my hair trying to graduate college.

Isn't it amazing how I manage to publish posts days after I've actually written them! I truly am a piece of work sometimes.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

3:20 am, last tuesday morning...

First things first..Thank you Angad!! Itunes currently says that I've listened to 'Into Yesterday', 38 times in the past 5 hours.

I've got a week off at the moment and as usual I'm evading work! so what else is new. I feel like being random eyes are all bleary and I'm yawning nineteen to the dozen, but I feel like blogging, so here I am attempting to type out a post trying to sound the least bit intelligible!

Since we are being random, let me tell you this really funny story. Well, it was funny to me..but I've never been good at telling funny stories, I've noticed that I always screw up the ending which as every sane person knows, is the essence of a funny story.

Anyway, I went over to my best friend's place on Saturday to spend some time with her, watch a movie and you know, to catch up on all the weekly gossip. So we decided to walk over to the video store and get a couple of movies. On the way to the video store she was telling me this story about this guy who had called her a couple of days back and asked her out on a date. Lets call him P. For for a little background..P and me used to go for the same vocal classes when we were like twelve and believe it or not, I had a teeny tiny crush on the guy back then. So anyway, years passed and in that time he'd gone out with this other friend from school who he mercilessly dumped. So basically the guy was so delusional that he thought that he was the biggest stud around when clearly he was not, or still isn't for that matter.

Back to the story..P had called her about three days back and asked her out but she refused, feigning the excuse that she was out of town and would be out of town for the next month when I reality she was very much in town. The next day she went out for dinner with a big group of friends and surprise,surprise..who does she see there? You guessed it! embarrassing conversation ensued and she had to make up a story to get herself out of the extremely sticky situation she had gotten herself into. So as she was recounting this tale to me (shit did I just say 'recounting this tale'..crap..who do I think I am, Jane Austen??) on our walk, as teenage girls often are..we were being really loud and squealy (if you've met me before you'd know that I am one LOUD person oh yea, I squeal for almost anything). So we were basically talking about the whole thing, and she was telling me how she first met him blah, blah, blah, when suddenly..we hear a voice call out 'Hey you!!'. It came from a person who just had just walked past us. We turn around and who do we see...local 'stud' Mister P himself!

My friend and I thought we were hallucinating! We did that thing that they usually do in movies you a perfect double take! It was so freaky. The whole incident not just the 'perfect double take'. Anyway..we spoke to the guy who as usual did not recognize me. For the record, I really am a very unmemorable person, and I have this insane fear that people forget me and never recognize me and usually my worst fears come true..but that story deserves a whole other post. Back to this one, we talk to him and then continue on our walk through out which we laughed uncontrollably.

That night my mother came to pick me up...I was driving (completely forgot to post on that) and telling her this story and right after I finished, we had to stop at a signal. So I bring the car back to neutral, look at the time on the dashboard and then look up again and who do I see crossing the road right in front of my car??? In case you're not able to guess that (which I highly doubt because I'm usually the only person who doesn't seem to 'get' the most obvious things) we saw P AGAIN!!!! Seriously..freaky was so not the word!!

Its the 25th,Thursday 6:40 pm Indian standard time and the above post was written roughly around 8 days, 15 hours and 20 minutes back, that's 3:20 am last Tuesday morning for people who don't know to tell time backwards. College is back on and the amount of work that they've decided to punish us with has brought my life to a standstill yet again. So I'm gonna try my best to find my way back to this page sometime in the near future to publish something that isn't this stale!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

What has the world come to?!

No seriously what is wrong with my generation??! Actually I'm being slightly unfair with that generalization..that sentence should have been..what on earth is wrong with all the girls my age?!! Either they're on crack or they're just plain dumb!

Let me take you back to the beginning of this story..well it isn't exactly a single story, its rather a culmination of the lives of a bunch of stupid girls who think they know what they're doing! Now let me warn you..I might tend to sound like a self righteous bitch through the entirety of this post but the fact is that I do know wrong from right, at least most of the time and I'm pretty darn sure that I have quite a bit of sensibility in this head of mine however small it may seem!

Well, it all started when a good friend of mine started dating this guy. From what we heard, the guy was supposedly really sweet and acting all 'first-few weeks-with-a-new-girlfriend' nice. The only shocker seemed to be that he was 30! (my friend is 19) Anyway..the surprise passed and since she was apparently so in love we let it go. A few months later, surprise, surprise..we find out that he's actually 40, and wait that's not all..and he's a divorcee to top it all off. But the romance still continues since my friend is evidently blinded by that crazy little thing called love.

The second part of this tale is about this girl I went to school with. She was one of those annoyingly irritating, star basketball player, prefect types..I'm pretty sure you know the kind. Anyway, after school she went on to study medicine like her father who happens to be a pretty well known doctor in town. A few weeks back, there it was splashed across that the papers for the entire city to see that this girl had gone and secretly gotten married to her driver, seven months ago and was still living in her parents house- Alaipayuthey style (people in Tamil Nadu, you know what I'm talking about!) When they did find out about it, a whole seven months later they went ballistic just like you would imagine any normal parent to go. They apparently went and caused some trouble at the girl's in laws place, so the girl went to the cops and filed an FIR against her parents and made a huge public statement, which is how the whole newspaper drama enfolded. She not only caused so much of trouble for herself but publicly humiliated her parents, who just for your information paid like 40 lakhs to get her into med school in the first place. That's about $100,000, a hundred thousand dollars!! Spelling it out always seems to emphasize the point more.

The third story is about this other girl who I study with in college or rather studied with in college. Yes, that's in the past tense because this girl is now a college dropout. This one was another spoilt brat just like the second one. She's a biker chick..rides a pulsar, has her lip pierced, blond hair..the whole nine yards basically. Now this one went and got herself a bad boy, not only did she get him, she's keeping him! This guy, owns a tiny eat out on an unnamed beach here in Chennai and he's like 28. Anyway, that's beside the would have been fine if he was just this girl's boyfriend but no..she moved out of her house to go live in his shop and her parents don't know yet. She quit college and she's engaged to the guy. Do you want to know the best part?? She has only known the guy for a month and a half of her life, out of which they were seeing each other for a month and engaged for the rest of the while! And oh did I mention that her parents are the like one of the sweetest set of parents around and gave her everything she ever asked for including love and this clearly isn't even a desperate cry for attention. this is just rebelliousness without a cause. Like're 19, you know this guy for a month and who's background isn't isn't even that great and he's already your fiance. I mean come on..are you slightly crazy. The latest is that she's looking after the shop, sitting there the whole day!

The fourth part of this never ending tale is about this girl who is a classmate of a really good friend of mine. Just for the record I do not know the girl personally so I cannot vouch that facts are true. Anyway..this girl is seeing this guy who is married. Wait..obviously that is not how the story ends. The guy also has a four year old son and now the girl is persuading the guy to divorce his wife and abandon his son, in order to be with her..and guess what..the guy agreed!

Do you see a common pattern through all of these stories? All the girls are nineteen, they all seem to have studied in good schools, had a normal upbringing but still cant seem to keep their heads on their shoulders!!

Am I the only one who is appalled by this behavior?! Is this normal? To have one person you know who does stuff like this is pretty normal..but four people..and all during the same time?! What is up with this world, have people just decided to take all their values and chuck them out the window in the name of love?! These girls are nineteen years years old for heaven's sake, they probably don't even know what love means in the first place! They're in the middle of their days in college and yes they're also on the brink of adulthood, but that certainly does not justify their actions. How do they plan to live the rest of their lives, how do they plan to make a living? The whole situation slightly bewilders me. I mean, do they not think of all these things when they make major decisions like these in their lives?! Decisions that could end up affecting their entire lives. Ok I better stop now, this whole topic just gets me hot and hyper and I end up asking myself a lot of questions that I just can't seem able to find answers for.

You know what..after seeing all that that's going on around me, frankly I'm surprised that there aren't already a few love-children in the making!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

snoopers rejoice!

Always fall back on the ever present tag when you feel a block coming on! The motto of every blogger I think!

Confessing girl tagged me a couple of days back with the desktop tag. I thought it'd be really fun because #1 I love knowing every little detail about a person, #2 I'm as curious as the next cat and #3 what better way than to snoop right into a person's very computer!

So there's my desktop for all the world to see! There are more icons on there than I actually use but the lazy person in me just refuses to right click and delete them. I think its also because of the fact that I have a hard time letting go of things, even the unproductive programs that take up space on my already full computer!

Oh and I tag Sil, Nags, Ish, Silver Neurotic, Sarcastica, Lizzie and Michelle. Come on now people be good sports, and open up your lives for the sole purpose of my snooping pleasure!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Lurkers LOOK OUT!

I'm quite fed up with my incessant whining and groaning and moaning so I cant even begin to fathom how fed up you must be, so as a result I vow to not whine here anymore, I do enough of it in real life already and to bring it into the cyber world is a bit much, even for me!

On another note, I miss the obsession I once had with this blog..its been awhile now since I've been regular..and as always the guilt has its own annoying way of creeping up on me! The guilt of lurking about, not commenting on other blogs also adds to it.

Coincidentally while hopping around the blogosphere today I came across this post on Zoot's blog which consequently lead me to this post on this blog and I have gained the knowledge that today is the day of THE GREAT MOFO DELURK!! For those of you who think I'm jabbering away in Greek don't worry..if I was you I'd have thought the exact same thing!

Basically today's the day where all you lurkers come out of your little corners and show your face on this blog..I doesn't matter if this is your first time here, or if you've come here before and have never commented or if you come here and comment every time. Just for the record if you are one of those in Category 3 (those who comment every time) I love you, I know I don't say it enough but I really do! There's just something about comments that lift you up even when you're having one of those days that nothing including chocolate ice cream can fix!

So if you are here today and reading these words, as the owner of this blog I'm making it mandatory for you to at least say 'Hi' ! That's all you have to do..just click on the link that says comments on the bottom of this post and say whatever the hell you want to say! Even if you hate me or hate pink or hate this blog or hate my droning, whining your mouth and say it! I swear I wont bite back. ( And that's a promise that's valid only for today! Tomorrow's a brand new day!)