Wednesday, October 31, 2007

There seem to be a lot of things that have taken my fancy in the past few months and putting it down I thought would really be good material for the time capsule that is this blog. (Why else would I try to document so much of my life?!)

Knitting - If you're envisioning me sitting on a super comfy couch with balls of yarn at my feet, knitting away to glory, then you're pretty much spot on. We had a knitting module at college which when it first started was complete torture and believe me when I say torture. But slowly, as time went by I seemed to warm up to it and then realized that I was actually a lot more into it than I wanted to be. Guess who's the Martha Stewart of knitting??

TV - There's a lot of good crap going on, on TV these days. There was a point when there was absolutely nothing to watch but nowadays i'm able to fill up my evenings, which is a good thing as well as a bad thing cause there no time to do anything else being I'm too busy being a big fat couch potato!
For people who are bored and are looking for something to watch, here's the list of a few of the best shows going on.

Monday - 8 to10 - That 70's Show, Everybody Loves Raymond, According to Jim, Yes Dear. (Star World)
Tuesday - 10-11 - Brothers and Sisters (Star world), Top Design (AXN)
Wednesday - 9-10 - Ugly Betty (Star world), Top Chef (AXN)
Thursday - 8:30-9 - The Sketch show (Star World) (So good you'll pee in your pants laughing!!)
Friday - 9-10 - Gossip Girl (Zee Cafe) (About this blogger who calls herself gossip girl who posts all the juicy details of the teenage socialite royalty in New York)

That was to help you all get in couch potato mode so that I'm not the only one lazing around, becoming fat!

There's a lot more I want to say but let's save it shall we because I just went and did something incredibly stupid! The rather sporadic and infrequent posting on this blog lead me to sign up for NaBloPoMo...yeah,yeah I know that its called the National Blog Posting Month for a reason, and that one reason being that its just for the people of that particular nation..but who cares..if its on the world wide web then it means it can be used by anyone, anywhere!

So here I am promising to post every single day for the next thirty days! God help me! Or rather god help you because you'll will be the one's who'll have to tolerate my constant, insane randomness for the next thirty days!! So..better grab some booze and park yourselves cause this believe me you don't want to be sober for this long ride!


Anonymous Godog had this to say:

So why did you choose Lemonade as a name, I wonder.
Your blog is entertaining, I look forward to reading more.

2:46 AM 

Blogger Silvara had this to say:

Heheh I can so imagine u as a little old lady surrounded by ball of wool and kittens playing at ur feet while u yell at the tv :P

If we didn't have would be soooo boring :P

4:26 AM 

Anonymous Ish had this to say:

You signed up for NaBloPoMo? My god that's unbelievable. Let's see how you're gonna write every single day :P

11:02 AM 

Blogger Shimmer had this to say:

hehe.. damn kewl.. a whole month of writin huh? well me lookin forward to readin ur entries... cheers!

11:27 AM 

Blogger ♥busy_writer♥ had this to say:

whoaaa!!! 30 days, 30 posts!?

best of luck.


lookin fwd to readin them! :)

1:03 PM 

Blogger MeMyself_n_I had this to say:

I'm sure it's going to be a fun month. Incidentally, you've been tagged. so in case you run out of things to talk about, you can take it up.

1:37 PM 

Blogger Keshi had this to say:

I'd love to read all ur posts :)


5:07 PM 

Blogger P.R.E.E.T.I had this to say:

nice pink-ness :)

n the sketch show IS awesomely funny...

11:07 AM 

Blogger lemonade had this to say:

for that you'll probably have to dig in the archives but I'm pretty sure that its somewhere there! :)

you can actually imagine me?! now i'm scared..maybe this wasn't a good idea after all!

i know..lets see! :)

hey! welcome! nice of you to stop by! visit again :)

@busy writer
lets see if i get through all of them in the first place! lol

@me,myself and I
which tag?? i'm dying to do one!!!

aww..thanks so much kesh!!
means alot :)

shit! isn't it??!! simple humor but so to the point and not to mention SOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY!

2:45 AM 

Blogger Nags had this to say:

wow! you brave lil thing!! i didnt sign up cuz its just too scary and the internet at home is acting up these days.. also taking a break for diwali :) yayy

5:13 PM 

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