Monday, October 29, 2007
reminder for may 2010

Ahhh...another Sunday afternoon. There's something about Sundays that always seems to irritate me.Its probably the fact that on a Sunday there isn't much to look forward to, other than the impending doom of the following week which sadly has to start off with a Monday. The incessant downpour that's flooding the city of Chennai and that's forcing me to feel all cold and shivery does not help either.

While roaming around the Internet you actually figure out what a disadvantage you're at when you live in India. I mean it is impossible to buy anything decent online. Sure, you can order through Amazon but you apparently have to pay for shipping and it usually takes 35-40 days to get here. Isn't that sad?! There are so many more awesome things out there in the big bad world of online shopping that we just can't have because we live in a country that the rest of the world has decided that its too far away to deliver to! And people wonder what's with the brain drain!

Its always been a dream to live in the US for some reason...I think its because I grew up with Sweet Valley and Full House and all those various other things that made the American Dream seem like the perfect life. The later adolescent years that brought Friends, Two guys a girl and a pizza place, Dharma and Greg into my life had me convinced that I had to spend at least a year of my life living in the 'big apple'. I actually still am convinced of that. Living in a tiny apartment, riding the subway to work, escaping muggers and eating hot dogs from those tiny carts on side of the road would definitely be the life. But seriously...what is this fascination with the States?! After a little thought I realize that this isn't just some passing dream but is something real that I want and have always wanted for God knows how long. You know that there are some things you just have to do in life. This is one of mine and putting is down here is symbolic of actually telling myself that I will do this or rather that I have to do this.

Please remind me of this post two and a half years down the line because I probably will forget all my dreams and aspirations being too busy pulling out all my hair trying to graduate college.

Isn't it amazing how I manage to publish posts days after I've actually written them! I truly am a piece of work sometimes.


Blogger poisonivy had this to say:

Hehe me too me too!! Sweet valley, full house, 2 guys and a girl, friends,!

Yeah i Kinda have the same goals, if u can call living in NYC sometime in the future... def after 2010 (we should totally meet!)
Lol I'm really obsessed wid th US.. keep day dreaming of living there.. i keep searching for colleges for my masters degree too :D

12:12 PM 

Blogger Tys on Ice had this to say:

whts with the big apple that attracts youngsters there?...can i sell u the idea of nice warm weather all year round, lots and lots of lolling dunes...handsome men dressed in bedsheets...if u like wht u hear, come home to dubai..

no, eh?

well, kinda expected that...

4:06 PM 

Blogger Rejoy had this to say:

woah! u stole my incubating blog article from right under my nose... and yup! for me, its just a matter of time when i worm myself into the big apple... see u at Central Perk... or somethin more non-fictional

4:26 PM 

Anonymous shammu had this to say:

hop u doing gooood!!
i know i didint keep up my promise, but wi, may be next week :)

and yeah, US, i dont know whats wrong with me, but I always want to live only in india, one of the MAIN reasons that my parents are pissed with me ;)!
tc! hope collg is fine,............

6:50 PM 

Blogger Weekend Warrior had this to say:

That's a great blog you have here; Very thematic in look and interesting posts.

2:09 AM 

Anonymous Ish had this to say:

Ah, the U.S. of A. I've been wanting to go there but my reason is rather different. Once my mother told me that all the computers I know is useless and that a regular 10 year old American Kid can do much more with the computer than I ever can. So I wanna go there and see what exactly a 10 year old American kid does with his/her computer.

10:31 AM 

Blogger ♥busy_writer♥ had this to say:

ahh, i'm another one of those ppl obsessed with the US f A!
its been like this dream i've had since like forever.

and yea true, the whole teeny-apt-livin-wid-frnds-workin-n-earnin-n-partyin
sounds all so nice!
*dreamy look*

3:21 PM 

Blogger Silvara had this to say:

Hahah Ohh I loved them all too!! This NaPofloMo whatever it is damn good if I come back and there is not one, but TWO new posts for me to read :P

4:22 AM 

Blogger lemonade had this to say:

@poison ivy too!! lol :) found an awesome course at risd..lets see how thing are 2 years from now!

@tys on ice
handsome men dressed in bedsheets! lol..that was a good one :)

@rejoy about just at central park?

good seeing you here after so long!
college is good! hows the new job going?

@weekend warrior
thank you so much! :) visit again! :)

ha ha..ish you're so funny!ish..why you bothered about computers when you can write the way you can!

@busy writer
*dreamy look and starry eyes* too lol

don't worry from now on there'll be lots of material on this blog! readable or unreadable..that you'll have to

5:24 PM 

Blogger Nags had this to say:

ah yeah.. i half expect to go to NY and walk into central perk and gawk at chandler.. sigh!

you will get there, and yes, i shall be around and remind you, dont you worry!

5:10 PM 

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