Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #4

"13 Things that I wonder constantly about...!!!!"

  • Everyday on the entire way back from college(which takes all of 4 minutes)....i think about how fast the day went by..I mean before you even know it,its 'that time of the day' again(and by 'that time of the day' I mean the time it is when i usually think about this)
  • If I'll have an accident on my bike..up until now I've never had an accident (touch wood) so every time I get on my bike I wonder if that ride will be 'the' ride..! (I'm sue me..!!)
  • If I'll ever get know when there's a point in your life where you'll be like..oh ya..I can definitely lose all the weight..well..I'm constantly wondering about when that time (the time where I'll lose all the excess pounds that depress me each and every single day) will come..!
  • The next three years..and what my hell-hole of a college has in store for me...!!
  • My blog...well,for obvious reasons..don't all of you'll constantly think of your blogs..??!!
  • Whether I really am border line "loner" or not...this has been on my mind,especially for the past few days...(dont ask why..!)
  • What's for dinner..??!! (duh... bet your always thinking about that too..! ;) )
  • Time and money management (though i never get around to actually managing either of the two..!!)
  • When the world will cease to exist and if i'll be able to lead a full life (with the twin boys and the fantastic job and the gorgeous drool-worthy husband [jus kidding bout that..he should also be smart and funny and cute and caring and a baby at heart...and the list goes on and on....] and basically the whole nine yards)
  • How much longer I'll be able to survive the dreariness that is my life..!
  • If I whine too much..which i probably do,but anyway..I like to think that i don't...
  • If all the shit that I'm going through at college will pay off (pun intended) when its all over......
  • About the phenomenon of changing know when u think of one thing and that thought automatically leads you to another which in turn leads to yet another random thought...ya so basically in the middle of doing that..i realize that I'm doing it and try to trace back to what was originally on my mind (which in some cases is really hard..since I'll usually be like 15 to 20 thoughts down the never ending train of my random thoughts..!) So as i was saying,when i finally realize what I'm doing..I most usually am in awe of what the human mind can do (or just my mind rather.. :p )

in the moment....

Stole this meme from Miss Zoot...Its supposed to be a list of 7 songs that I'm listing to at the moment..a.k.a 7 songs that m absolutely crazy about at the moment or 7 songs i cant get enough of,at the moment or 7 songs that i just have to listen to as soon i switch on my the moment,that is..!!!

So here they are...7 songs that I'm into,at the moment....but you knew that,didn't you..??!! lol..

  • Geek in the Pink-originally by Jason Mraz..but i like the Chris Richardson (American Idol people..!!!) version better.
  • The Sweetest Escape-Gwen Stefani feat Akon..which by the way is being performed live (not in our country,obviously..!) on American Idol tomorrow night at 20:00 dont forget to catch it..!!
  • Its not over-Chris Daughtry (Another American Idol discovery..god i think I'm watching way too much TV..!)
  • Adrienne-The Calling (This is without doubt the best song that i have heard in at least the last 6 months..!)
  • Big Yellow Taxi-Counting Crows
  • Here is Gone-Goo Goo Dolls (Another must listen....I don't know if thats right english but i figured if 'must-watch' was right then 'must-listen' has to be right too,right..??)
  • All Good Things-Nelly Furtado (When I first heard this song I screamed at my friend for downloading it but since then its always been on my 'Recently Played' playlist )
So anyway..thats my list...Whats your's..I'd love to hear go on..type away..the comment box is all yours..!! :)

p.s::Most of the songs on the list are on the listen away..!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Save The Cheerleader.Save The World.

Seriously..!! Heroes had got to be one of the coolest TV shows around..!!! I mean which other show has an Indian scientific genius...from my home town,no less (don't be surprised..!! We chennaites are a very clever breed..!! ), the cutest ball of Japanese cuteness u will ever see (don't give me that look..I'm slightly at a loss for words here..!! ),a cheerleader whose level of snobbishness is way below the acceptance level for cheerleaders (which is an extremely good thing),an artist with an incredible gift (forget the brilliant paintings..!! He can paint the FUTURE..!! ), an ex-internet porn star who transforms into her dead sister to protect her son (sounds slightly crazed..i know..! but awesome all the same),brothers who are the polar opposites of each other and a few other really cool one demented ass called Sylar (who named himself after a German watch..! go figure..!)
Anyway...if you're not watching heroes as yet i suggest you catch an episode because the series is too amazingly good to be missed..!!!!

Onto American idol...contrary to what the world may think of Sanjaya malakar..I'm still in love with him..!!! Even though he sorta sucks on the singing front ( did NOT hear me say that),he is so unbelievably lovable..!! My other favorites include Jordin Sparks ( the 17 year old sensation..!!!),Chris Richardson ( he totally rocked 'Geek in the Pink' and 'I Don't wanna be'..!! ) and Blake Lewis (his beat-boxing skills are absolutely amazing..!!).Aaah...another night of falling asleep in front of the television awaits me...I better not be late....!!!


Friday, March 16, 2007


The day has come..
The night must fade..
And who's to say what will happen..
Between now and the night again..

Things are different..
We wish they were the same..
But somehow,somewhere,someplace...
Our dreams will come true..too bad we have to wait..

Bright and early mornings are a thing of the past..
The sun at noon is what we see at first glance
Is this right or is this wrong...
Lets wait and find out..before the end of this song...

Life's hard,you cant disagree..
Whats new to probably old to me...
Yet we hear more than we want to know...
Let's just sit and listen to this cacophony with a glass of exquisite merlot...

Answers to questions we've had from time immortal..
Will they ever be answered..
Or are they just an inane fragment of our total unrelenting inquisitiveness...
Torn between the streets and luscious life..
The answers may come...or life may just pass us by....

Lives change,people change..
And sitting here alone isn't just our fate..
Waking up to bitter mornings is something that's not strange..
But hopefully we'll be able to figure out our way someday........

Please excuse my sad attempt at was the result of total and complete boredom in the middle of an exam I had today..!! And bout the randomness....what can i say...I'm me and I don't think I'll ever change..!!

Monday, March 05, 2007


I'm back..!!! After a really loooooooong break,which I'm happy to say was far more productive than my usual long breaks much has happened in a few days..that I'm actually wondering how I'm gonna fit it all into a single post..but because i know myself so well..i can tell u that i most probably wont even remember everything to put it all in here (note to self: see u idiot..that's why u tell yourself to post everyday).

Ok..where do i start,where do i start...Saturday,the 3rd of march..a fairly boring day..spent some time with a friend who i hadn't seen in a while and went with her and another friend for coffee cause she wanted me to meet her flame of week (please don't be surprised..!! ) so we met up at mocha (which by the way is 'so yesterday' in chennai..!) and ended up not meeting the guy...anyway thats besides the point..after sitting around for sometime..i was getting pretty antsy and wanted to which my friends conveniently decided that they were coming back home with we get home picking up two other friends on the way..which had me thinking why there were 5 of us going to my house randomly on a Saturday evening... and i say "randomly" because none of my friends ever land up at my house cause its so far where was i..oh we walk up the stairs and i ring the doorbell expecting my mother to answer...which she did..but when i walked in..i was greeted by the biggest scream of "suprise" that i had ever heard,to which i retaliated with 10 non stop minutes of screeching at the top of my lungs(I'm not kidding..I seriously screeched....and..screeched...and screeches...and finally took a big breath and started screeching all over again..!!!)It was absolutely cousin and my mum put together the whole thing..they invited all my friends from school and college (and N who came even though he was in the middle of his boards :) )..which was really cool cause they had never met each other before and it was the first time that my college friends were coming over...and wait that's not the whole cousin being the most amazingly sweet person that she is put together this movie for me with pictures right from when i was 1 to now..with cute little captions and awesome music..and in addition to that she made these little cards which she gave to all my friends for them to write something for me on them..i mean how lucky am i..?!! I have the best set of family and friends a girl could ever ask for..!!! This is my third suprise party in 2 years(everybody loves me ;)[kidding..!])Thank you so much Ma ad M..u guys seriously made my 18th birthday a day that i'll never be able to forget (even if i wanted to..! ;) )....and to think a few days before my birthday..i was thinking about what i was going to post on my birthday and i thought that i had the title all planned out..."birthday blues" i thought would be apt since i had the day all cut out to be extremely boring with nothing to do other than to turn the big one eight,but i was waaay off on that one...!!! Come to think of it..that morning i was sitting with my mum in the car and i was telling her about how it didn't feel like my birthday was 2 days away (for those who dont birthady was on the 5th but the surprise was on the 3rd)..little did i know know what was being planned..!!

Sunday night i was back at my aunt's house and i cut a pizza instead of a cake (cause I'm off chocolates,sweets aerated drinks and snacks, which are basically all of my weaknesses..for lent) and i poped open my first bottle of Rosé which was absolutely delicious plus i got slightly tipsy on some was a day for drinking or rather a day of initiation into the getting drunk phase of my life... Just for the record I wasn't drunk that night..and i don't think I'll ever be...(am i talking too soon..??) So that night was fun..took off on the Monday which was the actual date of my birthday because i don't think anyone should be made to do work on their birthday...!!

This week has been pretty darn hectic..!! Our darling professors decided to give us copious amounts of work to keep us busy for all eternity!!!! I feel like I'm missing out on something....oh could i forget..the new you guys like it...I redid the banner and made all the sidebar banners myself (thank you very much) and basically did all the coding for the sidebar...I seriously want to learn how to make templates from square 1 to square whichever number it has to be till you get the template to look its best...Its quite interesting trying to put everything together....(please forgive my randomness..its almost 6 in the morning).Here's a pic of the old template...i cant bear to see it go without leaving at least a picture of it...

By the way..did i mention that i wa really sad to see the "glass of heaven" seriously became a part of me...

A friend of mine from the real world has started a blog..she is one of the two people who know about my blog.. plus she's a really cool person who writes really well so make sure u guys check out her 'Memories of Ice'..!!!

So thats everything i have to say..or rather everything i remember..cause my eyes lids are almost all the way until next time.......

p.s:started this post on the 5th..hence the date...(see how lazy i am..i couldn't even finish a post..!!)

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #3

'13 things with lime in it that i absolutely love..!!!"

Been thinking of this for a thursday thirteen for a long time now...but suddenly decided to put it up since i may just phase out the lemonade (I'm turning 18 i have some apperances to keep up,u exactly..refer to the post below for furthur details) So this is a list of thirteen things which have lime as the main ingredient or on the side...things which i absolutely love and cant give up...!!!
  • lemon ice tea
  • hot lemon tea
  • lime ice cream
  • lime on generally all Indian food
  • fresh lime soda
  • lime juice
  • lemon tart
  • lime rice (when i was was one of my favorite foods.!!)
  • limca..!!
  • lemon cheese cake
  • lime jello
  • lime margaritas (virgin,that is)
  • lemon chicken