Saturday, July 28, 2007

this is how you spell random

Laziness as always, seems to have gotten the best of me this past week! I'm forever online nowadays (except when my psycho modem decides that it despises me) and whenever I see a regularly updated blog..bubbles that are a faint shade of green pop over my head. I don't know why but I'm finding it hard to put words down these days, hence the frequent pangs of jealousy.

The past week has been c.r.a.z.y!! It was filled with doctors, scans, tests, tablets, prescriptions, needles..blah,blah,blah! Yes I'm sick..and its really ironic because I spent most of the year telling everyone I know, that my immune system was made of steel! Well guess its not, after all. Sigh.

Got an awesome surprise in the mail the other day..a fellow blogger Alok, being the sweetheart that he is..mailed me the entire first season of "How I Met Your Mother", which by the way is one of THE best sitcoms ever! Neil Patrick Harris is....wait for it...LEGENDARY!! guys have to watch it and I mean "haaavvveee to" equals Prison Break in the comedy genre. That, most definitely was the highlight of my week..thank you soo much made my various illnesses so much more bearable..!

If anyone is bothered (what with hundreds of reviews floating around the blogosphere) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was......LEGENDARY!! (is this getting old already?!) As soon as I shut the book, I squealed and giggled for what seemed like an was THAT awesome!

I have so much of stuff to do..and absolutely no time to do it all..! Is there someone organizing a petition to God for extra hours in a day...because that is one petition I would totally sign!

To conclude, I have to say that aimlessly wandering around cyberspace does have its advantages. Such as this one! *points towards the picture*
Now who wouldn't want a fairy double of themselves...??! I dare you to answer that!

AND that how you spell random!! Absolutely incoherent paragraphs that were forcefully put together for the sake of a post that this blogger was too lazy to write when she was supposed to..which was a week ago, for those who were wondering!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

deathy excited!!

Well..not exactly..but it seemed so apt!!

Anyway...guess what I got!! But then again I'm guessing that every other self respecting Harry Potter fan also has it!! So..I'm off revel in and savour, every little syllable of the last in a series that was so much more than magical!

PS: Hermione looks horrible on this cover! Don't you think?!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

blogger blues

God..its at the weirdest of times and and the weirdest of places where I wish I had a blogger compose page embedded in my brain and the ability for it to automatically type out what I'm thinking..because when I actually sit at the computer, whatever I want to say doesn't come out the way its supposed to..supposed to referring to what I had been originally thought of saying..and all this supposed 'thinking' had been going on at the aforementioned 'weirdest of times'..!

Ok..I swear I won't write sentences that are that long anymore..I ran out of breath just by reading my mind!!

So easy to jump to another topic isn't it..anyway..let me jump right I was saying..every time I think, I start to think in terms of the way I would write...which is incredibly strange because even when doing something as simple as forming an opinion for myself..I begin rephrasing it so that it fits into my writing (oh look at me with the 'my writing' and all! who am I kidding?! ) But seriously..instead of thinking "WOW, this cake is YUMM..!!"... I'm thinking "Whoa, I can totally see myself devouring this single piece of cake for the rest of my life, that's how scrumptious it is..!!!" ( with the excessive use of the exclamation marks, as always) I'm thinking in bigger sentences and more descriptive words..thats good,right..? But the thing is..I never get around to actually putting that stuff into my writing because as soon as I sit in front of the seems like every funny or witty or sensible bone in my body disappears and all that I am left with, is a jelly like mass of crappy the one's you're reading right now!!

Its funny how something you would never have given a second thought to before consumes you with such an intensity ( I'm thinking in compose page language,for heavens sake) in a matter of a few months. Yeah..I'm talking about blogging. It has become such a huge part of me which is bizarre because no one in my life even knows about it weird keeping something that you value so much a secret..? The thing I can't imagine letting my friends read it..because I'm sure that the first thing that they would do is let out a rather loud guffaw which would inevitably lead to uncontrollable laughter and would eventually end with a string of snorts! I guess I'm doing the right thing by not telling anybody, its just that its becoming a harder secret to keep nowadays...

I guess I have to leave you now cause my mother's going to have a damn fit if I don't get off the computer at this very instant!! But what I'm actually thinking is..." gotta go!" (Do you see how this works?)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Emotionally hollow..??! Emotionally hollow..?!?!!??!?!?!??!?!?!!? Seriously...???!!!!

Being called that by two people in a single month does not bode well with me! Ok, so I'm known to maybe hold back my feelings..and by hold back I mean not exactly feel them if I don't want to, which is usually the case..but personally I think being called "emotionally hollow" is a tad too harsh! Yeah ok..I admit I'm a personal person and that I like my space and blah, blah, blah...but that does not mean that I shut off my emotions and that I dont let people into my life!! So if i'm supposed to be so god damn emotionally hollow, why the hell do I feel tears welling up right now, huh..?!

Right when I think life's being good to ends up sneaking up behind me and biting me in the ass! If you're wondering how my 'emotionally hollow' self feels right about this minute...awesome would be the answer!!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Born on a sunny day, beneath a tangerine sky..

Yes I'm back and yes I've been what else in new?
From all that I have read, procrastination seems to be a guilty pleasure of all us bloggers!

Got back from the land of the elephants (is that what its called?) on Tuesday and I haven't been able to get off my ass which I'm sure has gained about twenty pounds in ten days of gorging on everything edible that was in a five meter radius from from I was! The food was seriously good and the shopping was was even better..!! Went primarily for a wedding, which was one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever seen..damn cards, poached pears, 5 different forks, sushi, the works! Also went partying..which I think was the most significant part of the trip because I went to more night clubs in four days than I probably will go to in the next ten years. Just so you know..I'm the kind of person who'll sit in a corner at a party with her arms this was a huge step for me..I mean I like wanted to go out there and dance ( and I cant dance for peanuts!!) which was so incredibly weird because I hate dancing..I think it was the Lankan air that did it to me because I'm pretty sure that I don't see myself being so uninhibited here! I think its just something about a foreign country that does it to you..okay, Sri Lanka doesn't exactly qualify as foreign for us Indians but you get my point, right?

My attempt at taking touristy photos was in vain but I did manage to get a few that weren't quite so terrible in Kandy, so will put them up when I get them..I'm off now..the long absence from using my brain has led to it freezing which in turn has led to its inability to think of anything to say here!

PS: While listening to the radio in Colombo, I heard this song called "Lemonade" by Chris Rice and I couldn't help but grin like a fool! (Thats where the title for this post came from!) I have to add that the radio in Sri Lanka is far superior to any city in India..they have 11 English stations playing awesome music 24/7..! Fantastic food, fabulous shopping and fantabulous music, what more could you ask for?!