Friday, August 31, 2007


I don't think I've ever mentioned here that I'm quite an irritable person by nature. Since we are talking about this..I think its only fair that I tell everyone that I'm actually quite an irritating person myself. is genetic. ( and yes..that's the only excuse I can think of at the moment.)

Of late, there are a few things that seem to be irritating the hell out of me!

For one..there's the elevator. Don't get me wrong, anything that doesn't require me to move my butt anymore than it has to, is a certified blessing in my book, but have you ever ridden in an elevator that talks more than you and all the other people you know put together! In India (I'm not sure if there's this phenomenon of talking elevators in other countries as well) we have these elevators which find it absolutely necessary to tell you to shut its gates, every time you get in or out of it!! Forget that it tells you that..what is really pissing off is the fact that it repeats the same sentence in three different languages!! I mean, now, I even find myself contemplating walking up 6 flights of stairs just so I can avoid that irritating voice. that's how bad it is!

Another thing that's starting to irritate me are happy people. Not all happy people..just the weird souls who put on their smiles early in the morning. I, for the record am in no way a morning person. Truth to be told..people who are happy and chirpy in the mornings ruin my entire day. At home, its a known fact that I will not make conversation until after a hour after I've woken up. In college however, all my friends happen to have plastered smiles instead of faces. Aren't smiles supposed to spread joy?! 8 in the morning, this does zilch for me.

More when i can keep my eyes open. As much as I want to enlighten you on the daily annoyances of my life, my fingers are itching to click on the 'Publish' here goes.........!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

coo (seriously..don't ask!)

Title: Refer to the last two posts. My weird wave is apparently still in high tide!

Locked out of the house after an hour's drive (or ride rather) is something you never want happening to you, trust me...unless you've got a terrace where you can lie on your back and gaze at all the non existent stars, while waiting for the house key to miraculously fall from the heavens.

Let me backtrack a bit..

I've never exactly been a lover of nature..but I have to admit that there are times when I just cant help stop and marvel at some of nature's 'Flame of the Forest' trees or the shade of green of caterpillars! (Did I just say 'bounty'?! What in the name of God is wrong with me??!!)

So anyway...since I had nothing else to do..I resorted to lying on the floor of my terrace, oblivious to the scandalized stares of some of the conservative older crowd in my apartment who were trying to finish their evening walk. was they had no clue who I was.

Ever since I was child..I've had one special star that I referred to as 'my star' as I'm sure most insane little children do. Mine was the middle star in that constellation that has 3 stars in a line. I have no clue what the the constellation is called though (I was never really interested in astronomy). Ever since then every time I looked at the sky I would look for my star and when I found it I'd be content. Unfortunately, that evening..there wasn't a single star to be found. Instead, stupid huge rain clouds presided over the sky in all their daunting glory. Given my love for rain clouds..not..I had no choice but to look at the moon, which I guess feeling sorry for me, decided to show itself all bright and beautiful. So I lay there staring at it in awe for close to thirty minutes...when I realized that you just have to take a few minutes..or more like 30 in my actually admire and appreciate something that you just take for granted! Yea..I know, late realization...but better late than never right?!

At least this way..I'll be admiring something else rather than potato chips!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

boo (its a series..refer to previous post)

Resolutions!! Smesolutions!! Why on earth did I think that I could keep one of those??!
Seriously..You'd think that after 18 years, 5 months and 18 days of being my lazy little self, I would have figured that one out!

Actually, for once it isn't because of my eternal laziness that I haven't been posting..rather its because of the constant agony and pain caused by my not so mundane college existence. Whoever said that you get used to it after a year totally didn't know what they were talking about! Ok, so maybe isn't as hard as the first year but it still is pretty hard! Ahhh...April I wait for for your arrival! Ok..I'm gonna cut the drama queen speech short for you're benefit, I'm sure that after traversing a number of blogs to finally get to this one..this isn't something you want to be reading.

Winter is just starting out in Chennai..well, for people who've never lived here, you'd think that its still summer but people who've lived their entire lives in this city (like me) would know that this is our winter. I don't think we're actually authorized to call it winter..its supposed to be the monsoon season but since this is my blog I'll call it whatever I want! That seems fair, right? Anyway..I think I've mentioned the fact that I absolutely, completely and totally despise rain, so this weather is totally pissing me off. Being bundled up in a red sweater, without the fan with 8 million mosquitoes feasting on your ankles isn't exactly my idea of fun! To add to that..getting drenched every time you step out the door or being splashed with the dirty water that floods the roads by almost every single arrogant biker isn't a ball either! Give me 43°C temperature anyday!

I've begun to notice that my post aren't every topic specific of recent. This for some reason upsets me. Does this mean that I'm not able to channel my thoughts anymore?! Or does this just mean that I have too much going on and not enough time to put it down and hence I'm forced to write about certain things in little spurts of randomness. Whatever the reason might be..this is all you're getting for the next well, how many ever years..or until I make enough money for the Lemonade "removal of phsyco brain' surgery. Anyone care to contribute?

Thursday, August 16, 2007


And no, this post isn't about cows!

I have officially resolved to becoming a more regular more slacking off for this lemon!

Note to self: Now since you actually came out and said that, you better stick by it!

I grandly took off college today for absolutely no reason, and as is the usual case with me..I did nothing productive. Well, although I did sleep till 2 in the I guess that that's only thing that I did, if you don't count the little sing-a-long that I had with myself while watching The Sound of Music. I don't know what it is about old movies, mostly musicals..that makes me love them so. Screaming at the top of my lungs along with all the songs of course, goes with the territory.

I'm the kind of person who can watch a movie that I love a million times and not get fed up of it. I think I get that from my dad who happens to be a self confessed movie buff. It drives my mother up the wall when she sees us watching something we've already watched before. I think watching her get mad is half the fun of watching an all time favorite again!!

Speaking of favorite movies..Entrapment is one movie you do not wanna watch with me. I'd probably recite the next line even before it comes on, which would totally ruin it for you..and believe me entrapment is a movie that you wouldn't want ruined! Parent trap gets me weeping every single time and Dirty Dancing never fails to get me happy every single time!

I think that there's something about movies that gives you hope. Every time I'm done with a sappy chick flick I cant help but hope that my life would turn out with somewhat the same happy ending that I just witnessed (and cried incessantly for or with, whatever the case might be). Isn't is funny how chick flicks always end happy..and how the right guy always gets the right girl and how the girl just happens to be the cutest around and how the guy just happens to be the hottest around. Why is everything always so damn perfect?! Anyway..I have no clue why I'm even whining cause I sure as hell wouldn't want to watch a chick flick if I knew that it was going to have a sad ending!

I think the time is getting to me..I better get to sleep or else I might feel the need to conveniently bunk another day of college and use it again to completely establish my unproductiveness!

Monday, August 13, 2007

in a notebook with an orange marker

A week of college has flown past and I'm already living one of those ever dreaded Mondays again!

College last year was without exaggeration a living hell, but this year was supposed to be different...Well, I admit that I didn't exactly have visions of myself bounding around the place jobless, but I most definitely didn't expect to feel the way I do now either.

Right now I'm sitting in my class room from last year which has sadly been converted into a computer lab which is yet to be used. It feel weird scribbling down a post in my notebook with an orange marker which happens to be the only piece of writing equipment that I possess at the moment, sitting in a blue swivel chair still covered in its plastic. What feels weirder is that I'm doing this in my lunch hour. Shit, have I turned into one of those kids who spend their free hours sitting in a corner of the campus writing in their journals?! After a bit of thought..what surprises me is that I don't exactly mind being this person. In fact I kinda like the idea of being this pensive, brooding, intellectual type. I have no clue why though.

I've noticed that I like being asked questions and that I like knowing the answers to them. I feel like I'm aspiring to be a walking, talking encyclopedia. I know that that sounds a bit crazy..but the truth of the matter is that I like knowing what everyone else doesn't and most often than not, I do know answers to some of the vague-ass questions that I've been what the average price of floor tiles are..or where Falkland Islands (sometimes pronounced fu*kland by some people who have no clue about geography!) is...or what the difference between a martini and a margarita is..OK that question wasn't exactly vague but I was asked that in the 10th grade!
So you see..I kinda like being this know-it-all..and by 'all' I mean all the stuff that people don't usually know about. I'm sort of envisioning myself right now in this knower-of-all saadhu type costume and it is soo not a pretty sight!

My hour at the net café is almost up..which explains my absence at most of your blogs because what I really am is a poor student type who cannot really afford to sit for more than an hour typing away at one of these computers which are used by god knows who to do god knows what! (I think you'll all get what I'm talking about right?!)

Thursday, August 09, 2007

tag tag tag

Being in the blogger slump that I am, I decided to take D up on her 8 random facts for those for those of you who are thinking "God, not another one of these again"...don't worry D being the clever person that she is spiced this tag up for all us souls who've already been down the 8 random facts here goes!!

1) Childhood

I had a pretty great childhood as far as I can remember. I guess I'd have to say that the best part about it was school. Even with all the ranting and raving that I did about my over burdened shoulders with the weight of the enormous school bag filled with all the books that there were, because I was too lazy to actually perform the task of settling my bag with only the books that I needed for the next day!!

2) Your favorite teacher so far
I honestly don't think I've ever had a favorite teacher!

3) If you were destined to be an animal in
your next life, which one would you rather be?
A pampered pooch whose master is a millionaire who prefers not to strangle me with a diamond collar but who wouldn't mind springing for a puppy mansion! Gourmet dog food would also be on that want list!
Boy! Do I have dreams or what?!

4) Your first relationship
Two blah years..the details of which I barely remember. Period.

5) The best gift you've got till date
Hmmm..I've gotten tons of awesome gifts all throughout my life...but I have to say that this movie that my cousin M made for me for my 18th birthday which was couple of months back, is by far, the best!! (Read the post that I linked to for more details on one of the best days of my life)

6) What would you give her/him on your engagement night OR how would you propose/like to be proposed?

I'm gonna go the "non-girly/non-princess/diva" way and say that I want a simple proposal.

7) The last thing you bought for yourself
I was actually locked out the house today...and I had some time to kill before I went for a walk with my cousin (yes, I have finally decided to do something about my lazy ass!) so I went by to the nearest JavaGreen with a MarieClaire in hand and proceeded to scald my tongue with some steaming hot lemon tea.
I, for some reason find someone who's sitting in a coffee shop all alone, reading a book and sipping on some fancy coffee, to be very intellectual! That and wearing a pair of glasses they don't actually need!

8) Your fav. thing to eat ! Please describe it ...
Considering the fact that I'm supposed to be on a diet right now...describing my favorite food isn't exactly in the diet plan.
Its weird..when I first went through the questions I though that this question would be the easiest one to answer, but I think I love food way too much to actually make a choice..I mean it wouldn't be I've decided to be all diplomatic and not make a choice at all.

------------------------------TAG #1 OVER--------------------------------------

I had completely forgotten about this..but I was waiting to do another tag along with this so I guess nows the perfect time!

Confessing Girl awarded me the "Rocking Girl Blogger" award..and all I can say is thank you sweeti..I'm beyond honored!!

I have to award another 5 girls in turn but I'm not gonna name anyone in particular because I happen to love all your blogs. If I've ever commented on your blog, you can be absolutely positive that I think that you and your blog are "rocking"!! So here's to each and every one of you'll for all the awesome stuff you'll put out there for everyone to read. Love ya guys..shit..I mean girls!

-------------------------------TAG #2 OVER---------------------------------

I got this forward a couple of days back and I cant believe how right it is about me!!

PISCES - The Partner for Life
Caring and kind. Smart. Center of attention. High appeal. Has the last word. Good to find, hard to keep. Fun to be around. Extremely weird but in a good way. Good Sense of Humor!!! Thoughtful. Always lets what he or she wants. Loves to joke. Very popular. Silly, fun and sweet.

Yeah I didn't need to be told that again now, did I?!!!! Like it isn't enough hearing the weird bit all the time from almost everyone I know!

----------------------LONG OVERDUE POST OVER---------------------------

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

randomness...need I say more?

Ah, the joy of blogging uninterrupted! Serious bliss I tell you..

Somehow typing this out on notepad makes the whole act a tad less blissful but then again what the hell..wrapped up in a blanket in the middle of the the night typing away to my hearts content on a super cool laptop makes up for it. The only thing that could make it better is if the damn dog would stop acting like such a snob and come curl up at my feet just like any other faithful, master loving dog...though I'm not technically it's master but who's looking to nit pick at the details right now?!

So today's the first of august...Another little link under the archives section of the blog..this for some reason always makes me happy..I think its because this blog is one of the few things I'm actually following through with, unlike the billion other things that I left half done. Yes, thankfully I did finish school, if that was what you were wondering..and may I add that finished rather successfully...hope the same goes for college however I'm seriously doubting that right now! Hmmm..this is hasn't even started for the year and I'm in pessimist mode already!

I don't know why but august has never been a good month for me..its probably the single most insignificant month of the year in my birthdays..never any always seem to pass in a blur! Its one month in the entire year that I never look back on cause there never is anything to look back on...

49 hours later...

Its 2.50 at the moment and it seems to be the 3rd of august according to the calender. I started this post a little more than two days ago and I didn't publish it! call myself lazy seriously is an understatement! I couldn't even stay awake long enough to click one button! Now, that's a new low, even for me!!