Sunday, August 26, 2007
coo (seriously..don't ask!)

Title: Refer to the last two posts. My weird wave is apparently still in high tide!

Locked out of the house after an hour's drive (or ride rather) is something you never want happening to you, trust me...unless you've got a terrace where you can lie on your back and gaze at all the non existent stars, while waiting for the house key to miraculously fall from the heavens.

Let me backtrack a bit..

I've never exactly been a lover of nature..but I have to admit that there are times when I just cant help stop and marvel at some of nature's 'Flame of the Forest' trees or the shade of green of caterpillars! (Did I just say 'bounty'?! What in the name of God is wrong with me??!!)

So anyway...since I had nothing else to do..I resorted to lying on the floor of my terrace, oblivious to the scandalized stares of some of the conservative older crowd in my apartment who were trying to finish their evening walk. was they had no clue who I was.

Ever since I was child..I've had one special star that I referred to as 'my star' as I'm sure most insane little children do. Mine was the middle star in that constellation that has 3 stars in a line. I have no clue what the the constellation is called though (I was never really interested in astronomy). Ever since then every time I looked at the sky I would look for my star and when I found it I'd be content. Unfortunately, that evening..there wasn't a single star to be found. Instead, stupid huge rain clouds presided over the sky in all their daunting glory. Given my love for rain clouds..not..I had no choice but to look at the moon, which I guess feeling sorry for me, decided to show itself all bright and beautiful. So I lay there staring at it in awe for close to thirty minutes...when I realized that you just have to take a few minutes..or more like 30 in my actually admire and appreciate something that you just take for granted! Yea..I know, late realization...but better late than never right?!

At least this way..I'll be admiring something else rather than potato chips!


Blogger the lost_poet had this to say:

Really liked the way you blog looks.

And the templates you have up on your designs blog. What do you use to create the Graphics? Great ones they are.

You seem to be pretty well versed with CSS et al as well. Great job. Keep it up!

10:53 PM 

Blogger Irreversibly Screwed had this to say:

OMG!!.. i thought i was weird to have a favorite star.. my star was the one in the center of the big dipper... i thought it was very cool that my star was the one holding together the spoon looking constellation.. i just wish delhi had better weather to spend nights on terrace!!!..
thats one thing i would love to do with someone i love.. lie down under the stars and just look up in silence.. to really feel the beauty.. *sigh*

1:08 AM 

Blogger pepe M. had this to say:

my first time here...stumbled on it while browsing and i got hooked to it maybe becoz its cute and its bloody pink ;)hehehe, blame it on my excess y chromosomes i guess...

9:16 AM 

Blogger Lavanya had this to say:

Day dreaming is the best pastime ever. :D
Staring at stars is best done with company though, *winks* then your apartment oldies will REALLY get tension!

3:33 PM 

Blogger Ab had this to say:

i guess your star is a part of a bigger group. like, i think its the same star that i always look for. we call it orion th hunter! its got three prominent ones, and then a tail and something that resembles a dogs head in front! anyways.

actually, two wierd people, mokm and I, would always go out and see if our stars (we looked for venus and mars, plus orion and then, a star which looked like a cross, thats all) were still there intact. that was in our old house in Kerala. Now even if its a clear sky, its a miracle if u can actually see anything withall th city light!

4:48 PM 

Blogger wild iris had this to say:

i totally *love* your blog..its AWESOME!
way to go, n keep blogging!

7:54 PM 

Anonymous kaylee had this to say:


5:35 AM 

Blogger Rejoy had this to say:

staring at the sky is one of the most done thing in the universe, just cause of the fact that the sky is awesomely big and it makes u think about how tiny u really are... my days on the terraces happen when the electrcity department is having a wild time screwing my day by cutting of the power supply or when i am trying to get some signal on my mobile by trying some ancient martial art poses on the roof... ah yes... give me a cloudless sky any day :)

1:25 PM 

Blogger Nags had this to say:

hahaha.. and coo?? ROFL!!! :D

4:45 PM 

Anonymous Ish had this to say:

cooo, lol what's next? boohoohhoah?

Anyway, the moon is pretty. Did you notice the rabbit on it?

9:13 PM 

Blogger Silvara had this to say:

heheh that's so cute - I should know some of the constellations as well since we did them for school when I was like 10 but oh well. :D

2:51 PM 

Blogger Nags had this to say:

u r tagged lady :)

11:55 AM 

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