Monday, August 13, 2007
in a notebook with an orange marker

A week of college has flown past and I'm already living one of those ever dreaded Mondays again!

College last year was without exaggeration a living hell, but this year was supposed to be different...Well, I admit that I didn't exactly have visions of myself bounding around the place jobless, but I most definitely didn't expect to feel the way I do now either.

Right now I'm sitting in my class room from last year which has sadly been converted into a computer lab which is yet to be used. It feel weird scribbling down a post in my notebook with an orange marker which happens to be the only piece of writing equipment that I possess at the moment, sitting in a blue swivel chair still covered in its plastic. What feels weirder is that I'm doing this in my lunch hour. Shit, have I turned into one of those kids who spend their free hours sitting in a corner of the campus writing in their journals?! After a bit of thought..what surprises me is that I don't exactly mind being this person. In fact I kinda like the idea of being this pensive, brooding, intellectual type. I have no clue why though.

I've noticed that I like being asked questions and that I like knowing the answers to them. I feel like I'm aspiring to be a walking, talking encyclopedia. I know that that sounds a bit crazy..but the truth of the matter is that I like knowing what everyone else doesn't and most often than not, I do know answers to some of the vague-ass questions that I've been what the average price of floor tiles are..or where Falkland Islands (sometimes pronounced fu*kland by some people who have no clue about geography!) is...or what the difference between a martini and a margarita is..OK that question wasn't exactly vague but I was asked that in the 10th grade!
So you see..I kinda like being this know-it-all..and by 'all' I mean all the stuff that people don't usually know about. I'm sort of envisioning myself right now in this knower-of-all saadhu type costume and it is soo not a pretty sight!

My hour at the net café is almost up..which explains my absence at most of your blogs because what I really am is a poor student type who cannot really afford to sit for more than an hour typing away at one of these computers which are used by god knows who to do god knows what! (I think you'll all get what I'm talking about right?!)

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Blogger Grafxgurl had this to say:

are you by any chance in WCC or in Stella? i was in Stella.. i relate to the whole poor student type... i was one of those.. we had terrible times at the newt cafe with the snail pace dial up!!

1:02 AM 

Blogger Grafxgurl had this to say:

err.. that was NET cafe

1:02 AM 

Blogger Keshi had this to say:

u dun hv a PC at home?


7:20 AM 

Blogger Lavanya had this to say:

elo there! :D
Soofer template, i louwe it!
So pretty :)
Pink and photoshop are the greatest things god ever created.

8:50 AM 

Blogger Silvara had this to say:

LOL - oh how I miss uni already :(

9:43 AM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

You know what? I get what ur saying about the knowing the answers to random questions! I love knowing TOO!
I mean i dont have any fantasies abt being a know-it-all but I like knowing answers to some unusual stuff that the general public doesnt know.
For eg. I love enlightening people on how black and white are NOT colours!


11:52 AM 

Anonymous Ish had this to say:

I totally understand what you mean by what those computers are used for thing. I have always felt that the keyboards in these cafe's should always be used with gloves cause you know what people do on them. Frankly enough, I don't like anybody else's fingers touching my keys.

I'm the quiet type too but the difference is that I think most of my posts up in my maths period. I don't write them down because I despise writing with a pen in my hand which in turn I suppose is because of my weird style of holding a pen. Computer labs aren't a lot of fun in here either. Our school boasts of being the only school in town with Wifi but they don't even let the most senior computer students like us use the internet. What the hell do they want to do with all the Wifi when it isn't even supposed to be used?!

12:04 PM 

Blogger Irreversibly Screwed had this to say:

i too have a huge reservoir of useless knowledge!!!... like i always tell people that those plastic things at the end of our shoelaces are called "Flooglebinders"!!.. but then anyone who's seen Cocktail would know tht!!.. or even that if u've seen Pulp Fiction the clocks are all stuck at 4:20!!!... :-D

11:35 PM 

Blogger KAYLEE had this to say:

WHY NO PC AT HOME?????????????????

8:57 AM 

Blogger Keshi had this to say:

Happy Independence Day to ya!


9:42 AM 

Blogger phoenix had this to say:

hey know wat?i could identify myself with ur feelings about college.gawd i practically hate it now!an i do what u do..sit in a corner and brood :)

nice first visit here and surely not my last:)

9:57 AM 

Blogger Jack Jack had this to say:

Your review is up, Darlin'


1:06 AM 

Blogger Nags had this to say:

ah i know exactly what you are talking about.. thank god i didnt start blogging when in college.. wud have got so hooked and possibly failed (shudder)

1:12 PM 

Blogger Shoonyata had this to say:

You not having access to a PC explains a lot of things... take care

3:30 PM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

I be likes you posht!!!
and I also be likes this new looks phaar temblate...
and umm.. well... i also have to add that " I told you so", chumma worrying unnecessarily!!!
nicep ost btw.. the previous one too...
and as for student days, the internet in 2001 was not as interesting as it is now... it was just beginning to get cool!!!

9:19 PM 

Blogger lemonade had this to say:

ha m not in wcc or stella..though i did think i was going to end up in stella. But ur close... :)

@kesh, kaylee & shoonyata
i actually do have a pc at home and at my aunts house where i stay because of college and the cousin who i stay with also has a aptop..but unfortunately he's out of town and the comp's motherboard has conveniently decided to give up on me. hence no comp.

i swear!! :)
thanks for visiting..come back soon

ha ha..consider urself lucky. i have no clue how i'm gonna handle the next 3 years!

shit! they aren't?! and m supposed to be a design student!
Why haven't u ever told me this before??!!

wow..ur school has wifi?!! how sucky that u guys aren't allowed to use it!!

@irreversibly screwed
wow..thats definitely one thing i learned today! :)

ha ha..dont we all?
nice of you to visit :)

@jack jack
thanks jack :)

N..ur scaring me!!!

hey chinks!
thank u bery bery much my dearie for all the compliments! and seriously what did u guys do before the internet was this cool??!

3:46 AM 

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