Thursday, November 13, 2008

Some TV lovin'

Its so easy to let all the things that were previously in your life slip when you've got more important things that demand your attention. Please ignore the fact that the word 'important' in my life actually means TV. 

My download schedule these past two months have been crazy. Crazy in a good way though, cause it means more than a couple of hours each night of either spoilt brats from the upper east side, McSteamy, the awesomeness that is....wait for it....Barney or the hundreds of other characters that make American television so hard to resist. 

If American television on the other hand, awakens the gag reflex in you, I suggest you skip this post. I'm only writing this, so that when I read it 20 years from now, I'll know that the 19th year of my life was filled with all the normal things a 19 year old is supposed to do, you know, things like go out, have fun, party, drink myself silly and not sit at home happily devouring hours of TV. Yeah, I know that that spells loser, but you know what, I've come to terms with it.

So here's my schedule. I don't watch these shows on television, but download them. (Anti downloaders, your hate mail isn't going to stop me, so please note that you'd be wasting your time)


Desperate Housewives

Yes, the ladies of Wisteria Lane are most certainly kicking up their skirts in their fifth year. Its got the usual, Susan with her man troubles, Lynette with her kid troubles but surprisingly each year the show just keeps getting better and better! 

Brothers And Sisters

In its third season, not as exciting as all its other hour long drama show competitors, but I've been a huge fan right from the start, so I'm rooting for this one to stay on as long as all the others have.  

Tuesday: Also the best day of the week when it comes to TV!

Gossip Girl 

(In a Kristen Bell's husky voice)
Queen B and S have patched up again and Little J has flown the coop, has she taken on more than she can handle?? Be careful of the friends you make Little J, they can take your life and make it go up in flames. Oh, and you be careful too readers, once this show sucks you in, there's no turning back.


Just for the record, I was actually called 'Gossip Queen' when I was in school, so its no surprise that I love this show.

How I met Your Mother

Seriously, do I even need to talk about how AWESOME this show is?! 

Prison Break

Ah, my Wentworth Miller crush, second only to my ginormous Leo DiCaprio crush when I was 10. 

But even if he wasn't in the lead, this show would still be as nail biting as it is, every single week! Four years running, and the breaking-out-of-prison theme still hasn't gotten old. Kudos to the writers, they have me and half the world hooked. Oh, and to you too Wentworth, you nail the 'smouldering-hot-intelligent-hot-sexy-hot-amazingly-hot' look in every single scene. 

Did I say the word 'hot' one too many times in that sentence? 


Again, an amazing show, but I haven't really been watching this season, because it gets too confusing, and when you watch an episode, you have to go back to the previous episode to know who's after who and who's in which form and blah, blah blah. So basically, its just too much work. But, I have been downloading and accumulating them, so that I can watch them at a stretch and save myself the trouble of going back and forth.

Samantha Who

Only started downloading it due to my undying love for sitcoms, but honestly, it isn't that great. It isn't something you can rewatch. Come to think of it, the only sitcom you can rewatch five billion times and not get even a teensy bit bored of is Friends, and this definitely isn't in that league.

Its ok to watch when you're completely bored and have nothing else to do.



A spin off from the old and very popular Beverly Hills 90210. I remember this show so well, because my cousins were crazy about it. 

Anyway, the new one is just as good as the old or maybe even better. You could call it the west coast version of Gossip Girl, but I like to keep my 'chanel-wearing-boyfriend-stealing-back-stabbing-teens' separate from one another, thank you very much.


Lipstick Jungle

I didn't even know this show existed until I read the book, and as is always the case with me, anytime I read or hear about something new, I have to google it. Its like a disease. No seriously, ITS LIKE A DISEASE.

Anyway, when I did google it, I found out that they had made the book into a show (the book by the way is by Candace Bushnell, the same woman who wrote Sex and the City), and a season had already past, so being the rabid downloader that I am, I had to download the whole thing and watch it. And surprise surprise, it was pretty addictive.

Its on its second season now, and is doing pretty well from the looks of it.

Dirty Sexy Money

Along the same lines of Lipstick Jungle, but oh, so much more juicier!! True to its title, its dirty, its sexy and they are filthy rich. 

Its the story of a family called the 'Darlings'.

There, isn't that reason enough to start watching this show?!

Top Chef

Season 5 of Top Chef requires the same of you as it has in all its previous seasons. Never sit down to watch an episode without a plate of good food in front of you, because trust me, you're bound to get hungry. 

This show is also to blame for my ever expanding mid section.


Ugly Betty

Now, who doesn't know of the darling Betty Suarez and her questionable fashion sense. Currently in its third season, Ugly Betty still seems to catch its viewers attention. I for one love Justin, Betty's nephew, and please, who can't stare at Daniel Meade for 5 hours straight. Other than you straight guys, that is.

Grey's Anatomy

I just have to say, Meredith Grey annoys the hell outta me. Do you find that surprising?

You know what else?

I don't understand what all the drama is about McDreamy anyway!!

McSteamy is way hotter!

If you didn't get any of that, its probably because you don't watch the show.

But maybe you should start.


The Ex- List

A pretty decent new show that got cancelled after four episodes. It stared Elizabeth Reaser, you may remember her as the Jane Doe, Ava from Grey's a coupla seasons back.

The Starter Wife

It started off as a TV mini series, but continued on as a regular series. I watched the season 2 premiere, but am still in the process of downloading the rest.

Rita Rocks:

A new weekday sitcom that started airing last week. Its got Tish Campbell (the Mom from 'My Wife & Kids') in one of the lead roles. Its your standard American family sitcom a la '8 Simple Rules' or 'Hope & Faith'.

Yeah, I watch a lot of TV. If you guys need a lesson in downloading any of these, let me know, I'd be happy to spread the love, because after a long day's work, a bed, my laptop and these shows are all I need to keep me happy and if it could do the same for you, then I can be assured that i'm not the only weirdo in this world.

So, to sum this post up, I HAVE NO LIFE.

But you knew that already, right?