Wednesday, March 21, 2007
Save The Cheerleader.Save The World.

Seriously..!! Heroes had got to be one of the coolest TV shows around..!!! I mean which other show has an Indian scientific genius...from my home town,no less (don't be surprised..!! We chennaites are a very clever breed..!! ), the cutest ball of Japanese cuteness u will ever see (don't give me that look..I'm slightly at a loss for words here..!! ),a cheerleader whose level of snobbishness is way below the acceptance level for cheerleaders (which is an extremely good thing),an artist with an incredible gift (forget the brilliant paintings..!! He can paint the FUTURE..!! ), an ex-internet porn star who transforms into her dead sister to protect her son (sounds slightly crazed..i know..! but awesome all the same),brothers who are the polar opposites of each other and a few other really cool one demented ass called Sylar (who named himself after a German watch..! go figure..!)
Anyway...if you're not watching heroes as yet i suggest you catch an episode because the series is too amazingly good to be missed..!!!!

Onto American idol...contrary to what the world may think of Sanjaya malakar..I'm still in love with him..!!! Even though he sorta sucks on the singing front ( did NOT hear me say that),he is so unbelievably lovable..!! My other favorites include Jordin Sparks ( the 17 year old sensation..!!!),Chris Richardson ( he totally rocked 'Geek in the Pink' and 'I Don't wanna be'..!! ) and Blake Lewis (his beat-boxing skills are absolutely amazing..!!).Aaah...another night of falling asleep in front of the television awaits me...I better not be late....!!!



Blogger Silvara had this to say:

Oh....definitely gotta start watching then :P

3:28 AM 

Blogger Michelle had this to say:

lol i dont spend much time in front of the television...i used to be totally addicted to all of this...guess its time again :P

2:04 PM 

Blogger catmiester had this to say:

uve just inspired me to watch Heroes, lemon! :)

But the idols... god! how can u like that Sanjaya malakar... I feel like personally going n giving the man a haircut!

The beat box guy is totally cute, though :)

11:10 PM 

Blogger lemonade had this to say:

i know he isn't great..but i cant help but like him..!! :P

11:15 PM 

Blogger mayz had this to say:

oh totally totally agree with u about heroes...has to be the coolest show along with smallville...n it keeps getting better...believe me i have seen till episode 18 ;)

10:18 AM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Psst.. I love those shoes that are all over the place... my fav colour too!!! also I am victim of CAS... its ruining my life!!! waiting to read more of your stuff!!!

8:02 PM 

Blogger Shyma Shetty had this to say:

i love heroes! I'm wqitin for more!

12:24 PM 

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