Friday, March 16, 2007

The day has come..
The night must fade..
And who's to say what will happen..
Between now and the night again..

Things are different..
We wish they were the same..
But somehow,somewhere,someplace...
Our dreams will come true..too bad we have to wait..

Bright and early mornings are a thing of the past..
The sun at noon is what we see at first glance
Is this right or is this wrong...
Lets wait and find out..before the end of this song...

Life's hard,you cant disagree..
Whats new to probably old to me...
Yet we hear more than we want to know...
Let's just sit and listen to this cacophony with a glass of exquisite merlot...

Answers to questions we've had from time immortal..
Will they ever be answered..
Or are they just an inane fragment of our total unrelenting inquisitiveness...
Torn between the streets and luscious life..
The answers may come...or life may just pass us by....

Lives change,people change..
And sitting here alone isn't just our fate..
Waking up to bitter mornings is something that's not strange..
But hopefully we'll be able to figure out our way someday........

Please excuse my sad attempt at was the result of total and complete boredom in the middle of an exam I had today..!! And bout the randomness....what can i say...I'm me and I don't think I'll ever change..!!

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Blogger Michelle had this to say:

hey, i liked it! n all the best for ur exams!

7:57 PM 

Blogger Silvara had this to say:

Nice words- thought they were lyrics from a song lol. Good luck with your exams :)

5:49 AM 

Blogger the_ego_has_landed had this to say:

"The answers may come...or life may just pass us by...."

lol.. think thats what happens..

all da best.. n u have a cool template :)

5:34 AM 

Blogger lemonade had this to say:

thanks..!! :)

Thanks sil..!! :)

@the ego has landed
guess that does..!! and thanks for visiting..!! :)

7:02 PM 

Blogger lipstick had this to say:


1:53 PM 

Blogger mayz had this to say:

like the thoughts behind the words...well written

7:07 PM 

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