Wednesday, November 29, 2006

.....a cross in my pocket.....

I carry a cross in my pocket,
a simple reminder to me
of the fact that I am a Christian
no matter where I may be.

This little cross is not magic
nor is it a good luck charm.
It isn’t meant to protect me
from every physical harm.

It’s not for identification,
for all the world to see.
It’s simply an understanding
between my Savior and me.

When I put my hand in my pocket
to bring out a coin or key,
the Cross is there to remind me
of the price He paid for me.

It reminds me too, to be thankful,
for my blessings day by day,
and to strive to serve Him better
in all that I do and say.

It’s also a daily reminder
of the peace and comfort I share
with all who know my Master
and give themselves to His care.

So, I carry a cross in my pocket,
reminding no one but me,
that Jesus Christ is Lord of my life,
if only I’ll let Him be.

This has been my favorite set of lines for quite a few years now..ever since the first time i read them...

I think they say it all,dont you..??

i know I'm greedy...!!!

Call it greed,call it gluttony or just call it plain "Lemon's eyes are bigger than her stomach" (as my mum has always said)....i went and got a blog on wordpress..!!!! i already know that i cant handle two blogs..and now I've gone and gotten myself a third..i seriously could not help it..the temptation was just too overwhelming..!!!!Guess that's because I've done all that I've wanted to do with this blog (except for the cursor thing ) and now i cant help but want MORE...!!! m still trying to figure out wordpress..hope i get to figure out all the intricacies that are there to figure out..not that I'm a master at blogger or anything...but you know what I'm talking about right..???

Friday, November 24, 2006

nervousness,hyperness and my perpetual madness!!!

Its been a day of nervousness,hyperness and my all time perpetual up at 6.30(went to sleep at 4.30 last nite) and ran to go catch the largest board in class for my display...had a jury...which was supposed to start at 9 but as usual, my college with their 'i-don't-give-a-rat's-ass-about-time'attitude prevailed yet again,which wasn't much of a suprise really ,started promptly an hour there were like 9 people in the same session as me(thank god my parents were sensible enough to have named me with a name that starts with an 'a'..cause im sure if it were any further in the line of alphabets..i would have surely bitten up my fingers and not to mention my toes from the shitty tension that i have to go through each and every time m faced with an exam)...god..where was i??? ah..ya..9 people in the same session as me..and i swear the members of the jury kept us each inside drilling us not for less than thirty minutes each..and as usual i had to be one of the last few..the third last to be precise in the line of torture that was awaiting anyway,i go in..and this guy asks me to explain one sheet which i think i have hone my best automatically i look to the the board..but then he's like no..not from the board but from the table(i mean hello..!!! the whole point of putting things up on the bloody board is to show off your good stuff..!!!) anyway..i picked one..and mumbled and fumbled and tried to convince him that i knew what i was talking about..!!! then they move on to my posters(which you can see on the far right)...and this one guy is like 'it looks like these three posters have been done by three different people'..and im like mortified(i mean what the hell is the trying to suggest...well..i know what you were suggesting you ass)hence,i give him this look and ask him if he wanted to see my sketches..he politely as if i was offering him a freaking cup of english tea and a cream scone..!!! so then,they go on about the posters,checking and cross checking if i knew what i was doing...and finally this female looks at one of the posters(the last one on the right) and says it looked psychedelic to her...!!! so i was'am its not supposed to be..its supposed to attract kids(since its an ad for a kids summer art camp),anyway..she went from psychedelic to jamacian to african and then the jury members and i surprisingly started a discussion on the invasions of africa...dont even ask..!!! anyway..i was sooooooooooo glad when it was over..hope they dont flunk me for some of the cheeky remarks i made(i meant for them to be sweet and endearing but god knows how they took it...!!) i was saying..its been a day of nervousness,hyperness and madness(pre-jury) and also a day of the never-ending laziness(post-jury)that just seems to be a part of me that im sure i'll never be able to shrug off unless some serious measures are taken(he he..which we all know will never happen...atleast not in this lifetime)............

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

something beautiful.......

You can't manufacture a miracle
The silence was pitiful-that day
And love is getting too cynical
Passion's just physical-these days
You analyse everyone you meet
But get no sign - loving kind
Every night you admit defeat
And cry yourself blind

If you can't wake up in the morning
'Cause your bed lies vacant at night
If you're lost, hurt, tired or lonely
Can't control it try as you might
May you find that love that won't leave you
May you find it by the end of the day
You WON'T be lost, hurt, tired or lonely
Something beautiful will come your way

Saturday, November 18, 2006

for N..............

aaahhhhhhh....another morning ,another day...(sorry guess its more like another afternoon,another day...he he he..)was talkin to one of my best friends last night and he was whining bout how he isn't mentioned enough on my blog..well here's a whole post on you u better be happy..!!! Growing up,i always thought having a guy as your best friend was highly wierd,i mean..i used to wonder how you could tell a guy all ur secrets..and to top it off how could you possibly talk to a guy about other guys..!!! But u know is possible to have a completely platonic relationship with guy..and i discovered this when i met N...I've known N almost my entire life..well not exactly my entire life but atleast for about 10 or 12 years now..but i really got to know him only a couple of months back..and from that i can positively say that having a guy as your best friend is a billion times better than having a girl as your best friend..!!! (save for a few exceptions..!!!) N is the type of person you know that you can always always count on..for absolutely anything...from giving you advice on any subject under the sun to cheering you up when your down in the dumps to a million other things...!!! Now N,he's the deep guy that i mentioned in one of the earlier posts,usually has like about a thousand things milling around in that head of his...loves 'logical puzzles',loves 'being right'(every single time..ppstt:i hate to admit this but he almost always is..),loves 'inventing stuff',loves to think that his 'brain is actually brainy'..he he he,loves 'analysing stuff',loves coming up with the wierdest of 'theories' and above all loves 'obsessing about himself'..!!!! Every single person should have an N in their lives...and i know that i am soo lucky to have the one and only N as my best friend...thanks for everything you and hope i can be there for you as much as u've been there for me..please dont ever change..atleast for my sake...hope you get everything u ever wanted............................

p.s; did i mention that he also likes to think that he's the 'funniest guy' alive..!!! (well N..ur not..!!! he he he)

21 things i want to do before i die...

This list is absolutely in no particular order...

1) Climb up to the top of the empire state building...I mean walk up..(this I know will never happen,b'coz sadly I have absolutely no stamina..!!)

2) Bungee jump off the highest bridge in the world(wherever tat may be)

3) See disneyland entirely..ride every ride and hug every mouse ;)

4) Walk the entire length of the great wall of china..this is one thing that i've always dreamt of doing...

5) Live in the big apple..atleast for a york,new york...*sigh*...

6) Visit iceland..I probably wouldn't be able to handle the cold..but that isn't gonna stop me..

7) Read all the danielle steels' well on my way on this one..

8) Go scuba diving in the great barrier reef..

9) Have twin boys..he he he...

10) Go fishing...

11) Learn how to surf..and loose my fear for water...

12) Loose like 20 kilos and look 'hot' for atleast one day in my entire life..!!!

13) Learn how to make some delectable chilly that i'll never have to go hungry...(this is the gluton in me talking)

14) Write a book...guess the blogging is actually practice for the real thing...

15) Sing in a band....yea rite,like thats gonna happen..!!!

16) Try to make the world a better place in whatever small little way i can..for example..start a free hugs campaign..though i know that i would never have the guts to do tat...

17) Get a tattoo from chris garver..who by the way has a two year waiting list..

18) Learn to speak french like a true blue souhaite....

19) Try out every single cuisine there is..even veitnamese with its fried cockroaches...

20) Travel the world........................................

21) Have my dying wish fulfilled..whatever it may be...

I will keep adding to the above list as and when i think of things..till then.......

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

burning eye-lids......... :(

Been meaning to write a post for the past few days now..keep starting and then kept getting bored...m i bored of my blog already?????(panicked expression)....nah..its too early in the game for me to get bored...usually takes awhile..been having a splitting headache since the morning AND felling feverish..this almost never happens to me..i never ever fall sick..ok,except for maybe like once in three years or something...and the thing is that I would always wanna get sick to bunk school but i never did...there's this saying that if you cut a slice of onion and stand with it under your armpit under the sun,you'll actually get a temperature..!! Always wanted to try it...but the onion under the armpit part put me off..ugghhh...anyway,was hopping around the blogosphere (god..that sounds sooo cool!!!) and came across this site called bloghop..its a pretty cool site...despite the fact that i didnt find a single blog that caught my attention..!!!Tried adding my blog to the list but i think its still stuck in the process...i've added the link at the check it out if u want rite now..isn't really bad..did total crap for my computer exam on monday..but then again..not a big thing that i've discorved with this whole blogging deal is that html is pretty cool,...i did actually learn it a couple of years ago when i got this supposed "diploma" from orchid computers(dont even ask!!!) after this summer course that i went for when i was like twelve..i dint even wanna go for the stupid course cause that was the year when i really really wanted a bike ( and by bike,i mean a cycle )and my parents straight off refused to get one for me...I,the spoit child that i was( not really ;) ), made this huge fuss saying that it was the same price of the course and instead of ditching the bike..they should have gotten me the bike and made me ditch the stupid course..anyway..guess it was for the best..learnt alot through the summer(animation on powerpoint is amazing..he he..m suprised i even remember how to do it..!!! )..and did actually get the bike at the end of the summer..!!! It was a fushcia pink ladybird..and i absolutely adored it..!!!! It was like the light of my life at that time..used to ride it around everyday..those were some of the best days of my life..riding my pretty bike around the neighbourhood...most usually i would take the bike around to the nearest "fancy store" ( I was very fond of the five rupee nail polish bottles...!!!) to go check out if they had any new erasers for my never ending collection of "3-D erasers"...and if you dont think that that's cool..well i dont care.. I DO..!!! I think that this has been one of the longest posts that i have ever writtin...but the funny part is..i dont seem to remember where i started(see...the wonderful phenomemon of changing topics)..guess this post has jus been a post of randomness...and crappy randomness at that...think m gonna hit the sack...its almost two something in the morning...n my eye-lids are freaking burning..!!!!!

Thursday, November 09, 2006


my poor blog has been rotting for a week now..jus haven't had the energy to put up a post..sleepness nights and work-filled days got the best of life is mess...seriously don't feel like dealing with it....just finished with a jury..hope i dont flunk...been so disconnected with the world for the past few words right i'll jus put up another post tommorow..ta for now....

Friday, November 03, 2006 brains are clogging..!!!

my brains are clogging..they really are..!!! i've got so much of work,n i have no clue where to is gettin really hectic and i cant take it anymore...!!! anyway..enough talk about the dreadliness(is that even a word??!!!) that is my life...!!! moving on...i think writer's block has finally got to me(not that im much of a writer) but my fingers just dont seem to be moving over the keyboard as deftly as they used to..anyway,think i'll jus save my energy...enough of this random crap for today....