Friday, November 24, 2006
nervousness,hyperness and my perpetual madness!!!

Its been a day of nervousness,hyperness and my all time perpetual up at 6.30(went to sleep at 4.30 last nite) and ran to go catch the largest board in class for my display...had a jury...which was supposed to start at 9 but as usual, my college with their 'i-don't-give-a-rat's-ass-about-time'attitude prevailed yet again,which wasn't much of a suprise really ,started promptly an hour there were like 9 people in the same session as me(thank god my parents were sensible enough to have named me with a name that starts with an 'a'..cause im sure if it were any further in the line of alphabets..i would have surely bitten up my fingers and not to mention my toes from the shitty tension that i have to go through each and every time m faced with an exam)...god..where was i??? ah..ya..9 people in the same session as me..and i swear the members of the jury kept us each inside drilling us not for less than thirty minutes each..and as usual i had to be one of the last few..the third last to be precise in the line of torture that was awaiting anyway,i go in..and this guy asks me to explain one sheet which i think i have hone my best automatically i look to the the board..but then he's like no..not from the board but from the table(i mean hello..!!! the whole point of putting things up on the bloody board is to show off your good stuff..!!!) anyway..i picked one..and mumbled and fumbled and tried to convince him that i knew what i was talking about..!!! then they move on to my posters(which you can see on the far right)...and this one guy is like 'it looks like these three posters have been done by three different people'..and im like mortified(i mean what the hell is the trying to suggest...well..i know what you were suggesting you ass)hence,i give him this look and ask him if he wanted to see my sketches..he politely as if i was offering him a freaking cup of english tea and a cream scone..!!! so then,they go on about the posters,checking and cross checking if i knew what i was doing...and finally this female looks at one of the posters(the last one on the right) and says it looked psychedelic to her...!!! so i was'am its not supposed to be..its supposed to attract kids(since its an ad for a kids summer art camp),anyway..she went from psychedelic to jamacian to african and then the jury members and i surprisingly started a discussion on the invasions of africa...dont even ask..!!! anyway..i was sooooooooooo glad when it was over..hope they dont flunk me for some of the cheeky remarks i made(i meant for them to be sweet and endearing but god knows how they took it...!!) i was saying..its been a day of nervousness,hyperness and madness(pre-jury) and also a day of the never-ending laziness(post-jury)that just seems to be a part of me that im sure i'll never be able to shrug off unless some serious measures are taken(he he..which we all know will never happen...atleast not in this lifetime)............



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