Wednesday, November 15, 2006
burning eye-lids......... :(

Been meaning to write a post for the past few days now..keep starting and then kept getting bored...m i bored of my blog already?????(panicked expression)....nah..its too early in the game for me to get bored...usually takes awhile..been having a splitting headache since the morning AND felling feverish..this almost never happens to me..i never ever fall sick..ok,except for maybe like once in three years or something...and the thing is that I would always wanna get sick to bunk school but i never did...there's this saying that if you cut a slice of onion and stand with it under your armpit under the sun,you'll actually get a temperature..!! Always wanted to try it...but the onion under the armpit part put me off..ugghhh...anyway,was hopping around the blogosphere (god..that sounds sooo cool!!!) and came across this site called bloghop..its a pretty cool site...despite the fact that i didnt find a single blog that caught my attention..!!!Tried adding my blog to the list but i think its still stuck in the process...i've added the link at the check it out if u want rite now..isn't really bad..did total crap for my computer exam on monday..but then again..not a big thing that i've discorved with this whole blogging deal is that html is pretty cool,...i did actually learn it a couple of years ago when i got this supposed "diploma" from orchid computers(dont even ask!!!) after this summer course that i went for when i was like twelve..i dint even wanna go for the stupid course cause that was the year when i really really wanted a bike ( and by bike,i mean a cycle )and my parents straight off refused to get one for me...I,the spoit child that i was( not really ;) ), made this huge fuss saying that it was the same price of the course and instead of ditching the bike..they should have gotten me the bike and made me ditch the stupid course..anyway..guess it was for the best..learnt alot through the summer(animation on powerpoint is amazing..he he..m suprised i even remember how to do it..!!! )..and did actually get the bike at the end of the summer..!!! It was a fushcia pink ladybird..and i absolutely adored it..!!!! It was like the light of my life at that time..used to ride it around everyday..those were some of the best days of my life..riding my pretty bike around the neighbourhood...most usually i would take the bike around to the nearest "fancy store" ( I was very fond of the five rupee nail polish bottles...!!!) to go check out if they had any new erasers for my never ending collection of "3-D erasers"...and if you dont think that that's cool..well i dont care.. I DO..!!! I think that this has been one of the longest posts that i have ever writtin...but the funny part is..i dont seem to remember where i started(see...the wonderful phenomemon of changing topics)..guess this post has jus been a post of randomness...and crappy randomness at that...think m gonna hit the sack...its almost two something in the morning...n my eye-lids are freaking burning..!!!!!



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