Saturday, November 18, 2006
for N..............

aaahhhhhhh....another morning ,another day...(sorry guess its more like another afternoon,another day...he he he..)was talkin to one of my best friends last night and he was whining bout how he isn't mentioned enough on my blog..well here's a whole post on you u better be happy..!!! Growing up,i always thought having a guy as your best friend was highly wierd,i mean..i used to wonder how you could tell a guy all ur secrets..and to top it off how could you possibly talk to a guy about other guys..!!! But u know is possible to have a completely platonic relationship with guy..and i discovered this when i met N...I've known N almost my entire life..well not exactly my entire life but atleast for about 10 or 12 years now..but i really got to know him only a couple of months back..and from that i can positively say that having a guy as your best friend is a billion times better than having a girl as your best friend..!!! (save for a few exceptions..!!!) N is the type of person you know that you can always always count on..for absolutely anything...from giving you advice on any subject under the sun to cheering you up when your down in the dumps to a million other things...!!! Now N,he's the deep guy that i mentioned in one of the earlier posts,usually has like about a thousand things milling around in that head of his...loves 'logical puzzles',loves 'being right'(every single time..ppstt:i hate to admit this but he almost always is..),loves 'inventing stuff',loves to think that his 'brain is actually brainy'..he he he,loves 'analysing stuff',loves coming up with the wierdest of 'theories' and above all loves 'obsessing about himself'..!!!! Every single person should have an N in their lives...and i know that i am soo lucky to have the one and only N as my best friend...thanks for everything you and hope i can be there for you as much as u've been there for me..please dont ever change..atleast for my sake...hope you get everything u ever wanted............................

p.s; did i mention that he also likes to think that he's the 'funniest guy' alive..!!! (well N..ur not..!!! he he he)

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say: completely anonymous and have absolutely no connection to u watsoever but i feel that this N guy ur talkin about is a pretty cool i wish i had some one like him as a friend....anyway....ur one lucky girl...

8:53 PM 

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