Thursday, September 24, 2009

4 months later.

The madness that is college . The 'sort of cute' guy at the gym . Chicago . Not the place, the play . Losing weight . Dancing for the first time . Ever . Facebook . Interning . Riding around town like a crazy person . Losing friends . Dancing some more . Acting or trying to, at least . Realizing that the 'sort of cute' guy at the guy was not cute at all, and was a year and a half younger than me . Wearing a LBD on stage! Loneliness . Devouring six entire seasons of One Tree hill . Friends getting engaged . Portfolios . Apple Crumble . Making friends . 10 Downing Street . 'Single My Ass'. Sleepless nights . The possibility of moving to Bombay . Rehearsals . The 7 day diet . Putting on weight . Glitzy costumes . Not being the perpetual wallflower for once in my life .

That pretty much sums up the past four months. The four months during which I couldn't find it in me to update this space, not because I didn't have anything going on my life, but because I was utterly and completely uninspired. I'd manage to get about three sentences down before I'd decide to abandon it. This happened about thirty times, so there's roughly round ninety random sentences laying around my drafts folder. In case you haven't noticed, I'm balancing precariously on that thin line between 'stop writing forever' and 'stop writing forever, you suck'.

Today happens to mark my 3rd year in the blogosphere, which is pretty much insignificant considering the fact that for the past six months, I've been the most suckiest blogger around.

I plan to change that though, hopefully.

I miss it here. I miss being able to be my weirdo self, I miss you guys (If any of you'll still read this, that is), I miss the feeling I used to get every time I received a comment, I miss how words used flow from my fingers with an ease that seems almost impossible now but mostly I miss the joy that this corner of the Internet always brought to me.