Saturday, July 28, 2007
this is how you spell random

Laziness as always, seems to have gotten the best of me this past week! I'm forever online nowadays (except when my psycho modem decides that it despises me) and whenever I see a regularly updated blog..bubbles that are a faint shade of green pop over my head. I don't know why but I'm finding it hard to put words down these days, hence the frequent pangs of jealousy.

The past week has been c.r.a.z.y!! It was filled with doctors, scans, tests, tablets, prescriptions, needles..blah,blah,blah! Yes I'm sick..and its really ironic because I spent most of the year telling everyone I know, that my immune system was made of steel! Well guess its not, after all. Sigh.

Got an awesome surprise in the mail the other day..a fellow blogger Alok, being the sweetheart that he is..mailed me the entire first season of "How I Met Your Mother", which by the way is one of THE best sitcoms ever! Neil Patrick Harris is....wait for it...LEGENDARY!! guys have to watch it and I mean "haaavvveee to" equals Prison Break in the comedy genre. That, most definitely was the highlight of my week..thank you soo much made my various illnesses so much more bearable..!

If anyone is bothered (what with hundreds of reviews floating around the blogosphere) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was......LEGENDARY!! (is this getting old already?!) As soon as I shut the book, I squealed and giggled for what seemed like an was THAT awesome!

I have so much of stuff to do..and absolutely no time to do it all..! Is there someone organizing a petition to God for extra hours in a day...because that is one petition I would totally sign!

To conclude, I have to say that aimlessly wandering around cyberspace does have its advantages. Such as this one! *points towards the picture*
Now who wouldn't want a fairy double of themselves...??! I dare you to answer that!

AND that how you spell random!! Absolutely incoherent paragraphs that were forcefully put together for the sake of a post that this blogger was too lazy to write when she was supposed to..which was a week ago, for those who were wondering!

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Blogger confessing7girl had this to say:

girl i didnt know u were sick so from me ... get well soon and get back o blogging!!! yeahh harry potter is last year news already!! :D
i never watched that series... whats the name again... hv to go back!! :D:D
i always enjoy ur random posts cause they r soo completely random!! :P

1:25 AM 

Blogger Silvara had this to say:

you're a complete and utter nut you know that? but a cute one :P

3:44 PM 

Blogger Princess Banter had this to say:

I've been watching that show ever since a month ago -- and until now, I can't believe that Doogie Howser has grown up so much!!! And he's no longer the goody goody young doctor that we all know him to be! Man, how time flies! I loved his role in Harold and Kumar too... that was gold!

7:25 PM 

Blogger Keshi had this to say:

HIMYM is my fav too! :)


10:50 AM 

Blogger vitruvian had this to say:

randomness redefined....
i love himym too...its too funny...
sorry to hear that ur sick...get well take care...

4:11 PM 

Blogger Enemy of the Republic had this to say:

Good looking blog. I plan on voting for it. Thanks for your visit!!!

5:51 PM 

Blogger curryegg had this to say:

Hello girl... I bet you the book must be extremely interesting.. whatelse? J K Rowling's lastest novel! ahahah...

6:36 PM 

Blogger JollyRoger had this to say:

Thanks for passing by my posts. You write well 2.

8:34 PM 

Anonymous kaylee had this to say:

I didnt know you were sick get well soon!!!!!!!!!!!! girl!!!!!!!!!

5:04 AM 

Blogger Ekta had this to say:

awww...well hope u get well soon!!
but u know there is a positive abt being sick too..u get the world to pamper u and take care of u and u get to be the queen!
Hope u get well soon!

9:56 AM 

Blogger ~*SilverNeurotic*~ had this to say:

Jeeze, I hope you are feeling better now. I hate doctors and tests and all that, I wouldn't be too happy either.

6:06 PM 

Blogger Ab had this to say:

hehe... i still dont understand why no body steps up and suggests that Harry Potter may be one of the "best stories ever told"
okay, judging by the ending, it'll be just like another bollywood movie, but still, the rest...!

1:42 PM 

Blogger Alok had this to say:

oh!! I am mentioned (grins like an idiot from ear to ear)...god i envy you, cant write anything only, bloody eng definately screws creativity, but the germ of an idea is forming...lets c...cheerio and thanx ever so much for mentioning me, thts my second, frst being the rather dubious review on critique my blog...but thanx a ton.

5:23 PM 

Blogger KAYLEE had this to say:

and thanks for visiting my blog:)

2:35 AM 

Blogger lemonade had this to say:

@confessing girl
aww thanks girl..i always feel bad when i post useless..

he he..i know! didn't know about the cute part though :D

@princess banter
i know! i grew up on doogie howser so its really weird to watch him now..though i've haven't caught harld and kumar..must watch it..

we do have alot in common kesh! :)

thanks girl :)
"randomness redefined".. now why didnt i think of that for a title?!

@enemy of the republic
aww..thanks a lot! and thanks for visiting!

it was really good! hope u had fun on ur trip.. :)

hey thanks alot :)

thanks so much! u get well soon too :)

yeah i know! thats THE best part! :)

god..ur telling me..when i saw that needle coming at me, i almost died!

u jus said it mister! :)
yeah..though the ending a tad was pretty apt!

of course i mentioned you!! :) don't thank me man..seriously..
and please don't envy me..believe me..that isn't even real i said random words just for the sake of a post..

11:39 AM 

Blogger Irreversibly Screwed had this to say:

i just started watching it and it is LEGENDARY!!!... lol... not in the same league as FRIENDS but pretty good... u cant really compare the two coz this is pure comedy... FRIENDS had a very emotional edge to it... i still feel sad when i watch the last episode of season 10... i just hope they keep this up though.. hopefully it wont slide down!!... the worst part about these shows is the waiting between the seasons... y dont they pull ekta kapoor off air... maybe we can start an online petition on that... hmm... :-P

1:26 AM 

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