Sunday, October 14, 2007
What has the world come to?!

No seriously what is wrong with my generation??! Actually I'm being slightly unfair with that generalization..that sentence should have been..what on earth is wrong with all the girls my age?!! Either they're on crack or they're just plain dumb!

Let me take you back to the beginning of this story..well it isn't exactly a single story, its rather a culmination of the lives of a bunch of stupid girls who think they know what they're doing! Now let me warn you..I might tend to sound like a self righteous bitch through the entirety of this post but the fact is that I do know wrong from right, at least most of the time and I'm pretty darn sure that I have quite a bit of sensibility in this head of mine however small it may seem!

Well, it all started when a good friend of mine started dating this guy. From what we heard, the guy was supposedly really sweet and acting all 'first-few weeks-with-a-new-girlfriend' nice. The only shocker seemed to be that he was 30! (my friend is 19) Anyway..the surprise passed and since she was apparently so in love we let it go. A few months later, surprise, surprise..we find out that he's actually 40, and wait that's not all..and he's a divorcee to top it all off. But the romance still continues since my friend is evidently blinded by that crazy little thing called love.

The second part of this tale is about this girl I went to school with. She was one of those annoyingly irritating, star basketball player, prefect types..I'm pretty sure you know the kind. Anyway, after school she went on to study medicine like her father who happens to be a pretty well known doctor in town. A few weeks back, there it was splashed across that the papers for the entire city to see that this girl had gone and secretly gotten married to her driver, seven months ago and was still living in her parents house- Alaipayuthey style (people in Tamil Nadu, you know what I'm talking about!) When they did find out about it, a whole seven months later they went ballistic just like you would imagine any normal parent to go. They apparently went and caused some trouble at the girl's in laws place, so the girl went to the cops and filed an FIR against her parents and made a huge public statement, which is how the whole newspaper drama enfolded. She not only caused so much of trouble for herself but publicly humiliated her parents, who just for your information paid like 40 lakhs to get her into med school in the first place. That's about $100,000, a hundred thousand dollars!! Spelling it out always seems to emphasize the point more.

The third story is about this other girl who I study with in college or rather studied with in college. Yes, that's in the past tense because this girl is now a college dropout. This one was another spoilt brat just like the second one. She's a biker chick..rides a pulsar, has her lip pierced, blond hair..the whole nine yards basically. Now this one went and got herself a bad boy, not only did she get him, she's keeping him! This guy, owns a tiny eat out on an unnamed beach here in Chennai and he's like 28. Anyway, that's beside the would have been fine if he was just this girl's boyfriend but no..she moved out of her house to go live in his shop and her parents don't know yet. She quit college and she's engaged to the guy. Do you want to know the best part?? She has only known the guy for a month and a half of her life, out of which they were seeing each other for a month and engaged for the rest of the while! And oh did I mention that her parents are the like one of the sweetest set of parents around and gave her everything she ever asked for including love and this clearly isn't even a desperate cry for attention. this is just rebelliousness without a cause. Like're 19, you know this guy for a month and who's background isn't isn't even that great and he's already your fiance. I mean come on..are you slightly crazy. The latest is that she's looking after the shop, sitting there the whole day!

The fourth part of this never ending tale is about this girl who is a classmate of a really good friend of mine. Just for the record I do not know the girl personally so I cannot vouch that facts are true. Anyway..this girl is seeing this guy who is married. Wait..obviously that is not how the story ends. The guy also has a four year old son and now the girl is persuading the guy to divorce his wife and abandon his son, in order to be with her..and guess what..the guy agreed!

Do you see a common pattern through all of these stories? All the girls are nineteen, they all seem to have studied in good schools, had a normal upbringing but still cant seem to keep their heads on their shoulders!!

Am I the only one who is appalled by this behavior?! Is this normal? To have one person you know who does stuff like this is pretty normal..but four people..and all during the same time?! What is up with this world, have people just decided to take all their values and chuck them out the window in the name of love?! These girls are nineteen years years old for heaven's sake, they probably don't even know what love means in the first place! They're in the middle of their days in college and yes they're also on the brink of adulthood, but that certainly does not justify their actions. How do they plan to live the rest of their lives, how do they plan to make a living? The whole situation slightly bewilders me. I mean, do they not think of all these things when they make major decisions like these in their lives?! Decisions that could end up affecting their entire lives. Ok I better stop now, this whole topic just gets me hot and hyper and I end up asking myself a lot of questions that I just can't seem able to find answers for.

You know what..after seeing all that that's going on around me, frankly I'm surprised that there aren't already a few love-children in the making!


Blogger ♥busy_writer♥ had this to say:

i totally eco your words. there is sumthin definitely wrong with the generation. damn. i've had some of my classmates running away frm home with these totally-old-good-for-ntn-but-mushy-talk guys!! and these classmates are 16, for crying out loud!
shucks! what's with the world?
the worst part is, they run away to this different state.. stay for abt a week, and then they're dumped there. and u can imagine, all the drama later.
is it totally, irrestibly, uncontrollable hormones or what?!
p.s-you've got the most amazing templates designed! honestly, amazinly awesome work! :)

12:51 AM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

wow i have a similar story.....a few relatives of mine got into this major accident in chennai and they were all in the ICU. In the meanwhile the girl (who wasn;'t in the accident but whose mom and bro were in critcal condition) decided to elope with this drug addict. turns out she kept supplying him with money to support his habit. last i heard she moved in with him and is livin wit him...imagine the state of the family who are already traumatised about the accident.

2:07 AM 

Blogger *~Tey~* had this to say:

stupid people make stupid decisions...and I think they have this mentality that they can still make silly decisions and that it won't have any effect on their future. But sadly it does.

6:00 AM 

Blogger Kirthi had this to say:

it take a lot of maturity for someone of your age to understand such stuff! its not your generation dear.. but the same has been happening generation after generations!! i do sound old don't i! :)

its our choice if you want to be a part of this nonsense or learn from it and not make the same in your life.. so chil gurl, you do have your head straight n i'm sure u wil work wonders :)

9:35 AM 

Blogger Keshi had this to say:

no amount of good education or great family backup can save a stupid person. thats all I can say :)


10:05 AM 

Blogger ♥busy_writer♥ had this to say:

oh yea, btw, blogrolling you!

5:43 PM 

Blogger Irreversibly Screwed had this to say:

ur right!!!... i know this chick who was dating an absolute maniac... even though he's the same age as us i couldn't believe that she had let herself be treated like a total doormat... when i found out about how he had been asking her to give up her friends and stuff i had to literally slap her out of it... at least she's wiser now!!... i hope its just a phase and these chicks ur talking about realize that they're only fucking up their own lives!!!..

10:15 PM 

Blogger thethinker had this to say:

FORTY?! Wow. That's actually kind of creepy.

2:46 AM 

Blogger Silvara had this to say:

Hey be honest before I went to India, these kind of stories would have shocked me as well. But when I went there, my cousin told me the wildest tales of girls from her college that seriously I was left speechless. And what pisses me off is that they consider us NRI girls to be "too westernised" and "wild" when all this crap is going on in the own backyard! I can tell you that I haven't even HEARD of anyone doing anything like this here and people do talk.

Dunno what girls are up to these days - rebellion maybe? But what Keshi says is have the great background and family, but if you're still stupid...hehe nobody can save you there.

Btw - that Tamil movie is exactly the same as "Saathiya" with Rani Mukerjee. I think they must have copied it lol.

6:15 AM 

Blogger Lavanya had this to say:

God, what is wrong with them?!
40 year olds?
Potti kadai owners?
Married guys?

Ew, what were those girls thinking?!!!
And lemon you didnt sound one bit the righteous bitch. You're probably just as grossed out by this as we are.

8:44 AM 

Blogger Lavanya had this to say:

erm, and silvara, Saathiya is the hindi remake of alaipayuthey. =P =P

8:45 AM 

Blogger Tys on Ice had this to say:

alrity then...i just hope whn i hve my daughter she is able to reason like tht age the hormones seems to control us, most of the time its abt making a point..everything is abt the drama..and there are some sickos who target these parents, one can only guide and hope for the best...

5:06 PM 

Blogger Sarcastica had this to say:

Oh my God. This sounds like so many girls from our generation, it makes me sick!

I personally think I made a great choice. My guy is my age and normal, and yes we have our little lovers spats but things are progressing at a normal rate for people our age.

I'm not engaged, I'm not dropping out of college to be with him, and I'm fine!

8:19 AM 

Blogger s.H.a.S.h.I had this to say:

hey lemonade... these days.. youngsters get too influenced by movies...
these days guys r more responsible towards family and take responsible decisions.
Gals love these escapades.. they never realise wht trauma they're parents got thru..

2:12 PM 

Blogger Dip.. had this to say:

hehe to each his own! who cares..

falling in love at 19 is dangerous. i did too (right now i totally agree with my mom that it wasn't love! but at that time i was sure it was! ) Realized that i better get out of it. i did. and it wasn't too late!

but yeah...this is like extremes..marrying the driver....wanting to marry a 40 year old divorcee....


2:25 PM 

Blogger Zhu had this to say:

Witty Bridget Jones with an Indian twist and an awesome template... Yeah, I like your blog ! :D

I also wonder what's wrong with my generation. I think we all do ;)

7:39 AM 

Blogger Roshan R had this to say:

its different from before, isnt it.. it seems shocking but it really isnt.. everyone seems to take everything for granted.. and thats scary.

p.s. awesome job on NAgs blog

8:10 PM 

Blogger tulipspeaks had this to say:

first timer here and i hv to congrats u on this good write up.

i agree these things happen.. in fact it happens everywhere. guess, they r lacking maturity and the person they are with are no better either.


7:56 AM 

Blogger Ms. Vessa had this to say:

Hello there! Nice blog you got here.

I think that these girls have a normal upbringing and are really spoiled and all, but their parents forgot to stuff their daughters with good moral values.

I mean, sometimes you just have to question the parents if they properly educate their daughter's morality. They seem to provide them with material things and all, but they forgot to tell them what's a stupid action from a not so stupid action. Do you get what I mean?

Anyway, I understand why you despise these girls. And I linked you, btw. :-)

12:17 PM 

Blogger Michelle had this to say:

oh my holy god....!! yeah i know what ur talking many cases here too none of my frnds tho just frnds of frnds lol...

one of them fell in love with this 30 yr old guy and they dated for like 2 yrs or sumtin...the guy cud barely talk english...but yeah it ended(big surprise)

a skool acquaintance got herself pregnant and now theres this ongoing battle about how the guy HAS to marry her...hes also some weird ghaat

but yeh the cases uve stated r beyond shaking ur head...there is obviously sumtin wrong with those girls' heads...a visit to the psychiatrist wud do them good but considering what they have made of their lives, they obviously dont want any good...

its sad...really very sad...esp when its nt the parents' fault in the upbringing

*btw lemony i dunno wuts up with my blog...its a huuuge just happened one day and i din even mess arnd with the template :S

1:19 PM 

Blogger Rejoy had this to say:

hmmm.. this one is makin my brain go "whrrrr" so lets work this problem out. Reasons for hot young girls, goin for crazy good for nuthins:

1. inspired by a movie
2. for the heck of it
3. scared of endin up married to some random nerd
4. supply of real men exhausted
5. so that lemon* will blog about it

and thats just to get u started...

2:00 PM 

Blogger Nova had this to say:

Its just starting out.. I have a fear, this will grow worse!! :(

8:14 PM 

Blogger AmitL had this to say:

Hi,Lemonade..coming here via the link in Michelle's blog...I see some extremely nice writing,I'll surely be back for reading some of the earlier posts.

About this one,I can't say that I'm astonished...I mean,today,with such a vast multitude of choices available to this generation,right from TV channels from round the world,to this magnificent thing called the internet,to the print media,things have to change,na?Some for the better,some for the worse. Traditions,naturally,go for a toss.But,all said and done,what I'd say is,I hope all your friends are happy now and forever,with their decisions.:)

Cheers and have a nice day.

9:07 AM 

Blogger curryegg had this to say:

I got what you mean...
Suddenly I remember this phrase: "Love is blind".

Anyway, this does happen in my country too... :(

11:26 PM 

Blogger Grafxgurl had this to say:

well about the girl who got engaged within a month,
i met and figured out that i had to marry my husband all in one month and so did a close friend of mine with her husband...

i dont think you should judge people on their decisions unless the result is a bad one.

im glad things turned out the way they did with my marriage..

Imagine dating someone for a long time only to have it fall apart. Whats the sense in that then?

1:46 AM 

Blogger Nabila Zehra Zaidi had this to say:

Surprising?? neah!!
Shocking?? neah!!

Not because I have seen too many cases like this already, but because take it or leave...there are just a few level headed peeps left in this world (ME ME ME ME too..!!).

And this makes me proud to be me and trust me...I love to put up such examples in front of my parents every time they have a complaint...oh i love it...As for these lovely young lasses..."girls...your bad...if only you had more could have found yourself a better life maybe...>>sigh<<...pity is all I got for advices!!" :)

11:57 PM 

Blogger Silvara had this to say:

Hahah @ lavanya - sorry that's what I meant. I know Bollywood ain't that original :P

4:52 AM 

Blogger catmiester had this to say:

lemon... darling...
Its not 19 year olds alone... its people of every generation...
I can tell u a few stories of my own.. here.
My best friend is having an affair with a 45 year old man... and refuses to talk to e, coz I disapprove completely.
I know 3 people, who are divorced at 27, and having affairs left right and centre.
Things are getting rotten, babe... coz there's something missing... I think its some sort of restlessness, which takes over these people. Lack of rationality... and need for reassurance ( I wonder if I'm one to talk at all !!)
Dont get ureself all wound up about it... it's happening all around us, and all we can do is try and keep ourselves sane in the face of it.

Take care

11:43 AM 

Blogger catmiester had this to say:

lemon... darling...
Its not 19 year olds alone... its people of every generation...
I can tell u a few stories of my own.. here.
My best friend is having an affair with a 45 year old man... and refuses to talk to e, coz I disapprove completely.
I know 3 people, who are divorced at 27, and having affairs left right and centre.
Things are getting rotten, babe... coz there's something missing... I think its some sort of restlessness, which takes over these people. Lack of rationality... and need for reassurance ( I wonder if I'm one to talk at all !!)
Dont get ureself all wound up about it... it's happening all around us, and all we can do is try and keep ourselves sane in the face of it.

Take care

11:43 AM 

Blogger poisonivy had this to say:

oh thats simply insane!!! 40 yr old!?!? (Ok i've experienced that one.. but my frd was 17 and dating a 31 yr old and still is even though she is in USA and hes out here.. and she cheated on him! the world is crazy)
marrying ur driver and then sueing ur parents.. shucks.. thats sick..
im seeing a guy too (he is a normal fella) and also, we're not dropping out of college just to be with each.. we're quite happy in college!

dating a married guy.. whoa thats like completely outta lines... so out of lines that the line can be seen as a dot (Joey's dialogue) ...and i find it hard to believe that the guy will leave his family for her...

this is sad. seriously what is wrong with these girls?
are they like really really, i mean really really dumb or is it karma? or some other reasons.. it can't be love..!!

1:58 PM 

Blogger P.R.E.E.T.I had this to say:

bein 23, i thought my generation ws weird bt i hv GOT to agree wit u...the younger onez make us feel like saints! (did i juz say younger onez...damn!makes me feel old!)

my lil baby cousin (yea rite!) ws in a 'serious' relationship wit some sad ass guy 10 yrz her age when she ws in the 10th. Turnz out the dude gt her best friend preggy n the polie had to force him to marry her...n here my lil cousin was all tears!

n recently..? an 18 yr old friend of another cousin just 'eloped' with her 32 year old boyfriend, husband, n her parentz r worried SICK abt her...

seriously...wat has the world come to?im rethinkin havin kidz...or gettin married! :)

11:25 AM 

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