Thursday, October 25, 2007
3:20 am, last tuesday morning...

First things first..Thank you Angad!! Itunes currently says that I've listened to 'Into Yesterday', 38 times in the past 5 hours.

I've got a week off at the moment and as usual I'm evading work! so what else is new. I feel like being random eyes are all bleary and I'm yawning nineteen to the dozen, but I feel like blogging, so here I am attempting to type out a post trying to sound the least bit intelligible!

Since we are being random, let me tell you this really funny story. Well, it was funny to me..but I've never been good at telling funny stories, I've noticed that I always screw up the ending which as every sane person knows, is the essence of a funny story.

Anyway, I went over to my best friend's place on Saturday to spend some time with her, watch a movie and you know, to catch up on all the weekly gossip. So we decided to walk over to the video store and get a couple of movies. On the way to the video store she was telling me this story about this guy who had called her a couple of days back and asked her out on a date. Lets call him P. For for a little background..P and me used to go for the same vocal classes when we were like twelve and believe it or not, I had a teeny tiny crush on the guy back then. So anyway, years passed and in that time he'd gone out with this other friend from school who he mercilessly dumped. So basically the guy was so delusional that he thought that he was the biggest stud around when clearly he was not, or still isn't for that matter.

Back to the story..P had called her about three days back and asked her out but she refused, feigning the excuse that she was out of town and would be out of town for the next month when I reality she was very much in town. The next day she went out for dinner with a big group of friends and surprise,surprise..who does she see there? You guessed it! embarrassing conversation ensued and she had to make up a story to get herself out of the extremely sticky situation she had gotten herself into. So as she was recounting this tale to me (shit did I just say 'recounting this tale'..crap..who do I think I am, Jane Austen??) on our walk, as teenage girls often are..we were being really loud and squealy (if you've met me before you'd know that I am one LOUD person oh yea, I squeal for almost anything). So we were basically talking about the whole thing, and she was telling me how she first met him blah, blah, blah, when suddenly..we hear a voice call out 'Hey you!!'. It came from a person who just had just walked past us. We turn around and who do we see...local 'stud' Mister P himself!

My friend and I thought we were hallucinating! We did that thing that they usually do in movies you a perfect double take! It was so freaky. The whole incident not just the 'perfect double take'. Anyway..we spoke to the guy who as usual did not recognize me. For the record, I really am a very unmemorable person, and I have this insane fear that people forget me and never recognize me and usually my worst fears come true..but that story deserves a whole other post. Back to this one, we talk to him and then continue on our walk through out which we laughed uncontrollably.

That night my mother came to pick me up...I was driving (completely forgot to post on that) and telling her this story and right after I finished, we had to stop at a signal. So I bring the car back to neutral, look at the time on the dashboard and then look up again and who do I see crossing the road right in front of my car??? In case you're not able to guess that (which I highly doubt because I'm usually the only person who doesn't seem to 'get' the most obvious things) we saw P AGAIN!!!! Seriously..freaky was so not the word!!

Its the 25th,Thursday 6:40 pm Indian standard time and the above post was written roughly around 8 days, 15 hours and 20 minutes back, that's 3:20 am last Tuesday morning for people who don't know to tell time backwards. College is back on and the amount of work that they've decided to punish us with has brought my life to a standstill yet again. So I'm gonna try my best to find my way back to this page sometime in the near future to publish something that isn't this stale!


Blogger Nabila Zehra Zaidi had this to say:


freaky things happen darling...wanna feel good?? it the power of the energy you must have been thinking so strongly about that person that he came in front of you everytime you thought of of those...dil se bulaya hum chaley aye...(looooool)

9:06 PM 

Blogger the cloud with the bronze lining had this to say:

hmmm life like dat.. nyway gr8 writin... rock on.. n cheer up..cia round..n btw drop by my blog sumtime

11:40 PM 

Blogger ♥busy_writer♥ had this to say:

okay now, that guy is sure gonna live one looooong life :-p you know what they say, if the person you are thinking/talking about happens to enter at the same time, he'll live some 100 yrs or something! :-p
hehe.. anyway, yea lottta such coincidental stuff happns to me too and it nva fails to freak me out!

p.s-replied to your comment on my blog. do check! :-)

11:55 PM 

Anonymous Ish had this to say:

Wow, are you sure this guy is real? Maybe he's a ghost? Or maybe he's following you?!

3:25 AM 

Blogger Silvara had this to say:

heheh or maybe it is "speak of the devil and the devil appears!" :P :)

Funny story indeed, the end wasn't spoilt at all :)

4:51 AM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

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9:19 PM 

Anonymous kaylee had this to say:

hahhahahaha :)

10:07 AM 

Anonymous kaylee had this to say:

hows you been?

10:07 AM 

Blogger sirpy had this to say:

It is not freaky.. Methinks its destiny. :P

12:41 PM 

Blogger Adi Crazy had this to say:

An amazing stylized blog and striking writing skill - How did I miss you till now?

You have a regular stalker now girlie. Loved your blog completely. Keep posting.

1:19 PM 

Blogger Tys on Ice had this to say:

hey maybe destiny is trying to tell u something..maybe, just maybe, Ps the man...or maybe destiny is making sure that u burn his image in ur memory so that u can run anytime he hovers arnd...

who knows with this destiny thing?

5:06 PM 

Blogger preetilata had this to say:

wowwwww wat a nice blog u hv. n ur writting skills r just amazing.

blogrolled u. hope u wont mind.

tk cr
:) :) :)

7:14 PM 

Blogger Nags had this to say:

hehe. yeah that IS freaky!

10:00 PM 

Blogger catmiester had this to say:

These coincidences happen all the time.
Here's one which is soo totally unrelated, and it's been happening with me for the last 2 days:

Currently Reading a book on Africa... totally into it. Love it.

Next thing... I switch on the TV and black Hawk Down is playing. Amazing movie on Somalia.

Next thing, I'm over at a friend's and he's threatening to show me pics of his S.Africa Visit!!!

Is Africa calling?!
It's bizarre!


5:29 PM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

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12:36 AM 

Anonymous lemonade had this to say:

now i know why i should learn

@the cloud...
thanks :) visit again sometime..

@busy writer
i swear..this stuff is soo freaky!!!
PS: send me a mail about the temp and how's the bf? ;)

gosh! maybehe is! i hadn't thought of it that way! ;)

thanks sil.. :) i've noticed that i can never tell a funny story story..always screw it up!


i'm good've u been?

really? destiny? that think that maybe too strong a word..

aww..thank you so much..that meant alot! :)
visit again sometime.

@tys on ice
its not destiny..atleast i hope not! :P

i don't mind at all! thanks a ton!

it is!!!

now that is freaky! time to take a trip don't you think?? ;)

8:42 AM 

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