Saturday, September 15, 2007
4:58 am

It never ceases to amaze me how awesome I am at putting off work! Seriously!
I've been at the computer for 12 hours straight and I've only manged to complete a minuscule of the overflowing mounds of work that just seem to never want to get off my back!
Anyone looking to be hired, to complete the work of the one and only princess of procrastination?

Life is so incredibly dull at the moment, that finding something to blog about is becoming increasingly difficult. Can life actually be this boring?!

On second though, this lull has in fact lead me to think of some stuff that I usually don't give a second thought to.
I've also realized that mulling over and analyzing things does not work for me! I've been told a hundred times before that its okay to let out feelings but the sad part is..whenever I think of emotions as 'feelings'..all I am is blank. This blank space sometimes makes me feel quite soulless. Is it just me or do you go through this too?

Maybe my parents are rightl..maybe the aliens did drop me off into a dumpster after all!


Anonymous ProBlogReviews had this to say:

Thank You for adding me to your blog roll, I will review your sites this weekend.

8:49 AM 

Blogger wacko had this to say:

lol..happens to me all the time!
you just normal i guess...
the language u wrote the post itself depicts how confused you were while writing the post..

and never replied to my mail about designing me a template..i mailed you long back..can you please atleast reply?


3:44 PM 

Blogger Lizzie Borden had this to say:

erm.. girl... they call this phase 'L-I-F-E'... so your wish for your 18th birthday has come true... can you imagine everyday being routinely happy and routinely everything you wanted it to be? I know for sure that I'd roll over and die before I'd let that happen...
Anyhow, in the words of lock stock and 2 smikin barrels "Chill Winston!"... once in a while you just hafta let the days go by... and umm you sound a LOT like me...

4:44 PM 

Blogger Rejoy had this to say:

yeah right! "nothing to blog about" and then u have a million words after that :P

2:33 PM 

Blogger Pro Blog Reviews had this to say:

my sincerest apologies for not posting your review yet, seems blogger has some spam bot that locked my ability to post, I'm working on getting that straightened out which they say may be as early as Monday. Again, I apologize.

11:20 AM 

Blogger Sarcastica had this to say:

Ha you are hysterical! I'm definitely book marking you!

I too, am a princess of procrastination. I should be studying for a test I have this week - worth 20% of my mark - but here I sit, reading your blog...not studying. :D

I'm HORRIBLE at telling jokes, but I do tell funny stories - if they are about me.

2:28 AM 

Blogger Anki had this to say:

that is exaxctly wat my candy looks like!!!!!!!!!!1

2:17 PM 

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