Saturday, January 20, 2007
.....i'm lost for words....

I'm feeling this wierd void at this very moment..for which I'm not sure what the reason is...I think its this song that I'm listening to...but on the other hand it probably isn't....

Oh god..i have no clue what I'm typing or why I'm typing...but this strange urge to put this down overcame that's why this is here...

Note to self: Mcfly-Too close for comfort


Anonymous IdeaSmith had this to say:

I know the feeling. Don't ignore it or wish it away. When you get that urge, sit down and bash away at the keyboard (or notepad) with whatever comes to mind. Believe me, some of my most profound insights have come from such moments.

I love the lemon-theme....lemon is a yummmmm flavour!

1:36 PM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

u know what Lemony? i was just thinking of writin something similar in my blog!!!! "numb" am i? i dunoo! and so i exactly know how u feel!i wish i could be invisible or anything!
...moodswings are good too in a way, like ideasmith tells, mostly realizations comes to me when am in such a mood..i can do alot of soul searching then :) would drift off quickly and u wud be back to ur cheerful hyperactive self!!!tata!Take care!Smile!

3:45 PM 

Blogger sushant had this to say:

when there's a void
don't get annoyed
when there's a gap
take a qiuck nap

cheer up

1:59 PM 

Blogger lemonade had this to say:

lemon is a yummy flavour..!! at last one person who agrees with me..! :)

'numb' is right shammu..thats exactly the way i was feeling..

thanks..that made me smile :)

7:32 PM 

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