Monday, January 01, 2007
a year of changes....

A year is over..a year of changes...changes,some of which have actually changed me and some of which have had absolutely no effect on me...its funny how a year flies addition to being the year with the most changes,i also think that its been the most important year of my teenage life ( does 'teenage life' sound lame..?? m saying it in my head..n i sorta think it does) anyway...all in all its been an important year...lets go over a few things that made it 'that important' shall we..??!! (that's a rhetorical question by that way..its not like you have a choice..mwhahaha [that's my evil laugh people-in case you didn't get it])...i tend to loose track of what m saying,don't i..?? AAAnnnyway.....

January - I was 16..tensions were rising due to much dreaded 'public exams'..

February - I have absolutely no clue about what happened in wonder i had to start a blog..its so easy for me to forget chunks of my life..and we cant have that happening now,can we..?? (no seriously,what the shit is wrong with me..why am i talking like an old aunty..??!!!)..oh ya..Feb was the month in which i was supposed to be studying..but unfortunately..that plan didn't work out..!

March - I turned 17 on the 5th...started my exams i think...they got over on the 23rd and then i spent the rest of the month true lemonade fashion..!

April - April seems foggy..although i do remember that i went for my second entrance exam on the 22nd...oh my god..i cant believe that i cant remember anything else..!!!

May - Went on a holiday to Bangalore and shopped my heart out..!! And best of all became best friends with my best friend..!!(did you notice that i said the word 'best' thrice in that single sentence..! i think the time is getting to me..its exactly 4:35 in the morning..!)And most importantly got my marks...i came 4th in the class with 95.3%..yay..!!!...come on..dont give me that look..if i cant brag here where else can i brag..huh..?!

June - Went to Delhi..and shopped my heart out AGAIN..!!! (if you cant tell that i absolutely love to shop by now..then i guess your just dumb)Other than that..June was pretty much the usual..and by usual i mean that i was probably lazing around doing nothing..!

July - Moved in with my cousin..started college...broke up with 'the ex' for the first was quite an eventful month i must say..!

August - Moved in with my my bike..!!! :) and started living like 5 minutes away from college..I'd never ever experienced that kind of proximity in my that was quite exciting..i mean the whole part where you can leave the house like 10 minutes before your supposed to be at a place..and you'll be there in half the time..of course..i as usual DID not take advantage of the situation and would be in college like an hour before i was actually supposed to..! God..i am such a loser..!

September - Started my blog..!!!! which was the highlight of my life that month...made the stupidest move by getting back with 'the ex'..was pretty stressed out at was taking up my entire life..!!

October - Gave this blog its current look.Thought i was happy with my life..well i thought wrong..!!

November - Broke up with 'the ex' yet again...!! Going to college was like trying to swallow dung..!! (I'm sooo not kidding)

December - Holidays..!! yay..! Lazing..!! yay..! Sleeping till 2 in the afternoon..!! addition to all these highly exciting things that were going on in my life (m trying to be sarcastic if you hadn't noticed) i sang a solo in Church..which was pretty crappy...went carol singing...pigged out on Christmas..!! yay..! And my best friend turned into something more than just a best friend.....

Guess that's the entire round up for the year..its 5:09 in the morning and I'm positively dying to fall I'm gonna go crash...hope this year goes better than last year did..which i actually think is quite impossible..since i made friends with some of the most awesomest ( is that a word..?!) people,started college,learnt alot of new things and basically had a blast..! Even though i bitched so much about the entire year...i really think that its been one of the best years of my life...and NO I'm no being melodramatic..!


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Hectic year indeed!

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