Monday, January 22, 2007

I've got music on my blog..!!!!!!!!!! cool is that..???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm slightly hyper..hell,who am i kidding..I'm pretty much at the peak of my hyperness...!!! The songs that are on it now are my current favs...I hope to keep changing them from time to time but since i know myself and the amount of laziness that I'll have to forgo to actually sit and make the changes will probably put me off doing it for quite a while I'm listen to them and get used to them cause they're gonna be there for a long long time..and I'm sure that you will fall in love with them just as i have......

Life's being pretty good to me right is crappy as usual..but everything else is perfect :) :) :) :) I find that i cant stop smiling..especially when I'm on my bike..which is the worst..cause these random people keep giving me these weird looks..forget about the smiling..when I'm singing..its 10 times worse..!! Why would I sing when I'm riding,you may ask...I guess its because it makes me feel I have this sense of freedom and like i have the power to do anything in the world (I'm a little dramatic today,forgive me ) and moreover i guess i do it because I LIKE TO and because I WANT TO..!!

And while I'm all happy,if there's anyone out there who's's a lil something to cheer you up...( Just imagine me on my bike singing it at the top of my

"The sun'll come out tomorrow
So ya gotta hang on 'til tomorrow
Come what may
I love ya
You're always
A day
A way!"

Oh..and did i mention..when you imagine me singing it while on the bike..also image all the random people on the road laughing at me...I swear that it'll make the entire thing funnier and totally brighten up your day : ) :) :)

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Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

u know what Lemons? ur blog is the first thing that i read today! and am having a sore throat :( but, i did smile reading ur happy, happy happy!!!! ur happy spirits is infact spread al around ur blog!! and am listening to ur songs too!!

and, singing while riding...Godddd, am glad i started off with a blog, cos it makes me feel good when i come to know there are people who are as NUTS as me, and who are used to getting weird looks from other 'normal' people!!! :) :)

be happy! and keep spreading ur happiness and hyperness to whomsoever u can, sweet girl!!
Tata! Take Care!!

2:39 PM 

Blogger Fitness By Marilyn had this to say:

Great Blog. It is very interesting and different. Also beautiful. And lemons are good for sore throats too......

8:44 PM 

Blogger lemonade had this to say:

thanks shammu..i can atleast be comforted by the fact that im not the only insane one on the planet..and u read my blog the first today..?? thats soo increbidlt sweet..thanks :)
hope ur feeling better...

thanks...for the words and the tip..! :)

7:36 PM 

Blogger Debalina had this to say:

Amazing blog.
Comes to me as if I am reading someone's letters, one after the other.

Getting music is good but it does makes the laoding really slow.
Happy blogging !

2:35 AM 

Blogger Silvara had this to say:

Heya Lemon...:D

I decided to pop by as well after your comment - thanks for your words btw. My first reaction was - WOW - it's so BRIGHT!! And then I slunk off back to mine and it felt dull :( LOL.

Your blog is very pretty and I'll def be back here regularly to say hi - so be prepared for nonsensical comments and random jibbering :P

Btw - I LOVE lemons!!! And anything lemony related :D I can eat them as they are...I mean perhaps not with the juice still in them, but I eat the pulp...does that make me weird?? Hehehe...

See ya around :)

4:14 AM 

Blogger Roshan R had this to say:

2 things..
one is the blog is even cooler by miles with the newjukebox!! simply keep ur blog open while i browse so i can listen to the songs while i do my online work :)

also, noticed a certain 'R.J.' in orkut communities had accused u of unoriginality.. same pinch. I got the same 'judgement' from him. Gaaaah !! You wanna share money for a hitman ? :)

3:26 PM 

Blogger lemonade had this to say:

thanks a ton..! :)
ya n i know the site is slow..but i think its b'coz of the blogroll..should get around to doing something bout it..but you know mw.lazy lazy me... ;)

hey..!! glad to see that you visited..!! :)
and believe totally ready for some 'nonsensical comments and random jibbering' as u put it ;)
and no u liking lemon pulp does not make u jus makes you all the more cooler in the 'glass of heaven' world..!! LOL...

hehe..glad to see that u like the juke box and the songs :)

and ya..i so would not mind sharing the cash to finish up that guy..totally pissed me off man..!!i mean he had one post on his blog and was freakin talkin bout originality..!! i blew my top when i read his comments..i mean i expect ppl not to like the blog..but come on..dont be judgemental if you dont know what ur talkin abt..!!

he he..sorry..i get a lil hyper sometimes.. :)

12:20 AM 

Blogger david santos had this to say:

Good blog.
Tank You

3:48 AM 

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