Wednesday, January 31, 2007
I blog.....because i want to!!

I am thinking about..
How much of work I'm lagging behind in..there's soo much to do..and i don't feel like doing any of it..!!!!!! (pretty normal for me..that's usually what I'm thinking about..!)

I said…
and still continue to say a lot of things that should not have been said....

I want to…
be the centre of someone's world... (stolen from 'the cousin's' blog..hope u never read this,but if you do,sorry D...but its the truth..!!)

I wish…
I could be there for people when they most need me.....

I hear…
only what I want to hear,unfortunately...

I wonder..
if whether the path that I'm taking will lead me to my destiny...(yes i believe in destiny,doesn't everybody..??!!!)

I Regret..
more than i should... :(

I am...
who i am...(cliched..i know..but its the truth..!!)

I dance..
very rarely!! Not a 'dancing' person at all..!!

I sing..
best when I'm in the, I'm not talking about the whole 'bathroom singer' thing..I just think that my voice sounds better when it echoes... :)

I cry..
for absolutely anything and everything...anytime and anywhere...

I am not always..
who people perceive me to be...I'm someone completely and totally different..
( If people who knew me knew that I write a blog , they would be very very surprised..! )

I write...
not because i think i can..but because i feel the need to document my feelings for the future.. (mainly for my grand kids to know how awesomely cool their grandma was ;) lol..why am I so freaking obsessed with this grand kid thing..??!!!)

I confuse...
very easily..!!!

I need..
to feel a sense of security in order to be happy...

And finally...
i think i need to get to bed..!!!For heaven's sake..I'm falling asleep in front of the computer..!!

P.S: This is a tag that i think i need to do periodically..say every six months or truly evaluate and analyse what exactly I want and what exactly I'm gettin out of my life...

Today's verdict...not so good..better get a move on if I plan to becoming 'SOMEONE' in life..(which I do plan on becoming,by the way..!!! )

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Blogger Nags had this to say:

yeah, a periodic self analysis does good. mine is pending for so long. have to get it done one of these days. dont get time enuf time alone. internet only at office, thats the problem :) typing in a word doc is not the same as blogger composer.

have a great weekend!

6:52 PM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

hellu sweetie!
me just dont feel like blogging these days :( :( some prob with my weird system!i hop u wil undrstnd!!hehe!!!it wil pass off soon,and i wil update it soon too!thnks for ur coment over thre!i smiled reading that!!

anywys!i liked rreading this post f urs!!i lik comin here alwys!u alwys hve smethin sweet n happy2tell!and its true, a self analysis s needed!and i guess i have been out of touch withmyself for a few months now..and so heres a long coment esp for you!

I am thinking about..
if the decision i hve taken abt my higher studies wud stik on with me,(i hve no idea hw myself behaves at times, and hence d thot)

I said…
let me be myself and live mylife(to some1 just before i read ur coment)

I want to…
be hapy always..and bring smiles and cheer to as many people as i can..

I wish…
I could be there for people when they most need me(ditto)

I hear…
every single sound..which s irritatin at times(esp whn it comes frm certain humans)

I wonder..
what God has stored for the next and d most crucial phase f my life wil be..

I Regret..
having left kerala without saying an apology2some one..the thot comes back2me often..

I am...
the opposite of the general notion of how a girl shud be!!hehe!!

I dance..
often..when am happy!whn my frends r with me!!

I sing..
whn d exms are around d corner!my voie s incredibly sweet then!!

I cry..
for absolutely anything and everything...anytime and anywhere...(ditto)

I am not always..
who people perceive me to be...I'm someone completely and totally different..(ditto)

I write...
for me and for my satisfy my mind n heart..

I need..
----------(hehe, gues it out)

And finally...
noting more..just a tanks to u..atleast i typed someting aftr a few days(it feels as if i hvnt blogged for loooooooong)

thts al budddy!i know its pretty loooong!my balbberings as usual..and this shud hve been put in my blog and not here..but just felt lik doing it!i hop u dnt mind!!!
takecare Lemons!have fun!!
and keep up ur good work!!!spread smiles!!

2:46 AM 

Blogger lemonade had this to say:

thanks sweeti..!! :) am honoured to have a whole post by 'shammu' on my blog..even thought its jus in the comments page..! :) guess by the look of ur posts..we're more alike than i thought..!!
thanks for taking the trouble shams..!! :) and pls post soon..!!!! :)

2:52 AM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

ur still awake???isnt it 3 over thre???or enjoyin friday night eh??
sleep tight!!sweet dreams Lemons!!

2:56 AM 

Blogger Nags had this to say:

For the first time, I leave two comments on the same post. But then again, this is more of a mode of communication.

Bag of m&ms is a done thing. I dont know about the big mac though :D thank u so much for the comment and yes, I will blog from california every night before I sleep so that I dont miss out on even the tiniest detail. ;)

8:44 AM 

Blogger Silvara had this to say:

Heheh great post lemon - I always look at these things and wonder how people make it seem so poetic and articulate - I'd be like, I'm thinking :P

I'll do this one, one day.... :D

4:19 AM 

Blogger Devils Advocate had this to say:

hey u have got a nice template ..
more than the template , u ryt very well ..[:D]

10:27 PM 

Blogger jerry had this to say:

:) Its ok, cliches are sometimes accepted when suited for the ocassion.

1:41 AM 

Blogger jerry had this to say:

Never is, thanks a ton. Its always good to have a few friends. Cheers!

1:52 AM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Oye Lemon (hmmm.....i think i need2find a name2call u) may be its my chance to tell u, that u need to update!what say???

take care!

4:53 AM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

hey lemon,
came here thru shammus recommendation!!
and wow!!!
this was one great post!!! i loved it!!!!

and I happened to have read all the books in your other blog..blogabook...leaving that "The wedding"... I loved the i guess I 'll like this too...who is the author????

3:30 PM 

Blogger Keshi had this to say:

Im such a cry baby too LOL!


10:52 AM 

Blogger lemonade had this to say:

hey!!! me..?articulate and poetic..??!!! thats the funniest thing i've ever heard..!! lol...and btw..m always thinking of

@devils advocate
thanks!! :) visit again

'cliches' and 'corniness'(is that a word even??!!)are my speciality after all..! :)

i finally updated..!! and m one has ever asked me to update before..i can see that u were missing me ;)

hey..!!!thanks a bunch..been to ur blog too a couple of times..awesome stuff..!!
and the weddind is by danielle steel..its a fabulous book..u have to read it..!!! :)

hey keshi!!! i have to say that i love ur blog..!! but always been too intimidated by the number of comments that u always
thanks for visiting..! :)

6:23 PM 

Blogger catmiester had this to say:

fascinating thots... very real.

12:32 AM 

Blogger AmOrTeNTiA had this to say:

heyyyyyyyyy longgggg i gues in dis time gap wer i missed chefckin ou ur blogs its jus gettin truly better an amazin wit time........i luvvvvvvvv your postssssss!!ur very innovativeeeee tat thursday thirteen is really a cool im stuck up here wit ta blogger block as u call it...cant get any idea on wat to post oflate!

11:26 PM 

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