Thursday, February 08, 2007
blogger block and my first thursday thirteen!!

Blogger block..!!! Not like I ever had much to write about..but nowadays its becoming harder to actually put something down (other than my butt that is..lazy,lazy me who cant get off her arse is back..!!)

College is getting tougher by the minute (not an exaggeration!!) and I'm beginning to feel like a an imposter who knows what I'm doing when in reality I actually have no clue aboout what's going on..especially where art is concerned..(which I'm guessing isn't a good thing being an design student and all..!!!) When I started college eight months back..I had absolutely no idea what the next four years had in store for me..I mean no one ever knows..but this was different since the path that I had decided to take was one based on a last minute decision and something I'd never ever considered as a career option before...anyway,I hope things turn out for the best at the end of these three and a half gruelling years that lie ahead of me..I think i better stop talking about this becuase I start gettin anxious whenever I think about the future and start wondering about what it holds for me...we'll just have to wait and see now,wont we...

Onto a lighter topic...blogging these days has seriously become harder..I find myself writing a few lines and then totally abandoning my compose page because of the tons of distractions that you fellow bloggers [damn you awesome writers and your amazing posts ;) ] and the rest of the internet provide...the first line of this post was written 3 days you get my drift right..??!!

Thought i'd start writing the 'Thursday Thirteen' meme every thursday..for those of you who dont know what that is..its where u write 13 points under a specific topic, for example.."13 thirteen things i dont understand about reality tv"..or "13 non edible things that i want to pop into my mouth at this very moment" or u could be less random and just do like a "13 things that scare the shit outta me" or a "13 things that i obsess about" post..! So here's my first thursday thirteen post...and jus to completely establish what a lazy bum I first thursday thirteen post is a picture idea i stole from the lovely Silvara's blog.
[today is saturday and the above paragraph was written on thursday the 8th of feb...but im gonna finish it anyway,even though it isn't thursday anymore]

So here it is.... Lemonade's Thursday Thirteen #1
(hover over the pictures to see whats written for each picture..or if ur jobless {which I'm pretty sure that you are since your here sitting at my blog in the first place}..u can actually click on the link and read the whole thing)

"13 totally random things and how i feel about them"

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p.s:I made the "Thursday Thirteen" banner myself,so if anyone wants me to make one to match your blog..i'd be happy to do it for you..only u gotta tell me in like the next 5 days cause my trial banner maker expires pretty

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Blogger shams had this to say:

hii!glad2 c the post!
about the bloggers' block, hehe, i guess everyone feels like that at a point of time, but i guess,write for urself, and for ur happines and when u feel like ;)..i enjoy ur posts ;) so keep 'em coming....
about college..i guess i was also feeli lik u@1st year coleg, but later on,everythin started fallin back in shape,and if u hve been readin my bog, u wud hve known by now that am totally MISSING my college,the studies, the exams,my labs,my experiments, my projects,and OFCOURSE,the fun,laughter,enjoyment and decision to do biotek was taken by me and myself alone, at the very last minute,but now am glad and am sure i hve taken the rite decision... and so just dont worry too much abt anythin, u wil soon realise ur decision was after all wud be okie for u too :)
and i totally LOVED the thursday thirteens!! a great idea i guess! junkie monkey?? hehe!! nice post anywyas!!
take care&sorry for the blabberings!!

6:56 PM 

Blogger shams had this to say:

okie,i gues i forgot2sign out f my original id ;), well if u didnt understand its me Shammu ;D :D!!

6:57 PM 

Blogger Silvara had this to say:'s addictive isn't it?? :P
Great idea for the thursday 13's....My low standards would have it maybe at a 5, 3 if I'm lucky lol...I hope you can make 13! Uni is great fun and you should enjoy it while you're there - I'm ready to tackle to working world!!! Only ! semester left!

11:53 AM 

Blogger Nags had this to say:

Hey, bloggers block seems to be doing you good. That was one long post :D

Like the Thursday 13 idea. Only ques is whether u will do this every week :)

wait and watch huh?

2:10 PM 

Blogger Sujeet had this to say:

Nice One.
Will look forward the next thirteen.

2:47 PM 

Blogger Alok had this to say:

Hi, seems you caught with a nice idea, innovative though. But I do wander why it’s only “Thursday 13“, not sure can lazy bum will make it always :)

Keep Blogging
- Alok

1:10 AM 

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