Friday, February 16, 2007
tv time..!!!!

Two posts in one day..!! I'm on a roll..!!

I'm actually trying to speed things up a bit here because i want to reach my goal of 50 posts by my half year blogiversary (I swear that that's an actual word..!!) which is on the 24th of this month..hence the enthuness of posting twice in a single day..! Lets hope that this is one goal that I actually reach..!!!

American Idol yesterday was awesome..!!! The top 24 are picked and by the looks of it..they're all raring to go..! I have to say that this is the first season of American idol that I'm watcing (damn you CAS)..i mean obviously I've watched random episodes but I've never actually followed an entire I'm determined not to miss a single episode this season.!!!
I was really sad when the Indian brother and sister got separated..and i confess that I did cry..I mean it was so could you not cry..but i think the fact that they were half Indian was partly why i was sobbing..I was really rooting for the both of them to get into the top 24 but I guess I can settle for the fact that one of them is in..! So anyway..this post is just to record my favorites and see is the list changes in the coming weeks..!!

Guys..!! Sanjaya Malakar,Phil Stacy,Nick Pedro and Chris Sligh.
and the Girls..!! Lakisha Jones,Jordin Sparks,Antonella Barba and Alaina Alexander.

p.s: There's a rumour on the internet that the show is rigged and that Brandon Rogers is the next American Idol..!! We'll just have to wait and see now,wont we...


Anonymous shammu had this to say:

haha!today was my 51st post, one is stil in the draft, soo thaat was my 50th post i gues! :) i hope u reach ur target soon!! *Grinning!!
and American IDol lets wait and see where its headin to!
Take caare Lemonkutty!

10:35 PM 

Blogger Silvara had this to say:

Hehehe good luck on the posting!! I think Australian Idol and Indian Idol should be starting up soon as well. We won't get American Idol for a while....good luck to all of them and go the Indian!!! LOL

5:20 AM 

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