Saturday, February 24, 2007
the week that was..!!!

Today's my half year blogiversary...and I proved my lazy self right by waiting until the last day to bring my post total up to 50 posts which was the 'supposed' goal..!! I'm one post short of 50 but hopefully that post will find its way here sometime tonight...and I'm stressing on the 'hopefully' bit...

The past week has been pretty exciting. It started off all 'blah' with submissions and juries (thank god that's over!)..we had a geometry module this semester..and mind you it wasn't just some run of the mill geometry stuff you usually was actual hands on practical geometry.Anyway..for our final submission we were divided into groups of three and had to come come up with a product or just a model that showcased all that we had learnt in the module.So we (my group that is) came up with this idea for a lamp inspired by this chandelier that we saw on this awesome site. Its made up of an icosahedron, 20 triangular prisms topped up with 20 tetrahedrons (am i making this post incredibly boring..??) has an opening through which we put some lights in..and believe,me when we turned those lights on..the effect was magical,if i do say so here it is...the coolest hanging lamp I've ever seen...ta da....

I know that it doesn't look that great here..but believe me..with the lights off it emits this warm glow that gives me goose bumps..!! (not kidding!!) So..that was Monday and Tuesday..Wednesday and Thursday were uneventful..hanging out at the ascendas food court and watching American Idol were the main things on the agenda...ooh...almost forgot..went for 'Music & Lyrics' on Thursday night..and it was awesome..!!! But then again I'm a die hard rom-com fan so,I'd obviously think that it was the best thing since the invention of coke..speaking of good movies..'The Holiday' and 'Just My Luck' are also a must watch for people with romantic comedies as the main course on their movie plate.(Did that last line sound dumb..?!) Moving on..Friday was an absolute blast..I was helping my cousin out at her stall at a carnival at my Alma Mater (school and not college in my case). We had this body tattoo and nail art stall..and the kids went crazy..I must have painted around 70 little blue butterfly's on their tiny hands..the little kids were sooo adorable...there was this one kid called Cheryl who was such a sweetheart..she was chattering away the entire time she was standing there..and saying all these incredibly cute line that I remember is..."I love piiiiiiiiiinnk,aaaannnd I loooooooooovee purple and looooooove lelllllllow" *in the cutest voice a three year old can have*....!!!!!! So thats the basic roundup for the week...almost forgot....22nd was Silvara's Happy belated Birthday Silvara..!!! Hope this year turns out great for you...which it obviously will..what with D-day coming up so fast and all ;)

I'm off to my friend's ranch tomorrow for a day of fun and frolic (corny..?! I think NOT..!!) in the sun...!!! Hope you guys have a great Sunday..!! The big five-o will be up in a few hours...hopefully......

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Blogger Silvara had this to say:

Thank you sweetie!! Happy Blogaversary for you too (belated as well lol). May you keep the randomness going :P

9:06 AM 

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