Wednesday, February 21, 2007

When I read other blogs.I get this strange feeling that I'm not writing what I'm supposed to be writing..I mean,am I doing my blog justice by just writing crap on it..??!! Am i writing crap..??! What is the exact definition of crap,crappy and utter crappiness..??? Is crappiness even a word....??! The questions (well actually just the first one..those others are just the insane aftermath of that question..! ) just keep swimming around my head and I'm yet to find a sensible answer..!! How is it that every other person who i know in the blog world..knows how to make even the simplest of words and feelings meaningful and makes them seem like those words were the result of hours of pondering,when in reality its just something they thought of and decided to write on a whim and most importantly how do they seem to make everything they say ,the polar opposite of crap (whatever that definition may be..!!)..why doesn't that ever happen to me..? Why,why,why..??!! Why am i the only one who gets stuck in this rut of crappiness..???!!!! Why am I stuck with words that just make sense but don't seem to have even the slightest fragment of poetic grace that all you others out seem to have in abundance, why am I the one stuck with paragraphs of random words that don't have even a smidgen of beauty that comes naturally to everyone else and why am I the only one who whose words don't kindle a sense of poignancy which is always the case,at least for me when i read other people's blogs.....and once again a series of questions rouse curiosity that most usually cant be satisfied...Am i supposed to be worrying about this blog thing..?? Am i supposed to care...?? Isn't this blog supposed to be for me...??!! Didn't I start it to just fulfill the my compulsive inquisitiveness to know what blogging was all about..??! Didn't I start it with randomness in mind..??! I know that all the answers to these questions are supposed to come from me..but the funny bit is,that i cant seem to find matter how hard i look.........................

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Blogger Silvara had this to say:

ALWAYS write for yourself Lemon, the moment you start writing for other people - it gets too hard. My blog is just a venting space and I put utter crap on it all the time (I mean c'mon - Bald Britney??? :P). I like your style and I think the randomness is really cute. So keep it up :D

3:46 AM 

Anonymous shammu had this to say:

hello sweety kutty!! believe me ur blog is beautiful!!! i guess lot many people thinks so too, and i do know 2 people who cheks out ur blog to "feel happy" (3 inlcudin me ) what more do u need???? ur randomness or crappiness or whatever u say, isnt it,isnt crap!!and one more thing u shud knoww is that,most other bloggerrrrrs out thre includin ME thinks that they are typin out utter crap!!!HEHEHE!!! and i said u once, write for urself, for u, not for others, then no matter what u write, it would stil be beautiful cos it comes from the heart!!! so no worries okies??? take care,keep bloggin, keep posting, keep spreadin ur smiles!

5:11 AM 

Blogger AmOrTeNTiA had this to say:

heyyyyyyy cumon............y r u feelin dis way? i really feel ur posts r way amazinnnn an so gud to readdd than ta usual blogs i cum across day in an day outtt... seriouslyyyyy...u hav such a nice colection of posts out here ....cheer up an rise ur spiritss.....keep wiritin an as ppl above hav said..u write blogs for sel;f satisfactionn so as long as u feel contended once u post sumthinnnn don careee abt wat anythin else........

11:43 PM 

Anonymous shammu had this to say:

heyy :)
was this the 50th post?its tomoorw right?i mean,i guess its already 24th right?
so happy blog-halfiversary(whaat a word??) for ur lemonade!

1:29 AM 

Blogger jerry had this to say:

I don't know what to say, I understand your dilemma though. But let me explain, there are no particular rules of writing or telling here in Blogs. Its a new medium, everyone gets to bring about the imagery in their own style. Everyone's different, and what you have to work for is to be able to understand a way you express the best in the simplest language. Everything else follows. I allow this to help me in works and you be read. You write well, others don't matter.

12:29 PM 

Blogger Shyma Shetty had this to say:

Why am I stuck with words that just make sense but don't seem to have even the slightest fragment of poetic grace that all you others out seem to have in abundance

Beacuse your posts containg truth... and no poetic beauty can compare to sheer honesty.

6:13 PM 

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