Friday, February 16, 2007
Thursday Thirteen #2

"13 things about the past week"

  • Spectrum has got to be one of the most boring college culturals ever..!!! The past three days were so incredibly boring that i cant even begin to explain the excruciating pain i had to endure through the whole entire ordeal of sitting through two of the worst plays ever (little monkey theatre..u guys suck!! sorry for being so blunt but its the truth..please,please get someone too proofread your pathetic excuses for scripts next time...!!!..!!!) and not to mention the crappy compering..!
  • Junkyard Groove is the coolest..!!! They actually played a song for yours truly..well,not exactly..they said it was for me only because i was screaming for it the entire (follow the link and listen to 'Its Ok'!!!)
  • I discovered that i have an extremely low level of willpower!
  • I got red streaks in my hair..!!!! yay..!!! :) :)
  • I realized that I cant stay more than 3 days without the willpower again..! *a very disappointed me*
  • The college canteen is a confirmed no-go zone..!
  • Hindi dance music is the absolute worst..!!!!!!! (I seriously can-not stress on that enough)
  • We did quadruples (that's supposedly like triples except with four people in my language!!) on my bike yesterday,something that i would have totally been against a couple of months back..things are changing..I'm beginning to actually feel like a college student these days with the whole 'I'm all for breaking the rules' attitude..! [well not completely..but to some extent..I'm more open to trying crazy things these days..!]
  • I can drink a whole can of red bull in a single gulp! (ok fine..two gulps,pah..!)
  • This year was my first valentine's day out..! :)
  • I'm actually pretty funny..! We made these home videos in class of me imitating some people ,which were absolutely hilarious..if I do say so myself..but the thing is..I don't know if the actual act was funny or If i was..anyway..I don't particularly care,because I can laugh at myself and if you don't do that..then you better learn how to..cause it makes life so much simpler..!
  • I discovered that the Sambhar-Idli at Palimar's is well worth the 19 bucks that you pay for it and that the KFC snacker is so not worth its 28 bucks..!
  • I have crappy know like when some one throws something at you for you to catch..and most usually you wind up catching whatever it is..I usually dont..!
Technically thursday's over...but its still thursday night to me ;)


Blogger Nags had this to say:

Hey Lemon, not getting daily special sub for 50 bucks sucks, but there is no place that i know of in hyd where u can get sambhar idly for 19 bucks. so think of the upside :)

9:52 AM 

Blogger Silvara had this to say:

*shock* 19 bucks for a sambar-idli?? Ok a little hazy on the conversion here but to me it sounds like handing over 19 buckeroonies for a meal...ooh..

I like this weeks 13...not bad at all :D

PS - Hindi dance music can be slong as they are not all Himesh Reshammiya lol

5:32 PM 

Anonymous shammu had this to say:

19 bucks 4 sambhar idli???are u somewher in the north? *me s wondering! and i was laughin readin the home video u ppl made!haha!it wud hve been fun eh?
and the internet..m whining here :(:( somethi happened2my laptop,am wonddderin how the next days will be!! *no willpower!!!
(this is frm the main pc btw,my bros' domain)
hmmm..wwhat else?yeah!it luks like a Good thursday 13's anywys! :) tc Lemonkutty !

10:31 PM 

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