Saturday, February 24, 2007

If I don't finish this post in the next half doesn't exactly matter..cause i started this on the 24th so it still makes it the 5oth post on the 24th..(my blog..! my rules..! right..??) . Its been six whole months in the blogosphere and what a ride its been..!! I started out quite clueless....going from a person who had absolutely no idea about anything blog an aspiring (read-in words and in nowhere near in action) blog designer..! I made shams a header for her if you want you can run on over to her blog and see it..its nothing great..but its still my first,hence the 'documentation'..!

50 posts and I'm still at that point in a post where i find it hard to think of something to it me or just the weather..?! Anyhoo...I've decided that this is one post that I WILL indeed finish..and not leave to rot as a draft.

Was bloghopping the other day and came me across this post by The Compulsive Confessor which swept me with a sudden whoosh of nostalgia...The Sweet valley we all thrived on the lives and loves of the Wakefield twins. The sweet ,innocent,smart,goody two shoes Elizabeth and the beautiful,fun,feisty Jessica..the hours we spent scouring the library to find the all-important next book of the series or even to find a book that we had NOT read,the hours we spent discussing if what had happened at prom night would make a difference,the hours we spent arguing if Liz or Jess was times,those were...what a big part of our pre-teen lives they occupied ...sometimes..I still have the urge to pick up an old book and start reading it all over again. When I check out the kid's section at bookstores nowadays..I hardly find any of them lying about..its MK & A's and the Princess Diaries all the way now...Its sad sometimes to think back and remember all those years..years that went by so easily without a care..where sweet valley and its counterparts (not nancy drew and hardy boys,mind you..i hated those..!) were all we had to worry about..the biggest dilemma being.. "oh shit,'she' read that one before me" or "i told you to let me borrow that first"..!!! Ah well..C'est la vie...!!! Life changes..we grow older,we grow wiser(some of us atleast ;) ) and we move on..move on to bigger things and hopefully to better things.....

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Blogger Michelle had this to say:

happy 50 posts!! WHERE did u get ur template frm?!

7:27 PM 

Anonymous sham... had this to say:

Great!!! finally 50 posts!!way to go!

9:02 PM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

the above perosn is also me..i wasnt able to coment for the post below,so wanted to tel you that thatlamp looks beautiful!great work indeed!!!!

9:20 PM 

Blogger Silvara had this to say:

Happy 50! SVH rocked!!! I remember reading them when I was 11 and being told not to because they were for '12 and up'. I still did anyways. LOVED them all and always wished I was one of them.

Nancy Drew was good too...but hated the Hardy Boys.

12:43 PM 

Blogger Nags had this to say:

hey Lemon, congrats on your six months. your blog looks as pretty as ever. :)

3:08 PM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Lemon i have changed it ! :)

11:35 PM 

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