Monday, January 15, 2007
for N...all over again...

This post is a long time coming i guess...and u know that its especially for you N..........

Well..what do i say..m slightly at a loss for words...this post was supposed to be on why i like you N...but you know what..i can think of a million things about you that could actually totally piss me off but the weird bit is that those are the exact same things that i cant help but love you 'obsessing about yourself'..if anyone else did it..m sure I'd just give them a dirty look..but with you..even though i pretend to give you my head I'm actually thinking about how adorable u are..!!!(even though your head has probably inflated to double its size..!! lol)
ahhh..NNNNNNNNNNNN....what am i gonna do when you leave...????????!!!!!!! You've been one of the most important people in my life for the past few months now..and i bet that there's absolutely no one in this world who can ever ever take your place or even come close to what you mean to me...u know that now,don't you...just like everything else that you....'just happen to know' or everything else that you....'just are right about'..!! ;)

Having you in my life has made it better in ways i can feel but cant exactly put in words...I hope that when the time comes we can get back to the way we used to be...i cant imagine not having you in my life...its one of those things i don't wanna think about right now...but wherever you maybe months from now or even eons from now or whenever.....I want you to know that I'm always gonna be there for matter what..and one evening..years from now..when you're sitting at home dateless on a Saturday night...and when you vaguely remember some girl who acutely resembled can come here and read this..cause this post is always gonna be here for you....just like how i am....

Love you N.....

p.s: me-why am i writing this for you...????
you-cause you love me...
me-ya i guess its cause i do... (thats the new

Blogger Dude Hyderabadi had this to say:

Hey ! Nice blog ! When i first looked at the template i was like.. hmmm.... but then, the more i saw it, the more i liked it, it has a kind of personality to it, I like it a loot now ! Very well written posts too.

N ye... Lucky N ! :)
Hope everything works out gr8 between you too. If everything's already great, hope it gets even better !

9:44 AM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Cute post!!! :) :)

2:15 PM 

Blogger Nags had this to say:

I lost a best friend too recently, to relocation :) To Chennai in fact. I am brooding and mourning and missing too..

and hey the sites were great. i did find a couple of good ones before but cudnt alter the html to add my stuff, i dont know much of html and kept messing up something or the other. will try these sites. just got to work now :)

until laters!

8:28 AM 

Blogger AmOrTeNTiA had this to say:

heyyyyyyyy tats soo lik hw i really feel for a guy i currently like.....i can really understand hw u felt while writin dis cos im sittin here endlessly wonderin hw will my life go on if ta guy who i kept termin as THE ONE for me goes away......dont worry tat guy will definitely read dis sooner r later an cum bak to u.......since we r genuinely nice ppl who truly love ppl i guess things turn a lot sweeter in ta cumin years....keep thanks for stoppin by my ta way wer didya find such an awesum template??

1:10 PM 

Blogger lemonade had this to say:

@dude hyderabadi..
Thanks a lot for the words..! :) especially the 'well written posts' part ;) (got slightly high when i read that )

thanks girl..!! :):)

m sorry nags..i guess ill probably start feeling what you feel in a few months too :( ...and i know a bit of html..if u need any help..mail me..thanks for stopping by :)

thanks..!! :) things actually are pretty great rite now..but i guess i know exactly how you feel about 'the' guy..and bout the template...i got it from this awesome site called zoots designs..u'll find the link in the credits part of my sidebar...

7:31 PM 

Anonymous N had this to say:

hey N...and id just like to say tht i DO feel like the luckiest guy in the world...and i want her to know that no matter where i am or who im with...or where she is and who whoever she's with....or if we're both wit no1 but in diferent places...or if...k i think u get the picture...well the point is no matter what i will never forget this girl and i will always love her.....

3:54 PM 

Blogger lemonade had this to say:


aww..ur the sweetest..!! no wonder i love u N... ;)

12:02 AM 

Blogger Rejoy had this to say:

glad u liked the music videos. Keep bloggin.

9:36 PM 

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