Sunday, January 28, 2007
green and pink flowers...m gonna miss you.. :(

In case anyone was wondering if I had gotten fed up of my old template..I'd like you to know that I SO DID was one of my favorite templates in the template world..and believe me I've seen ALOT of the template world..!!

Anyway...i came across this template and thought that it was beyond adorable..!! And felt that it was time for a change..I mean I'm sure I've made the most of that template than i possibly could will be back on when I'm bored of this one though..(that line was just to console me..cause I'm sorta sad that its gone) That template was one which i had found after looking and looking and looking until I found one that i absolutely loved..! Anyway..this post is a little tribute to it(no,m not weird..i just really really liked my old template) Zoot,is this awesome woman whose blog is one thing that i have to stop by everyday and read cause no day of mine is complete without a dose of if your not reading her blog...u should..!! shit where was I....oh ya Zoot designed the old template ,so if you want a super cool template,run along to her site and go get yourself a cool new template...just don't get my old one...(why...?? because its me..I'm not being selfish.its just that when i get fed up of this..I'll probably go back to that basically..DON'T GET THAT ONE..cause i will hunt you down and...blah,blah,blah...I'm in a slightly mad mood as usual in case you hadn't

Alot of tweaking had to be done to this template here...i know the changes aren't great..but I am proud that I'm getting pretty nifty at this whole template thing..been wanting to learn how to design some (at least i think i can...I'm sure I have some aesthetics..being a design student and all ) but html is too damn if anyone who comes across this post has any clue about designed me out..please..atleast send me a link or something if your too lazy to tell me got a few more hours of tweaking to get this thing to how i actually want it to look will put up a snap when its done (even though u'll will probably see it on the site anyway)...aahhh...better get to it..or else its gonna take me a whole night...another night which I dont want to loose to sleeplessness...seriously..lately I've become a big time insomniac...its highly wierd because i could never stay up when i was younger to study and all the other crap that your supposed to do when your in the 10th and the 12th grade..!! Why the hell do i keep losing track of what I'm talkin about..pissing off,i say...(i know whats going on in that head of yours right now...weird,weird,weird..belive me..i know..u don't have to tell me) until i get this template just right...bubh-bye..!!!!


Blogger Nags had this to say:

The new template is awesome. The link to zoot's site doesnt work. Maybe u can repost that one.

And yes, u r weird in a way that makes complete sense to me. And its scary :D

9:56 AM 

Blogger Misty Rhythm had this to say:

just went thru ur blog n yes ur blog is very pretty! :)...i love the spontaneity in ur writing, keep it up!

9:40 PM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

yep!!!!!!!the new template s pretty too, but the font colour s a lil bit dull..mayb u could change that, and it would be even more preetyy!!!!!!
Take care!!!

11:13 PM 

Blogger nomad had this to say:

hmmm, methinks otherwise. i liked the old template far too better. the new one's pink, green and white stripes somehow don't gel... they are not the sort of colors which go together.

but then again, the more important fact is that YOU like this one, so we ain't got no reason to complain... enjoy maadi

5:18 PM 

Blogger peu had this to say: i need to say it really?...the new template wrks very well.....its wrth appreciation!!trust me...

6:04 PM 

Blogger lemonade had this to say:

thanks..! :) and i rectified the link. You dont know how glad i am to know that we're both weird in the sam e thought i was the only crackpot on this

@misty rhythm
thanks a bunch..!! :) visit again..!

hey shams..!! thanks..i tried changing it..but none of the other blues went as well as this one..

i do like this one! :) thanks for stopping by..

hey u..!! thanks..i was hoping u'd like it..being an artist n all.. ;)
thanks..!! :)

6:16 PM 

Blogger Roshan R had this to say:

i dont know why everyone is complaining.. i liked this template.. stick with it gal...

8:25 PM 

Blogger Silvara had this to say:

reminds me of pink lemonade and lemon wedges and ice and summer. it's very cute - keep it :)

5:11 AM 

Blogger Nags had this to say:

my gmail id is naagu.v ;)

8:20 AM 

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