Tuesday, January 02, 2007
tell me you feel just like I do....

Someone out there's
Listening to the same song
Feeling the same way that I do
Make me a believer pick up the receiver
And tell me you feel just like I do

Seriously..how cool are those lyrics..??!!

And the best part of it is that im sure that the whole thing about there being someone out there feeling exactly the same way that u are is completely true...i mean hasn't there even been a time,when you were sittin and listening to a song and you ended up pondering and reflecting on some emotions which that particular song stirred up....and then suddenly it occured to you that maybe there was someone who was feeling the exact same way that u were feelin while listening to that exact same song....the world is so large that there could actually could more than one person feeling the same way...!! Wierd isn't it..??!!


Blogger Nags had this to say:

loved ur blog, the template, the theme, the content, everything... the first stranger to enter my blogroll :)

keep it going ( i know you will) :)

6:18 PM 

Blogger nomad had this to say:

oh yes i totally agree, just the other day the radio was playing pyaar tumhe kis mod pe from satte pe satta. it was alike a college anthem for us and i just felt like calling a college friend to whom i had not spoken in months, before i could dial his number, the phone beeped... it was him, listening to the radio as well.

PS: lovely blog, lovely template.. keep the good work up :o)

7:06 AM 

Blogger Sarah O. had this to say:

Gorgeous blog!

Thanks for visiting my blog (Lemon Life): I'll visit yours again soon!

7:45 AM 

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