Sunday, September 24, 2006
This is so exciting..!!

ah..i jus wrote my first post a few hours back..n i came online now to find that i actually had one profile view...!!!! yay...!! whoever u are..hope u liked it. m on a ten day break rite ill probably be sitting online the whole time now. this blogger thing is so new to me....its gonna take some getting used to...but m tellin myself,tat i will master the art of blogging or whatever its called in a few has been a really really sleepy day ..each time i pick up my book...i find myself dozing..and its so damn irritating.!! i think college work is really gettin to my head...its hols and all i can think about is if i have some work to finish...(by the way,tats cause i usually have like a ton load of work every evening...!! its not funny how much of work they load us with..!!!) This is so damn ironic..10 whole days without any work...and that is all i can think about..anyway..m sure that this blog will help keep my mind off college...for a while atleast....until next time....whic i guess will probably be in a few hours) lol.....

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