Friday, September 01, 2006

about me

I’m 18 at the moment, I’m usually the shortest in any room and I like to think that I’m really funny even though people tell me I’m not. I find college mind numbingly stressful just like any other teen but the similarity ends there! I can assure you that there's only one of me that you will ever know!

I live in one of the four metros in India (I’ll give you a hint, it beings with the letter C and you get the most amazing dosas here). I’m mean, loud and obnoxious most of the time, but the rest of the time I’m pretty sweet (I swear). I’m a huge whiner and a cribber and a grumbler. I’ve been known to hold grudges, so don’t mess with me. If you do, chances are, I won’t ever forgive you or I’ll probably just bug you about it for the rest of your life or until you kill me. Whichever happens first.

....And now if you’ll divert your eyes to the extremes of your monitor, you’ll also be able to witness my love for freakish amounts of bright colors.

People call me weird, hyper, strange, peculiar and you can look to the thesaurus for other synonyms, because believe me, if they exist, I’m sure I’ve been called them! Now you are allowed to call me any of those names but I’d much rather prefer being called eccentric. I think it has a rather nice ring to it.

About This Blog

This blog happened to have won a Bloggie for Best Asian Blog of 2008. I have no clue how it happened. Its a web mystery, I tell you!

Anyway, I discovered a new found interest in writing sometime back and since then, I've found that there's no turning back. For people who have just entered the blog me, you're bound to get addicted..!

I started this blog about a year and a half back on a whim. I’m happy that it has grown and developed into something that is now a huge part of my life and of me. This blog has an awful lot of ‘me’ in it. A ‘me’ that not many know and probably never will know. It is also supposedly anonymous, but a good number of people currently know about it, which doesn’t make all this any easier to write! The current look of this blog is its 4th redesign in the year and a half of its life. With each redesign, the name keeps changing in order to preserve a tiny fragment of its dwindling anonymity.

The blog is run on blogger which is one of the simplest blog publishing systems (if you’re looking to start a blog you probably should start with it). Take it from me, who was a blog novice a year and a half ago (I now design and code blog templates for heaven’s sake!). Speaking of which, I also have a template design blog which you should check out. Its pretty darn cool, if I may say so myself. Being a design student its only natural that I was drawn to template design. It’s a world in which I can get lost and see myself dancing around trying to catch chocolate snowflakes in my mouth.

Ok, I think that’s more than enough information for this ‘About’ page which initially was supposed to have only 5 sentences! To know more about me, visit my blogger profile, my 100 things post, design blog or simply click on the home button and read the latest post. If I’m cribbing in it, (which I most probably will be) you can be sure that you’ve caught me on one of my best days!


You can contact me by mailing me at (withnowheretogo(AT)gmail(DOT)com). Any mail or feedback is appreciated. Come on, throw your words at me, I dare you! :)


The Decayed Canine said...

This is neat. I think you've found another follower.

dharmabum said...

i still stick to m. for madras. stupud sentimentality, if u call it that :)

Lemonade said...

Is that really your name? Wow! Lemonade is my given name too...:)

Sugar'n Sizzles said...

Your lemonade blog is awesome. How did u make it like that. Pls visit my blog and i wanna make it lyk urs to
well here is ma blog

Reema said...

Nice bright blog..liked the lemon theme!

skippyface said...

Very cute!
It can be so interesting to follow someone else's life. :3

jayashree swaminathan said...

simply yummy..[:P]
the lemonade theme...the name by itself is blog! rock on! just try to visit mine too wen u find time.

Joe said...

ermm, not too fond of the lemonade theme cause well, i just like to not like things. :)

that said, do like your blog. good stuff!

Aniket dasgupta said...

I love lemonade(as in the drink.....) I am a teen too it out in Bangalore..check out my blog at

Sheba said...

Lovely..The purfct blog i was lukin forward too...gosh u've go a lotta talent wid u nd hey r u der in Facebook?

Rohini said...

Hey! Nice blog. Done up quite well.Check out mine sometime-