Monday, September 25, 2006
life.............and death.

Was jus talking to a friend who was slightly down thinking of life....i mean that guy is so damn deep but he doesn't know his own way,i think he does...but he's scared to show that side to most people..anyway,who am i to judge!Wat he said got me to thinking...were do we actually go when we die...we all think tat we either go to heaven or to hell...but maybe..jus maybe..there's some other place..some other parallel universe that exists,where u go after u die..n live the same life that u've been living all over again..or maybe ur taken to a different planet where ur invisible and where u can do absolutely anything u want to do...or maybe u go somewhere awful to pay for all the sins you committed...but then again,thats probably hell...! I've always felt that if u did something wrong and were not found out or punished for it,then u would probably be when u i guess its better to face the music now than wait until pergatory where the punishment for whatever we have done,however petty it maybe,will obviously get worse..heaven or hell..or wherever else we go...i guess god will probably make sure that we go someplace we deserve..........



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