Monday, September 25, 2006
god..! its so frustrating..!!!.................

INTERNET companies really get on my nerves...!! i mean come on...they actually expect you to sit pretty until they come and do their job which conviniently takes more than a few hours than its supposed to..!! anyway..m glad they finally got it done. Been thinking about my life today...and i mean really thinking...i've got so many decisions to make...n its so hard...worse than hard,its confusing..!! Waiting for a moment of clarity in ur life is one of the toughest things to do..i mean..m trying to see the situation that m in ,in all the possible angles that exist..but i jus cant seem to find an answer....guess i'll jus have to do a lil more...wait..scrap that..a lot more soul searching to figure out exactly what m going to do...i know i've already hurt someone because of what i did..but i couldn't help it at that time..i really did not see the purpose of continuing something that had nothing left in it(at that time)....but now m wondering if i made a mistake....



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