Tuesday, September 26, 2006
I hate sad endings....!!!

Went for a movie today...the much publicised 'the break-up'..wit jen anniston and vince vaughn...my perception of the movie,as i guess most people's would be..was that since it was called 'the break-up'..that the couple would obviously get back together at the end...but alas(i jus had to say that..lol) they dont get back together...!!!I mean wat the hell is the point of payin good money to go see a movie that makes u feel sad at the end...!!! It totally,completely,utterly defeats the point...!!!!!!!!! As u have probably guessed by now..i hate movies wit sad endings...they jus get me sooo depressed..i mean..come on..ur free one evening..and u decide to watch a movie...why on earth would u wanna watch something thats bound to make u feel all sad and depressed...!Annyway..atleast one good thing came out of tat movie..jen and vince gettin together in real life...tat girl really didnt deserve wat that bastard brad pitt did to her...anyway..all's well that ends well i guess...jen and vaughn are still goin strong according to the rumour mills...n my life is still feels like a never-ending roller coaster...so i guess tats it for now....


Blogger Rambler had this to say:

As much wierd I might sound, I love sad endings, nothing to do with this movie or Jen's life, there is something in sadness which increases the sweetness of the happiness that follows.

8:16 PM 

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