Saturday, June 23, 2007
I'm all spruced up..Mm mm oh, oh, yeah, yeah!

Title- to be sung in tune to 'All shook up' by Duh!

Ah..the perfect time to write a post, while sitting and soaking your feet in warm soapy water at the salon..but I've got to admit that typing a post out on the cell is certainly what I cut it out to be..PAINFUL! know I've never gotten the whole spa massage thing..somehow having a person you barely know dig their fingers into your back for an hour doesn't exactly appeal to me..same goes for the pedicure I'm having right now, I've half to mind to tell her to stop massaging my feet but the fact that I've already paid for it stops me. ( Yeah I'm a miser, big surprise!)

A couple of minutes ago, there were these two kids here who decided to entertain themselves while waiting for their mothers to finish up with their various beauty treatments by standing a foot away from me and staring at me..made me feel like an alien..I didn't know that kids have that effect on people..I mean I've felt that way many times courtesy the variety of snobs and bitches of Chennai but never by a couple of kids..I tried smiling at them, but they had apparently picked the perfect time to listen to their parents' 'never-talk-to-or-smile-at-strangers' rule.

Things have finally settled down in my life..made up with a friend with whom I have this love/hate relationship, launched the designs site which is doing pretty well, I might add...leaving on a trip tonight..took a quiz in the current issue of Femina which confirmed any false notion that I had about myself being a free bird! So I guess I'm least for the next couple of weeks ..hopefully I'll be able to discover a bit of myself on this trip..yea, that's probably wishful thinking but you cant blame me for wanting to start on the road to self discovery this early in life right?

Oooh, gotta go...time to pick a shade of nail polish...always the best part of a pedi, ain't it..?!


Thursday, June 21, 2007
Its finally done..!!!

Ok..I'm officially done..! Not done as in done with it period, but done as in done with it, as for now..!! Can you tell how excited I am or just how relieved I am that I finally figured it all out..?! Anyway..if you're wondering what the hell I'm talking about...shame on you ( no I'm kidding, I don't expect people to obsessively read my blog and memorize every sordid detail of my life) but if you have been reading, then you probably know that I was supposed to be opening up a design site..!! Well, I did and its finally over..and this is the post where I'm supposed to officially launch it. Hmmm..not sure I sound too official or formal..maybe putting on a pair of linen pants rather these ripped jeans I've been living in for the past two days would help..! If you guys are cringing, save it...'gross' me is just beginning for the season..!

Anyway..without further ado (see..told you I could do formal..!) , I present you.............

*pulls blue satin cloth off the computer screen, with a flourish*


Check the site out people..check out all the sidebar links too, click on every little thing that is clickable...ppppllleeaaassee......

And..spread the word around..I'm offering custom templates too, so go check out my first custom which I did for Michelle. Also look at the FAQ's and the About Me page on the site. that's it for the official launch, I better get to bed, Its exactly 6:21 in the morning and I need to get my 8 hours. So I'll see you at 2 in the afternoon...or probably 3..lets reserve an hour for the grogginess, shall we?

Saturday, June 16, 2007

WARNING: The inability to string various events of the past week together to form one coherent post has pushed me to resort to using bullets today.
Yes so that's the round up...the very unattractive slacker blogger status is creeping up on me again and the Lanka trip isn't going to help that one bit, so I'm going to be a good blogger from now on and post whenever I can..expect for the 10 days that I wont be in the country. OOh.."10 days that I wont be in the country" sounds very alluring all of a sudden.


Saturday, June 09, 2007
Joy from a bottle

No..not that kind of bottle..!

The weirdest thing happened to me today, isn't entirely weird considering the fact that I was the protagonist in this little scene, but anyway...was rummaging through the kitchen cabinets today when I found a kids water bottle. It was one of those water bottles that say kids who are like four or five would was pink with a yellow base and a blue cap..and when u opened the cap a little straw popped up..!! (Oh..and it had two bears on the front...! )

Anyway, I found the bottle and the first thing I felt was pure joy...I kid you not people..I looked at the bottle and I was happy..for what reason I have absolutely no clue but I couldn't help but look at that bottle with this five year old look of glee on my face...!! I'm 18 for heavens sake, I'm supposed to be that happy just by looking at a bottle of booze but NO instead I apparently am more than joyful over a mere water bottle for kids..!! Go figure..!! I filled it up with water and actually sipped up the entire contents through the cute little straw and after that I was happier (if that was even possible)....!!! I was completely satisfied , like a little child who had just finished his business for the day on the potty and who was extremely pleased with himself..!!!

I'm the kind of person who gets these cheap thrills out of the stupidest of things, say by blowing bubbles or bursting a blown up plastic bag or sitting on a balloon, so..I'm not especially surprised by this little episode that happened today..but still..I find that I never fail to amaze myself with what a kid I am sometimes..!!

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007
Plain and simple Joblessness.

Its been awhile since I've posted and to tell you the truth, I didn't post because i really didn't feel like it. Actually I guess it was because i couldn't find anything to say, not like the best selling writer in me has anything much to say at this moment in time...but just the thought of my blog looking abandoned pushed me to do what I'm doing right now.

I'm pretty jobless this summer, its weird having so much of time on your hands when all throughout the year you would've killed for a single moment of well...joblessness ( yes, i make up my own words and no I'm not crazy..Ok maybe a little,but I'm well within the acceptable range )
Ok..I'm bored and blogger for the first time isn't helping me curb the boredom so I'm gonna go and hope and pray that tomorrow I can come up with something less excruciatingly painful to read in here.

In other news..the design site is coming along nicely and will be making its debut hopefully next week...See you guys at the grand opening..!! :)


Friday, June 01, 2007
Exposed..!! for this post..I've decided to just write or rather type whatever comes to my I'm guessing that this will probably be the random-est post of all..I know that random-est isn't exactly a word..but that's the fun bit of blogging isn't one can actually punish u for making up your own words. Are there any words that you guys use that aren't actual words..I've said 'cleant' for 'cleaned' for as long as I can remember..and even though people keep pointing out my mistake..I keep saying it cause I think that 'cleant' actually sounds a billion times better than 'cleaned'..which reminds me that I haven't 'cleant' my room in ages..!! (And its pronounced 'clent' and not 'clean-t') . I have this habit of pulling all of my clothes off the shelves of my cupboard..picking out what I want to wear off the floor and stuffing the rest back most often than not a few clothes always get left behind on the floor..and I,being the epitome of laziness never bother to move my ass and pick them my room always tends to look messy even if its not..! Hmmm...I'm rambling........

A few days ago...a friend of mine..told me that I was a 'VERY CITRUS' that coincidence or what..considering the fact that none of my friends know about this blog or know that my pseudonym is lemonade...!! So I guess that I'm kinda on track with the 'trying-to-see-myself-as-others-see-me' plan...don't laugh, that's an actual technique to discovering your inner self..well actually not...but whatever...

I'm in a mad mood right now...but i'm also kinda sleepy....(note to self : see this is what happens when you decide to just type without using your brain..!!)

Sorry for being such a boring blogger to make up for's a picture of the spirit of 'exposing myself' that kind of exposing you perv....sheesh..some people,I tell you..!! (See...I really am in a mad mood..!!)

Yup..thats me..Shit..It feels kinda weird putting up a picture of myself..since I'm all pro anonymity and had to happen someday...well..If anyone I know is reading this...please keep quiet and don't tell anybody else about this blog..!! I mean it..or else I'll hunt you down and.....Blah blah blah.....

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