Wednesday, June 06, 2007
Plain and simple Joblessness.

Its been awhile since I've posted and to tell you the truth, I didn't post because i really didn't feel like it. Actually I guess it was because i couldn't find anything to say, not like the best selling writer in me has anything much to say at this moment in time...but just the thought of my blog looking abandoned pushed me to do what I'm doing right now.

I'm pretty jobless this summer, its weird having so much of time on your hands when all throughout the year you would've killed for a single moment of well...joblessness ( yes, i make up my own words and no I'm not crazy..Ok maybe a little,but I'm well within the acceptable range )
Ok..I'm bored and blogger for the first time isn't helping me curb the boredom so I'm gonna go and hope and pray that tomorrow I can come up with something less excruciatingly painful to read in here.

In other news..the design site is coming along nicely and will be making its debut hopefully next week...See you guys at the grand opening..!! :)


Blogger confessing7girl had this to say:

hi girl!!! well i hv been feeling a little down these days too!!! i just feeel so i dunno down i cant even describe it!! and i feel so guilty of leaving my blog just for a day.....

2:23 AM 

Blogger Keshi had this to say:

Enjoy ur joblessness cos it's not always going to be like that. I was like u too when I was at Uni..Summers were boring with nothing to do. Now Im loaded with work! :)


10:52 AM 

Blogger Shy Machete had this to say:

Cant wait!

1:09 PM 

Blogger EC had this to say:

ENjoy it while it lasts!! Take some time to do something fun and exciting :)

I'm looking forward to seeing your design site!

11:43 PM 

Blogger ~*SilverNeurotic*~ had this to say:

It is weird feeling when you've been so busy, and then all of a sudden you no longer have that thing in your life that's making you so busy. It takes awhile to adjust and find other ways to spend all those long hours.

12:52 AM 

Blogger Silvara had this to say:

ugh i'm going to have that exact same feeling when i finish my exams - what to do??!! have fun tho :)

1:13 PM 

Blogger Neo had this to say:

looking forward to the gala opening!!

u don't visit nemore....

7:38 PM 

Blogger Matangi Mawley had this to say:

guess thts how it is with everyone.. u feel like doing everything when u ought not to do anything.. n u dont feel like doing a thing whn u can actually do a lot!
i am on vacation too!
cheers! :)

10:05 PM 

Blogger Oxymoron had this to say:

joblessness not a formal english word?!?!?!?!?!?! :D

12:45 AM 

Blogger curryegg had this to say:

Just take your time and enjoy the joblessness day...
Sounds like me anyway.. haha...

11:58 AM 

Anonymous Cinderella had this to say:

Love your blog! The design is awesome!

3:07 AM 

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