Thursday, June 21, 2007
Its finally done..!!!

Ok..I'm officially done..! Not done as in done with it period, but done as in done with it, as for now..!! Can you tell how excited I am or just how relieved I am that I finally figured it all out..?! Anyway..if you're wondering what the hell I'm talking about...shame on you ( no I'm kidding, I don't expect people to obsessively read my blog and memorize every sordid detail of my life) but if you have been reading, then you probably know that I was supposed to be opening up a design site..!! Well, I did and its finally over..and this is the post where I'm supposed to officially launch it. Hmmm..not sure I sound too official or formal..maybe putting on a pair of linen pants rather these ripped jeans I've been living in for the past two days would help..! If you guys are cringing, save it...'gross' me is just beginning for the season..!

Anyway..without further ado (see..told you I could do formal..!) , I present you.............

*pulls blue satin cloth off the computer screen, with a flourish*


Check the site out people..check out all the sidebar links too, click on every little thing that is clickable...ppppllleeaaassee......

And..spread the word around..I'm offering custom templates too, so go check out my first custom which I did for Michelle. Also look at the FAQ's and the About Me page on the site. that's it for the official launch, I better get to bed, Its exactly 6:21 in the morning and I need to get my 8 hours. So I'll see you at 2 in the afternoon...or probably 3..lets reserve an hour for the grogginess, shall we?

Blogger EC had this to say:

Congratulations!! I'm off to check it out right now!!!

9:15 AM 

Blogger Prashant had this to say:

Good work done!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Smiles :)

9:57 AM 

Blogger Rajeev had this to say:

Great job! :)

peace & love

10:15 AM 

Blogger vitruvian had this to say:

congrats....its damn cool...
quite amazing for an 18 year old....

10:39 AM 

Blogger shayeri had this to say:

the website is *amazing*.
the layouts rock my socks.
i am so jealous!

11:03 AM 

Blogger Keshi had this to say:

:) goodo!


11:51 AM 

Blogger Roshan R had this to say:

awesome work.. well done.. im more than tempted to demand u work on my side... :)

7:44 PM 

Blogger Me had this to say:

Congratulations! You're extremely talented and I'd luuuuuuuuuuurve to get a customised template [:)]

12:05 AM 

Blogger confessing7girl had this to say:

ahhhhhhhhhhh u r absolutely fabulous great designer!!!!!!!!! love it!!!!!!! congrats on ur launch and the best of luck girl!!

4:23 AM 

Blogger Silvara had this to say:

Love love LOVE it!!! I swear when I get my next urge to change my template - I'm coming to you for a custom design - I need a wedding one soon...:P Or when I start work next year - I'll use the City're are awesome!

7:18 AM 

Blogger Jewel Rays had this to say:

Wow!!! Hot stuff!!!:D

6:20 PM 

Blogger Shoonyata had this to say:

Great idea...loads of are adding a different dimension to this space :)

6:42 PM 

Blogger Neo had this to say:

hey great work!! i might ask one for myself very soon!!

8:11 PM 

Blogger Shoonya had this to say:

you got mail @ lemonadedesigns

11:31 AM 

Anonymous Ish had this to say:

Awesome. I just remembered I have a blog on Blogger as well. Guess it's time to give it a new template and start using it.

3:26 PM 

Blogger N had this to say:

babes! u have done an awesome job! keep rocking

7:18 PM 

Blogger Angie had this to say:

great designs. I really like your aesthetic- clean and modern.

8:15 PM 

Blogger lemonade had this to say:


Thank you all soo guys have no clue how much your support means to me :) this is something i've been wanting to do since forever and now that its finally done I'm happy that there are people who actually took a lil time out to check it out..!

So thank you guys!! love y'all..! :)

12:55 PM 

Blogger monique had this to say:

i think the best is LEMONADE, BIKER CHICK and BIG CITY design... not just that we have the same taste for parfumes we have also in design... AND... music... i just love goo goo dolls...

3:04 AM 

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